Abuse players in Asia server pvp 1402


Devs we really, need help in Asia PvP 1402 pc server, The dominating clan is just abusing the new players. they are blocking mostly everything the oblisk. So they are the only one who can teleport. They block the shattered springs. and other caves with brimstone so no one can create explosives and steel etc. To raid them.I know devs this is a pvp server but how can we defeat them if we can’t even gather resources. it’s really hard and honeltly there is no fun to this because you can do anything. Most players just leaves because of them abusing. Please respond to this and make a action or send some admin to watch the server on how unfair it its. and they even block our unfinish base. so that we can’t further build.

This is some of the obelisk block but there is alot more please respond in game. My in game name is arthemsia. Hoping for your actions thanks you. the sc is in my steam sorry about it cant find it in the file.

I cant post my sc here dont know why ps.

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