I had to downgrade my review of Conan Exiles on steam

This is a very good idea, nothing bad can happen out of it…lol


Oh i love it when people abusing the flagging system. Either because they can’t take criticism or they just simply disagree with it. I have been flagged a few times :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

What happened with the freedom of speech ?

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In the countries that have laws protecting freedom of speech, those laws protect your right to express yourself from being infringed by the state.

If you can prove in the court of law that whoever flagged you was acting as an agent of the state, then you’re covered by “freedom of speech” :smiley:

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What really irks me the most is that they are announcing an expansion that people have to pay money for to pasteurized it on top of the rotten milk that’s already there, that’s all.

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what development process?

they are really good at breaking the game with every patch, REALLY good, and also extremeely efficient ignoring problems,

and they want to sell an expansion when they cant even have the game working properly (since launch)

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you know @Ignasis , it is also “CIVIL” to respond people threads specially those that reports the game over an official server to be unplayable for over a month!!!

so being said that, would you please have the courtesy of responding? as to what is going on and when should we expect people to start fixing the issue?

whats happening is extremely frustrating.

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I think the post will be closed :slight_smile: definitely something again because of forum guidelines or something ^^ but it just reflects the current mood and constructively shows the frustration of the community. it’s a shame that funcom places so little value on the player base. Many of us just want to live out the online experience against others in a very good world but currently players who play fair have to hide from cheaters and pray that they will not just be raided without being able to do something about it.


AND i said… “This NORfem post says nothing wrong. mods should recognize this and undo the hiding.

Moderators should moderate, keeping the forum in good shape and correct users who abuse or igore guidelines and rules. :smiley:


I bought it on August of 2018 and had read that funcom had a reputation.

Things are way better now than they were then.

To me freedom of speaking means say what ever you want to say.

But i guess some people are too sensitive for that.

That’s exactly right, unfortunately there is no moderators on this forum, people flagging comments left right centre and that’s it.

Sure. I was just pointing out that the freedom you’re thinking of doesn’t have any special protections :wink:

Agree, and falsely flagging should give a 48hour ingame and forum ban, cause the flagging system is getting misused. From funcom pov its a clever system kinda like Youtube but not so smart.

Same as they tell us to spend 5000 hours ingame to tell them of the bugs they made.

I’m so old I remember when an update was a update not an update to fix what u previously messed up.


What is missing is this simple feature(?), vote for flagged but other can de-vote that, (or up for that matter)when its zero the post is unhidden again.

The whole flagging this is a fluke, mods just should moderate and admins decide overall, fairly simple, and part of good community support.

oh wait lol :mask:


48 hour in-game ban for flagging something wrongly on the forums? Are you freaking serious?


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Community-moderated forums work extremely well as long as you maintain your community. When the moderation in community-moderated forum starts to become a problem, that’s a sign that the community itself is deteriorating.

Since I became active in forums, I’ve seen too many helpful and good-natured posters go quiet, and too many toxic posters left free to ruin every thread they can.

I have been away from the game. Why would you boycott just quit the game. I don’t see the reasoning with boycotting. All you saying I still like the game and don`t want to quit. So boycotting will not work.

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Funcom is a private company and they can do what they want they are not subject to freedom of speech.

Dude OMG. Im not even going down the road to tell you how wrong you are :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Like inhere, your’e so right, lots of good willing players trying to help - fellow players- but aiding FC too, they, part from a few, just have been wrangled out and gave up at a certain moment. Just as i did btw iv’e had my share trying to better our CE world and i gave up a long time ago.

Iv’e grown bitter and in total distrust of Funcom.

On the other hand i love the Conan world and that creative tingling connection had me hanging around.
Now iv’e accepted that CE will never be better, its just not Funcom to deliver quality.

They just grind for our money, and to be fair they should, but it windens the cap with their customers - that’s a choice they make.

I play my game, adjusting to bugs along the way.