Not renting Creating PS4 Server

I have read many posts on internet about creating own server. I found a link which is helping to create a server for PCs but currently we are playing PS4 and forced to play public servers which are always full at these days cause PS Plus has given Conan Exiles free for the PS+ Members . I am one of them btw.

I have a good dedicated internet connection and I have many computers which I can use for test purposes or left for rotten.

So at my position renting a server is not logical and a total loss also I do not want to pay a penny for renting a server while I can have my own servers. I am not willing to gain profit for this ; I just want to play at my own server with my PS4.

I am a very busy man in the middle of the day. And I have just couple hours for my own at home and I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE an hour for waiting for my server to have free slot for me to login.

I was playing GTAV and BF Starwars II but just cause of crafting I loved Conan Exiles and I forced my few friends to join me.

But know we have serious problem which should be solved by FUNCOM.

There is 2 way
1- we should not lose all progress we had if we use any available public servers.


2- You should give us the option for renting a server or create our own server.

Otherwise sooner or later we shall get bored and left your game.

So your contradicting what your saying. Your wanting your own server but don’t want to pay the money to have your own so you feel like the company should just let you rent for free? That’s not how no survival games work buddy, of course the servers are gonna be full due to the game being free for all the PS+ members so of course it will bring new people to the game. I understand the struggle of even getting onto a official server due to the amount of traffic. I own my own server and I can tell you now it’s not like ark where you need a computer or something else to run the server itself. All you do is go to g portal and rent a server and set it up how you want and it will pop up on the server list after a couple mins. So basically all this that your screaming about since you must of just got the game or you would of known that this happened when the game first came out and everyone thought funcom would fix it and they will tell you themselves that no one is going to fix an issue they don’t feel like needs to be fixed. Don’t believe me search the forums you will see them all say it.

As far as I understand he wants to host his own PS4 server at home by himself on his own hardware and is looking for an “how to” to do that.

I have no idea how that is done for PS4 though, for I only have experience about that on PC.

Dear YGDaie , I am 42 years old and in real life I am also trying to survive but not with rocks or woods. Let me explain a little bit more. I am not saying I am not lucky ; I am lucky. However if you spent 3 hours at roadtrip for home -business- home cycle you just want to get relaxed after work when you could reach home. And at the other side while I have to spend some time with my family for good sake of my marriage; my personal time is getting smaller and smaller. For you it might be joke but there is no boss in game as like as I have at home. So I am just asking Funcom to create a solution for users as like as me.

That is why I suggest fro 2 solution. If they have solved the issue about losing all progress we have at public server changes it is ok for us maybe even waiting couple minutes it is acceptible. (Many gaming company do like this)

Or they should give me the opportunity to create my own server while I have enough knowledge and infrastructure to do it. Also there are solutions for PC and I am not asking them to create game again.

They should be helping the players who thinks like me.This is not a cry ; this is a a request for a solution to me to play Conan Exiles.

Ofcourse I have a solution which I do not want to think about it. I wish to have long relationship with Funcom and I want to be a part of Funcom community.

Funcom , what is your plan about me ? Do you get my request or will you get this as a cry ?

Your issue is with Sony. Not funcom. After the Sony hacks they got real particular with who can access their network. If you were to create a CE server it would need to be visible on the Sony network. Sony is stopping you not Funcom.

Now I know everyone has their own financial obligations but I feel I should point out that a rented server is prices at around $1.50 (think its actual 35 or something weird like that) per slot. So a group of 5 friends is only going to cost yall $7.50 a month. Again if you cant afford it or dont want that route so be it but its there.

Not entirely true.

Sony can have a section - or “drop down” if you will that can list “Untrusted Private Servers”. That can give the people a final option that themelic is requesting and I would also be interested in.

An option where we - ourselves - can host a PS4 server on our own hardware. The only thing Sony would have to do is tell us what ports to use, and that traffic would go “peer to server” and not through the Sony network. The only thing Sony would need to do is point the peer in that direction (much like how DNS servers work).

So, here’s the solution:
1.) themelic (or user to create server) creates a Conan Exiles server hosted on Windows/Linux with PS4 required settings.
2.) Sony has a list of required ports needed for the game to communicate with the servers on the PS4.
3.) themelic opens those ports on the firewall and has the server listening on those ports. themelic then has the server “login” to a portal with the username/password needed to connect to the “forwarding” list (Untrusted Private Servers).
4.) Once the username/password have been validated from the server, the server is now listed in the Untrusted Private Servers list.
5.) A user (myself or friends of themelic) want to join the “Untrusted Private Server”, they use the drop down and select, then they can choose one or search for a specific name and select it.
6.) The PS4 network sees this request, and transfers all connections to that server and releases “the middle man” (PS4 network) and all traffic is now going through the internet - peer to server.

I’ve been doing network and server security for years, and there is minimal risk to the Sony network if they implemented this type of private server. The only thing that the Sony network does is accept a server name based on the server’s login credentials, then posts it in the “Untrusted Private Servers” list. It then FORWARDS the host server’s IP to the Peer trying to connect and then the Sony network is out of the middle. Zero communication aside from the forwarding if IP’s and/or ports to connect.

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