Game Free to play to bring more people

Why don’t put this game free-to-play for a bit? It can bring more people. Actually, on playstation, server are almost all dead, just 1 server full.
This game need more players and i think making it free for a bit can add more players. Some of them maybe would like to try the game and start playing.
Money can be done with microtransition or battlepass (reason why it exsist). I hope FUNCOM really can think about this option because as a solution to add players to this dead game.

PlayStation is pretty bad, graphically and functionally, due to Funcom’s lack of proper optimization and PS5 version. So, no, it’s not entirely the fault of cost. Also, many of us don’t desire a F2P version because that kinda brings a lot of boneheads into a game already plagued with enough issues. Many of us just want cheaper bazaar prices.

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Amen. Last time didn’t especially bode well. @jmk1999 Admittedly my opinion.

This is your mistake! You come to their own forum to tell them that they are dead, like they don’t have the mechanism to understand if they go well or not :man_shrugging:. It’s not only your mistake actually, it’s a general mistake i see 3 years now. I count endless funerals of this game, but it’s still alive :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Look exile! I do agree that the game sooner or later must go for free for several reasons that i ain’t going to name now. But first and above all, the old consoles must expire, so devs will have to deal with only 3 consoles! The difficulty that they find now trying to keep it running in 5 consoles is humongous! The performance issues are great and if they decide to open the game for everyone with these difficulties THIS would be the death sentence of this game! Patience, until the summer we must have upgraded consoles almost all of us so this game will be able to move on! Until then i believe you should not expect huge changes!

Can agree with the bazaar prices bit. With no way to earn the Microtransaction currency in game they’d fare better making it more attractive to spend some cash on the bazaar in the first place.

The rose bush or tree placeables aren’t too impressive, which is a shame to begin with as i was really hoping the new greenery would be the first thing i’d buy.

The price simply droves home that i absolutely won’t buy the bazaar one at least… battlepass, maybe. Still not sure if i want to spend money on that only to feel obligated to start doing challenges.

Already own all the ‘DLCs’, though i’d only consider Siptah truly worth it’s money. Also spending money on a private server…
So i feel like that at this point money from my person being put in this game is pretty much at its limit unless something really pulls at my heart-strings.

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