Commending Conan Exiles Dev Team

To put this simply, I just tried Atlas and was so, so, so disappointed that I came running back to Conan Exiles in disgust.

I would like to thank you for making a quality product. Your graphics, and obvious attention to detail do wonders to the quality of the game. Even if it is an incomplete product it is still a nice one. I hope you can pump out more good quality content, because that is the only thing you are missing atm.

Please, Conan Exiles, put out more content, because Ark/Atlas/Rust really has nothing on you… but you are hosting a much smaller player base, this needs to change!

Decay timer needs attention!
Game feels very limiting in terms of perks/feats.

But OMFG, Atlas sucks. You don’t have anything to worry about unless you all suddenly die tommorrow.

P.S. Longer Decay timer, 100+ level cap (let us learn ALL feats), let us learn couple more 50 perks, but not necessarily all at once.

Thanks much.



Well, everyone expects atlas to be a big thing and it brings along a whole toxic reddit and discord community. Very understandable :sweat_smile:
Conan Exiles wasn’t the big thing at the start (somewhat early in the chain, first self-developed product of Funcom etc.), but did bring in a lot of people as the genre is populair and people from Age of Conan wanted more :wink:

I am gonna also say this too I also too was hype up…WE all had hope for a successful company to join the ranks of survival genre… but it is Day 1 so we should see what the dev wakes up to and I hope everyone is having a good merry Christmas even if pirate stole the Christmas tree this year

@ GodisGood
You are SOOOO right :rofl: - I saw one or three of the atlas demo streams and am very pleased to not have been tempted to fork out money for it (thanks the gods). What a horrible game: frame rate/resolution/character movement/server access/playability/etc… (just check out the reviews. An epic fail, but interesting idea I guess)
Yeah, I fear Conan Exiles has kinda spoiled things for me by raising expectations so high. A well-deserved well-done to FunCom dev peeps.

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