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HI there,
I’m writing on behalf of all players from official 1040, people are leaving cuz they wasted lots of hours in game just to see the game falling apart because of some other players who keeps on spamming " We will destroy this server like we did to others and will keep on going". They said no1 can harm them cuz official server has no rules so they can do whatever they want. BUT, BLOCKING the whole map with walls , including ppl bases , obelisks , bosses, most of the map thats not CONFLICT, thats pure trolling. They started by killing , which is fine . its the game, but blocking the bases and the map thats not fun and I’m not confortable moving to new server just because no1 can do anything to these players. The clan name is : KILLER KAMALI .and right now they are blocking the game wasting all of their resources , sign that they are rdy to leave the server after its all destroyed. SO please do something, cuz we paid to have fun in game. And if ppl are leaving, they are not leaving just the server, if u know what i mean.


funcom do something we just want peace and pvp between 16-22


As stated in other threads with similar griefing issues (mine included), @Jens_Erik will do nothing about this major problem since they don’t have the resources to. :confused:

Private servers with good admins are the quick answer - Official servers are totally getting screwed over.


I’m starting up a new server and would love some input on what settings and mods you guys want if you would like to check us out. Jump on our Transcendence discord and give me your input and we’ll get the server up and going today. It’s a permanent server but I just need some input as to the settings and mods so you’d be the first on the server to claim land and make it your home. Admins are almost always online, either in game or discord.

Give me a yell on discord if you are interested: ZK54aKH


Try and make screenshots and try exploithunters, this post will not solve it. (and prolly exploithunters neither)

1040 is f**ked up anyhoe with foundation spam by jet and others.

i just left 1040 , but every other server has those idiots i notice

Like 1035 has The travelers “Conan” (Twitch Gamecraft) and reflexgtr (TwitchReflexgtr) and The Hyenas f*kin up the whole server, blockin obi’s

The travelers are “The drunken fools” of #1040 now gone to #1035 to fester.

pve, pve c will not work with those (kinda)players able to grief.


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