I had to downgrade my review of Conan Exiles on steam

Funcom is a private company and they can do what they want they are not subject to freedom of speech.

Dude OMG. Im not even going down the road to tell you how wrong you are :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Like inhere, your’e so right, lots of good willing players trying to help - fellow players- but aiding FC too, they, part from a few, just have been wrangled out and gave up at a certain moment. Just as i did btw iv’e had my share trying to better our CE world and i gave up a long time ago.

Iv’e grown bitter and in total distrust of Funcom.

On the other hand i love the Conan world and that creative tingling connection had me hanging around.
Now iv’e accepted that CE will never be better, its just not Funcom to deliver quality.

They just grind for our money, and to be fair they should, but it windens the cap with their customers - that’s a choice they make.

I play my game, adjusting to bugs along the way.


I’m not necessarily going as far as “boycotting”. I am stating that my desire to throw money at the game is severely reduced due to the bugs/glitches and over all quality of the technical aspects of the game. Good grief this game is so immersive, creative, etc. For me anyways it really does justice to the survival aspect, to the Conan lore on which it is based, etc. But technical difficulties get in the way of me enjoying it to it’s full potential. I know some who have already quit the game due to these issues, some who didn’t enjoy the game as much as I (this kind of game is right up my ally) but would have stuck around and played more and bought more of the DLCs if they had not been frustrated with the technical issues. I’m not sure why people always say “just quit, don’t say why”. Shouldn’t a gaming company want to know WHY someone isn’t playing their game anymore, or why someone doesn’t want to spend money with them anymore? As a business owner I can tell you that WHY is basically business 101. Honest feedback is pure gold when trying to maintain a healthy business model. Many of the games I have subscribed to in the past even have section to fill out why I’m cancelling my subscription to their game. You can’t give people what they want if you don’t know what they want. Which is why I voiced my opinion and others replied. We wish for Funcom to know that we do in fact like/love the game but find it hard to keep playing or paying due to certain aspects that could and in this case SHOULD have been addressed already.


Well said, I LOVE Conan and I intend to keep playing it as long as it will exist.

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