Disappointed in reveal

How I and so many other console players waited for news. Watched eagerly as the countdown began. Hell, even got up early to watch the countdown party with kai, jade, wak and firespark…then the trailer…looked interesting, different, yet similar enough…until the end. 2021. Damn. Let down. All that hype for nothing. Screw ea for pc because this or that. I went thru ea on exiles from day one. Day 2 walked out of base to fall under the map…day 7 was fixed…day 15 couldn’t pull weapons while running…day 23 drown when run out of stamina…day 39 jump a log and die from damage. shall I go on? Many console players like me went through this like it was our baby too! Many of us legit love this game and this feels like a slap in the face! You lost firespark by charging for this. You have made this a second game. Call it expansion or whatever you want, but thats simply what it is. Are you going to go the way of other gaming devs and leave exiles alone now to rot on console? Putting years into loyal gameplay and thousands of hours dealing with bugs/glitches all for " hey. Here it is. Cool huh? Can’t have it". Extremely disappointed in the way this was done and handled. Now I know I won’t buy into Dune game. Have certain feeling it will be the same…once bitten , twice screw that s**t. No way. Killing your fan base


Go outside, breath some air there are many things in life to be upset about but this one certainly inst one.


I think we can related to some extend. Yes it’s upseting, especially if you play Conan everyday for multiple hours a day.

But in the end, what can we do about it? Not much other than complain and hope.

And btw Suthainn some of the stuff you said is against guidelines if i’d be you I’d remove the part were you mention funcom.

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Imagine playing on console


Console publishers dont want EA games on their consoles, especially, if they have had a history of frying consoles before. As CE did in the early days. It leads to a lot of people wanting their money back and contacting support, all of which the Console publishers need to take care of.

PCs are more resistant to that kind of stuff, and PC players are more tech savvy by and large.
I mean, even on PC the release version of CE did not get on the Epic store, because their QA department pulled it at the last minute.

Not to mention, the PC market is way smaller than the console market. So from a business standpoint, it just makes more sense to run the beta on PCs first and sell the finished product to the console market, to make their money back.

The only thing I could imagine they could ever do would be a close console beta, but that is also better to be done a bit later, once the PC beta has had some time to be tested, so the worst issues are gone.


Plus, even though this expansion was already tested and it’s ready to get released as Early Access to the public, it is much more safe to just keep it for the PC players to pass through a second, bigger stress test this time since there is a possibility of new issues/bugs to eventually happen through this Early Access period.
With the already existing problems in the consoles version, this will give time for the developers to adjust the expansion and keep fixing more things in the consoles before releasing the final product to all the platforms.
Releasing the expansion for the consoles in its current state could cause more trouble, including in the waiting times to be patched, as I believe, in the Playstation case, for the developers of a game that runs on that platform, to update their games, it needs to pass through some sort of approval from Sony that may take some time to happen, usually longer time than with Steam on the PC, from what I have heard, so another reason why they are also avoiding dropping it for all the platforms before fully releasing it as soon as things are basically much more stable and adjusted.


The new map needs at least a few weeks on PC only to stress test it and fix major bugs that get discovered. It is much easier to release updates on PC. It is smart for them to do this early access stuff because then at least any major bugs will be patched before they release on consoles.


This was a very bad move for funcom.


Please funcom can you just fix what you broke on the Xbox already or should i just delete the game and move on an never buy any content from you again please can anyone from funcom tell me what should I do


Not much other than complain and hope…

or stop playing the game. Vote with your dollars. I LOVE Conan Exiles, but there are plenty of other good games out there.

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Tbh as an console player its time to move. Many of us felt in love with this game, dealing with all these bugs etc. Always the hope in front that someday the game will be enjoyable, fixed, just like other games are on their release date.
But see the direction they wanna this game to go, after 2,5 years i finally realized thats not my direction.
All the time and love of people invested in farming, crafting, building, help eachother, farm thralls, LEVEL UP THRALLS…all thrown to the window.
Just like i throw your game now from my console @funcom

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Yeah, the only thing, with that decision, is that they might (or gonna) lose the whole, ever-growing console market if nothing new comes out in 6 or more month for that platform.

Was that a smart decision? - The time will show. :man_shrugging:t2:
One thing is clear, with that, which should’ve been exciting news, they managed to cause a new headache to the significant part of the community.

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The one good thing I will say about FUncom is they stick with their games. Age Of Conan is still being changed.

So this leads me to believe that both maps with get equal treatment.


PC master race!!!


This is the largest Mistake that Funcom has made to their community regarding conan. The largest. Why did you not simply open the rest of the old map?

That would have made sense.
Yeah right

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