All Obelisk are BLOCKED

hello guys

so i wanted to say in our server official 1130 " consolided" trib have build around all obelisk so we cant use them anymore… a rule exist about it ?? because what can we do ?? explosif every single foundation ?? we can farm 1Kfondation in day but never 6K explosif …

There are no real “rules” on Official servers. You could blow a hole in one side of whatever they’ve used to block it off.

Rally the rest of the folks on the server, and invite everyone for a coordinated trebuchet party. Heck - I might even roll up on that server just to join in the fun! :smiley:

well they build all around the obelisk… is it usless to make a hole if one hour after they rebuild it for nothing … the only way is to clean everything and build it !! but is T3 and more than 100 fondation and all obelisk

If you have already tried to rally the server, and destroy these fortifications, and that effort has not been effective, then it may just be time to find a different server.

The public servers will live and die by the toxicity of the players on that server. If a clan gets to big, and too alpha, eventually they will have nothing “fun” to do because they own everything. And because they will have chased all of the other players off. They will lose interest and leave, or work to take on another server. Then their stuff will decay, and eventually open up again.


Welcome to the world of Conan. That’s what you should expect from exiles. Tribes and Clans will base the best locations. Harsh survival my friend. It is what makes Conan fun! Like the stories.

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