Make the game free

What’s there to loose they be reached their peak might as well make money off dlcs

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I fear we will be losing console people pretty fast as it has been a while since an update and I am guessing people might be moving to PC to enjoy the new map. I am a PS4 plus member so the game is free to me anyway, but the servers I am playing on seem to have thinned out somewhat over the last month.

Making the game free on console before the new map is released does make some sense for a couple of reasons.

  1. Hook new players so they invest in the new map.
  2. Bring new players in so console servers remain populated and maybe sell some of the existing DLC’s.

I do not think many people will be buying the game over the next few months unless it is on PC.

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The games beyond dead even before anything they only average 10,000 people across all platforms I noticed even when it was free or like this new map it will jump from 20,000+ one month then go back to 10,000 less in a month that tell you not a lot of new or old players stick around and from what I’ve seen the new map is way too small and getting thralls is beyond stupid they re trying to change the game for the worse


Has anyone put a graphic of the new map over the old to show the difference?

I wonder what the price will be for PS4 plus people? I know a lot of players I play with that and is how I got into the game. I really hope they can keep the numbers up as I have seen games go down the tubes fast. Of course we have PS5 on the scene and new games coming out for that. So what that could mean for competition. Still I imagine the PS plus might not include any of those new games.

Man… What?

This game is not even that old to be permanently free.

And why do you litter the forums with the same post again and again in different sections?


It is true that we need more live players, anyhow game has big issues to be reworked. It is not only about the game being free or not. The population can not grow without fixing those issues.

Dropping crafted item power ; giving more power to player characters. (No survival, no pve-pvp, no gamer skills its about Item power and lag)

More free room at maps (alot less player owned territory) and smaller buildings and faster decay timer, less player owned npcs.

Lack of these changes, all break the fun at game both for pve and pvp; aswell as adding increasing levels of lag.

Bringing more players to the game while these things are not fixed would only make the newcomers flee so fast.

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“make the game free.”



Most useful post here, simple I like it


We disagree.

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There was the idea to make it free in the Epic Store… There were even news posted and newsletter send out and some days before it would have been free, it was reverted :smiley:

Just to shove into the “no, not free” faces, because they have literally presented any argument at all :smiley:

I dislike this idea.
I enjoy putting the effort to gather materials and craft the gear I need instead of having and RNG system decide what I should wear and use.

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yea firespark did a video side by side show how much smaller the map is… and ya they just made it to where everyone knows if your trying to get named thralls … as a pvp player a clan of 10 can come in wipe us take over the surge and there is simply nothing you can do about it… on top of that all the crap you farmed to get said purges is gone… the new map is a joke at best… shoot some of the mods make the game far more fun than the new map… it total garbage.

your wrong.

You have to be 18 to play this, so get out out of the basement and get a job.

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You can still do that and can also have alternative feats and stats to empower your abilities. This should be an option.

It is the same thing as achieving power through physical means or magical means at any fictional lore.

Right now items carry too much power which forces everyone to have to play the same style (same crafting, building, same recipes, same attributes). Everyone use its spare time and pays real time to play the game. Not every single player has to be the same cookie cutter build with same attributes, crafting tables, items and same powers.

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