Game should be free to play

Makes tons of sense base game has been out two years you can just make money off the dlc. Fortnite most popular game in the world and it’s free. Game would get tons of new players who probably spend money on dlc that probably wouldn’t have the game if it was t free. Look how popular Conan was on PlayStation 4 the one month it was free. Conan should be free to play

That would be an insult to all whom bought the game. This topic enrages me because, I preorder. Preorders and people whom bought the game help boost the life of Conan Exiles.

Fronite battle arena is free. Fronite full game is not free. Fronite charges for thier characters avatars with a battle pass. Fronite uses mirco transactions. You can’t create your own character in Fronite. Fronite battle arena is popular. Default Fronite is not popular. Fronite requires online.


Apples and oranges. Fortnite is an online only game with microtransactions, while Conan Exiles has an offline feature with no microtransactions, only DLC that is not needed to play.

Two totally different animals.


I bought the game on release for full price and I bought every single dlc including riddle of steel. I wouldn’t be insulted at all if base game went free to play at all it’s been out 2 years. I would enjoy all the new players on the game. Only reason why I bought up fortnite is because it’s very popular game that’s free and they still make a ton of money. Not comparing it off of gameplay

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Conan Exiles/Ark/Minecraft/ETC are built a certain way. You can’t turn a paid game into a free to play game. DLC is alone can’t fund the game. In the first 2 weeks, because of preorders and full game buyers Conan Exiles was a huge success. It made the full game cost. By allowing it it to become a free to play game would ruin funcom reputation. Funcom is NOT EA. Funcom cares about their games and fan base. Mounts should be the proof you need.

Let me paint a picture of the Conan Exiles free to play that happens in most free to play games.

1.) You get only 1 Area. The desert. $9.99 for each new area. Biomes as other games call them.

2 .) T4 thralls are paid only. You can only get T1-T3 naturally. T4 thralls respawns in your inventory and can’t be stolen. T4 thralls become Super OP. Each T4 thrall is $2.99.

3.) Each DLC goes up to $14.99. Also dlc weapons and armors are OP in free to play versions.

4.)To use each update like mounts you have to pay $9.99.

This is the real cost of free to play games. Nothing free. Fronite battle arena makes tons of money,because skins are locked behind a pay wall.

You keep Fronite battle arena as Fronite battle arena. Funcom keeps Conan Exiles as a paid game.


DLCs can’t fund studio.


HUGE difference between this and fornite. For one, fornite is essentially a finished product. Half the time this game seems like it’s still in development. IE this game STILL has major bugs and glitches from at least 2 years ago that have never been fixed. Reason this is important: yes game was popular when it was given away as a freebie on PSPlus. Where are those people now? It was a temporary boost to the player population. Most likely saw how unfinished many things are and moved on to something else. Giving it away for free had minimal effect.

As for the peopl who already spent money on the game. So? They wouldn’t be the first developer to do that. I spent money on games like SwTOR, Tera, ect… They went f2p and are still alive and kicking. Their player base didn’t dump them because they felt slighted that they had paid for it.

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Long term players are gone, like me.

“You can’t turn a paid game into a free to play game”

Yet it has been done MANY times.

Funcom has no reputation. This game destroyed what little it had already. They sold an incomplete game as a finished product then sat on their hands for months at a time. If they care about their games and their fans they wouldn’t have bugs and glitches still present in this game from over two years ago. Bugs and glitches that they know about, and yet do nothing to attempt to work them out. They wouldn’t offer excuses like “Thats just too much work” on fundamental additions, like chat to consoles. And so on.

They finally offered mounts because they saw opportunity at a cash grab with another DLC pack, nothing more.

This game can be fun at times, but I’m not going to operate under the dillusion that Funcom cares.

I’m always flabbergasted when someone trots out an assertion like that, with nothing to back it up. Seriously, what are you basing that claim on?



It’s not bad to start with an incomplete game, but if the most important thing in this situation isn’t working the game won’t work like in this case.

The most important thing in this are updates & fixes, not adjusting core gameplay settings for fun.

Basing it off fortnite is free and the game makes ton of money. All the streamers and tournaments where people win millions of dollars. Think all those kids and gamers would of drop 50$ on the actual game or maybe since it was free to download and play had a huge part on why it was so popular. The month this game was free to play was only time I seen my server actually active since the game released. Posting goofy gifs does not make my points less valid FYI

I know quite a few people playing this game still that only have the game because they downloaded it when it was free to play. Conan dosent have a reputation as a video game that’s well known. But it’s a fun game that a lot of people would try if the game was free. So yea to the where are they now question my answer is some of them are actually still playing Conan

But good games can.
If your product is of mediocre quality nobody in their right mind will buy it.
Also, they have state subsidies.

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On that part, there are options of free weekend play. That gives a potential buyer 4 days to see it is worth spending money on. I did not count but I believe Conan did have couple of those weekends already.


Servers cant handle the players that they have right now, it wil not handle extra players, and free accounts will increase bad behavior for sure as they will not fear punishement


Going free to play has major down sides.

The game would be censored, because f2p is accessible to children.
There are already people complaining about the censorship on console.

I have played many f2p games including Fortnight’s f2p aspect.
the thing they all have in common is a rubbish community.

Conan’s community is not ideal, but it’s better than any f2p I’ve ever played.

Micro transactions are the bane of any online game IMO
There are some in which you need to pay $10 US to show or hide the characters helmet for pete’s sake.

I bought Conan because it was free, AFTER purchase, this acts as barrier to keep the underage and immature vitriol out of the game IMHO. It works somewhat but not completely, because money and maturity are not the same thing.

Conan is an adult game, most adults can afford a minor purchase.
I would like to see it stay a game aimed at adults, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


Did you read what I wrote?

Fronite battle arena is free to play with tons of Mirco transactions. Fronite battle arena game is free,but the skins are NOT free.

Conan Exiles has a physical copy. Free to play games DO NOT have a physical copy.

If Conan Exiles goes free to play then those physical copies are worthless.

Buy the game & DLC to support the game.

Nobody works for free. Bills,food and etc. Funcom needs their money too.


Free 2 play games have released physical copies before. Kotor on pc example. I’m on ps4 we don’t have free weekends. Why would you have to censor a free game? Put same warning label on it.

Game been out 2 years nobody is buying it anymore