Close to full release?

So I would say I am new to Conan Exiles. By new I mean I have less than 200 hours in the game lol. Anyways I am enjoying my time with the game and have beaten every dungeon in the Exiled Lands besides Warmakers Sanctuary. I am saw the Isle of Siptah expansion advertised when I purchased the game and I own the dlc but have not touched it yet. I do see that it is in early access right now. I also do know that the excpected release date is early 2021. I do not want to start a new game on it if its not finished yet. Is the version on the testlive branch what we will see on launch or is there still a bunch of stuff yet to be added to the map? If the only thing left is just polish (Optimizing and bug Fixes) then I may start a new game on Siptah. If not I will wait, is there a no “no later by” date for the release or is it anywhere in Q2 of this year?

No set date still and an “expected release date of early 2021” generally means they hope to get it out sometime between now and December. That’s not just Funcom by the way. That pretty much goes for all developers. They all have their own special brand of the word “soon” that typically means anything but what most people think it does.

That being said, I do think Siptah is getting close. I wouldn’t be surprised if the early access label comes off within the next couple of months. I just wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Gosh no. Game is waaaaay to buggy to be close to release. Don’t get me wrong I love it and am having fun. But … Thralls getting stuck all the time… Thralls going passive (really bad with Dancers) Dying when logged off while totally safe … helmet vanishing because new war paint is applied… Many typos in tool tips… under meshing… Monsters vanishing in the middle of a fight…

So yeah bring on the bug smashers before we can get a working game.

They have their own pressure by their investors, our role here in the big picture is to push them so they fix as many bugs before this is pushed live.

This patch however looks better than 2.3 when it was pushed to testlive.

Now the thrall proble. Must be fully resolved before sending this to live servers.

In the meantime we will have to struggle with thralls until 2.4 patch is out. It is very unlikely we will get a hotfix addressing this when They have all hands (pc coders) on siptah to have it ready for launch.

I wouldn’t mind if they extend the release time just to polish things.

Like extending a release can be annoying but a buggy release is even more annoying.

I went on testlive especially for this. Gathered a couple named Accursed thralls + my favourite Karthok and went hunting with them. No matter what weapon i used on them they were doing more then 1 attack.

2h sword full combo,1h axe and mace full combos to the point where they knock down enemies, so we are on the good path.


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