Truly do not understand the mind set

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So, I keep seeing all these trolls on the forums replying to people’s complaints with, well you just need to rent a server yourself… or better yet well official servers are a service that we don’t have to pay for…

excuse me did we buy the game? yes… and when in the hell in gaming history for a solely online game have you ever EVER seen a game released and not had access to play it… online?? its not a free service… WE PAID FOR THE GAME… and it doesn’t cost a GAMING developer much for these “hosted servers” not when they are pushing you to the servers to rent, they have made deals with every host they are on… look at games like " Dark n Light " that is COMPLETELY dead… but they have sooooo many official servers still kicking… you think they are paying for those servers when they are sitting there empty??? if they were paying you would see cuts as soon as populations die down…

and if you played during EA you would have seen that huge drop in population where they had like NO one playing on CE but servers were still all up and running…

So, seriously stop feeding the crap that all funcom is giving us this wonderful service for free so we shouldn’t complain if we have a problem we should just rent our own server… sorry but that is exactly the mind set that has given us this crap half finished game… people just taking the crap with a smile and saying wow thank you game developer this is great, its ok that half the game doesn’t work or its missing very obvious content … i still enjoy that i can login to your official servers for FREE!!!

  1. They get the servers either for free from the hosting companies as part of a deal to directing players that want to rent to them… or they get kick backs from all the player renting with reduced rates for their official servers… ( more then likely its the first )
  2. They just sold 1.4 million copies this is more then this gaming company has EVER made… and now they will start releasing DLC’s which will be nothing but a cash cow…

The official servers by not some gift given to us by the Funcom gods… it is something that if they didn’t have they wouldn’t have sold 1/4 of what they did… and xbox and ps4… yeah those consoles wouldn’t have let them release the game period without servers for the players to play on…

Seriously stop telling people oh if your unhappy with this or this just rent your own server… its not the solution to 99% of the problems… a private server is a great thing for sure to mold your own story in conan… especially with the right mods… though as some private server admins have recently found out… when you run your own server and there are updates everything gets screwy when your not 100% vanilla.


This online trend is to combat piracy.

Nods I have that same gut feeling you do. I’d love to be proven wrong.

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I agree with you for the most part except its not really a “solely online game” you can play a boring desolate single player mode. At least on consoles.

And it seems to me some players that play on private servers get this snobbish attitude that the rest of us that play on Official are just a bunch of dregs and that we only official because we’re afraid of admin abuse. Well I joined a private server and after playing on it for a few days the admin just decided to change the servers name and do a wipe. I play official for stability.


To me its simple Official servers are played how the game was meant to be played. Where as Private servers are for those that really don’t care to play with others except a few friends or want to run special mods… though if your playing on someone else’s private server there is always the fact they could just close it at any given time.

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its built for multiplayer that single player nonsense has always been even more buggy then online… which says a lot… and lets be frank no one bought this game to play ALONE… ( you in the back sit down no one likes you anyways )… that would be like playing No Man’s Sky in single player mode… oh wait… never mind.

I play official servers, because I treat it as a singleplayer game with the admin panel locked away. Admin panels end the game ebfore it even started.

Other people add relative value and “legitimacy” to all that I do, whereas pure single player games feels like browsing an app. In our day and age we are too jaded to possess enough suspension of disbelief to be immersed in a singleplayer environment.

Unofficial servers just feels like I have my save game on someone else’s computer. I don’t like that.


Disagreeing with an idea of how things should be done is not being a troll. Both of those points are grounded. Making players take ownership of servers is I admit a bold idea, and also one long over due at the same time. And offering official servers, as just a no frills jumping point for online play, is I feel also a valid approach on Funcom’s part. Official moderation is a waste of time and resources, for both Funcom and the player base.

As a PvE player, roleplayer, that use CE to feed his imagination and write REH inspired fan fiction, I am ecstatic about having my own server set up to play as I wish, and moderate, while hoping to meet like minded players as well. I put my money where my mouth is, and put more into the game, in hopes of having a better game experience in return. And also more try and provide others with a better, and more unique, game experience. The same as someone who drops their money to make a large slot sized, war of clans PvP server hopes to do. Or the player, who for the lols, sets up a griefer’s paradise, and doesn’t along with others, take it all so seriously. All these extremely non synergetic game experiences, under one game, is what a focus toward player owned server experience gives us all.

The lack of resource drain, for Funcom, and in turn us, that not pursuing as fruitless an exercise as attempting to moderate official servers has always been in online game history, is well worth the tradeoff. No pointless tools to develop, staff to hire, tickets to process, and solutions that leave no one happy for all the effort put into ‘moderating’ a game with a few bad actors that create wildly disproportionate cost when this course is pursued. Instead, resources are directed to more content making, bug fixes, to quality microtransaction items we are free to take or leave, to Funcom focusing on what they can control game quality wise.

Placing this ownership of play environments on the players themselves is a freedom, and real freedoms mean a responsibility to work. I’m sorry this sort of work does not interest you, but your desire not to do this work and also not allow others to take it up, would create an externality on Funcom and the game’s community that I just do not see as worth it.

I’d encourage you to put in some time, and effort, in finding a player run server, that will give you the sort of game play experience you are seeking. Because that will in the end be a more satisfying outcome for everyone involved, rather than repeating the same insanity of the past with centralized game moderation and its cost, which I have never seen work, that just drains away resources with better uses for an online game.

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Wildcard’s official server moderation:

An unofficial server rests on the whim of an individual alone. People lose interest. And people don’t pay money for entertainment which no longer entertains.

An official server kind of just exists for it’s own sake. It’s existence justified by it’s player count. It’s not at the mercy of a single individuals whim.

I like official servers because I am good with people. I build public infrastructure and Maprooms near Obilisks. It’s my way of gaining enough influence to make a server a pleasant place. That’s my game. My mythos.

No unofficial server needed for that. No ■■■ kissing an admin. You meet people as they are unconditionally. That’s more real to me.

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And, because of the whim of Sony, Microsoft, and the ESRB, we do not have the same version of CE in North America, because we need to be protected from pixel genitalia. Arbitrary choices on a game environment happen a many levels. The whims of a lone person, are much easier to avoid, thankfully. Also anyone serious about running their own server, and having people actually play on it, knows they need to moderate, not rule, to compromise, not dictate, and to listen not decree.

And game companies that spend resources on things with no beneficial return also stop running the game entirely, as they go broke.

Alright, but once it demands human moderation, will its player pop cover the total cost of that human moderation?

And what prevents you from doing the same on an unofficial server, or even more so if so good with people, working with a server admin to do even more?

Again, a server admin needing their ass kissed will be here and gone, as players have plenty of places to go play. Where as server admins, with genuine interest in community, have a vested interest in working with the players that come to their server to try and make it a place where they can both get the game experience they are looking for, and enjoy playing with one another.

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Well, if you put it that way, I could see myself playing on an unofficial server with the condition that I get/have access to a copy of it’s save file once every 2 weeks.

server other games in this same genre have CoC and Report features. having an ingame moderator full time would not be needed… but the sales from DLC’s and such will rack in just as much money if not eventually more then their first large full release sale ( if they actually keep fixing the game as promised ). therefor a small moderation team that reads tickets and checks on problems wouldn’t be a problem in the cost department…

A game that makes 40+ million USD… they can afford to keep the game going and keep the money coming in… they were broke before the game in debt like crazy… now their debt is all but gone and at 36+ million … all the info is in there investors pdf if you wonder where its coming from…

so yeah… again… this is the GAME that turned their company around… they were in debt over there other games… which they didn’t stop running… so they are not going to stop running this one… they just need to continue fixing it…

Private servers again are a good way to build your own little world… but to play vanilla ill stick to official servers, and expect the company to keep making their customers happy or lose their cash cow… and at the same time look stupid in front of their investors…

the “working” with a server admin to do even more… that is exactly the reason to stay off a private server… once an admin starts getting involved in the “do more” for certain players on a server… there is no reason to even visit that server anymore… I have seen certain server admins on youtube… that build ungodly bases very very fast… they have a player base… their players are doing the normal grind and such… but their bases are just insane… you can tell right off usually who has access to the admin panel on a private server…

now your counter argument is going to be well those servers will be gone… you just need to find a server without an abusive admin yada yada yada… why? when i can just play on an official server and play the game as intended… thanks… but your arguments are weak… and you going around in circle mate.

Straw man argument: A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man.”

So, working with someone, to make a community, automatically implies some sort of favoritism? I’m sorry, but that is very cynical. Just to clarify, the working to do more, is in reference to another poster talking about their efforts to community build, and the point being an unofficial server admin who wants to have a player base needs to do the same, so therefore two people with a mutual goal and ability to compromise can do more together than an individual.

After the amount of time I have spent on Neverwinter Nights persistent worlds, and other run your own server games, as part of volunteer staff, and also working with people subsidizing the game in those instances, and seeing the loyal player bases their efforts earned, I do not see much validity with the argument that access to an admin panel means most servers will be one person with an insane base and other players grinding. I have not come across a situation like that with any real longevity, and would say this is more so an emotional, not fact driven, perception of what the norm is.

I’d encourage you to go out, and see the already large amount of places where player run servers are the norm, and results of such on player base loyalty and continued engagement, such as Neverwinter Nights (Now sixteen years old), and persistent worlds such as Prisoners of the Mist. I think you’ll find your notions soundly refuted if you do so.

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sure never winter nights… were being an admin is like being a D&D dungeon master… please just … stop


And the point being?

point being, this isn’t that type of game… for an admin to do that… well he would need to know a great deal of programming in UE4. your comparing apples to oranges… no better yet… apples ( ce ) to floppy disk

No, you are comparing specifics of software functionality, to make another straw man argument.

In terms of what communities, and player experiences, emerge from when centralized game publisher server administration is done and when players take on the role, Neverwinter Nights PWs are a very valid place to see what the actual results have been.


Wow, no one likes me because I play single player…:rofl:

Seriously though, I love single player.


There are PLENTY of dedicated servers that play with vanilla settings and without mods. You really should stop assuming stuff and actually check them out. You’d be surprised at how close they are to being “how the game was meant to be played”.

That’s completely fair, but what makes you think the officials are anymore permanent?? They have wipes, people destroy your stuff, and one day they won’t be there anymore either. Many dedicated servers will stay up as long as the people want to host them, and others also take donations to help keep them afloat if they have a nice and friendly community.

Are you a millenial?? If not, do you spend too much time around millenials?? It gets very tiring hearing every person on the internet claim someone is trolling all because they’re telling them something they don’t like hearing. People keep crying and complaining about the issues on official servers, so when someone actually tells you a solution that’s right in front of you, they’re trolling??

By the gods, what’s happened to peoples brains nowadays??

I guess I’m an old fogey who comes from a different time. The games I loved playing back in the day always had dedicated servers to play on. Hell, some of them still do, like Jedi Academy. You don’t have to rent a server, if you have a spare computer that can handle it, you can just host your own server. I’ve never had an issue with games and dedicated servers, in fact, I don’t play games without them.

No, I will continue to do so because it’s a perfectly viable solution. When it’s hot outside, do you yell at the sun, or go inside with A/C?? I mean, if that person decides to not pay their electric bill then the A/C will stop, right?? So fine, keep yelling at the sun.

I just don’t understand your mind set. You could have everything you want, vanilla pve/pvp with moderation to prevent the abuse that keeps occurring on officials, but that’s not good enough for you?? There are plenty of things about this game that are worth complaining over because they have no solution besides Funcom fixing them. Then there are things that people complain about that actually have solutions, but people complain because it’s not the solution they want. This right here, this is one of them.

Whatever, though, keep yelling at the sun because it’s too hot. I’ll enjoy the A/C. :slight_smile:


I own a small business. I hope Funcom makes huge money off this game and every other one they make. I just want them to do their best to make Conan a high quality game. I can only give Conan 4 out of 5 stars right now because of all the persistent bugs.