What do You think about Siptah release date? (27.05.2021)

I was wondering what do You people think guys about very early Siptah release date? It’s may 27, there’s only 2 weeks left and we know in what state the game is right now.
There’s many bugs, many issues, many problems reported on testlive and live yet still untouched, not to mention some old bugs…

Do You think it’s gonna be good release? Maybe they will fix everything? Will there be some new impressive content on release or it willl be just small poor patch?

I personally think it’s way way too early to release it… It should be more polished, get most of bugs fixed, improve gameplay on pve and pvp. Releasing it with that state is bad idea, new players and potential new customers will see how many issues is there and won’t have good opinion about funcom…

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Most of the issues with the game existed prior to Siptah. Siptah itself doesn’t have any bugs to itself that are gamebreaking, and the features it adds work as well as any other working feature in the game. To argue that Siptah should wait until every bug in the base game is fixed is unrealistic.

There are bugs in Everquest that have persisted in an annoying way for the last 22 years. Should they have delayed Ruins of Kunark until those are fixed? No of course not. Neither should Siptah wait for all the bugs in Conan Exiles to be fixed.

I believe Siptah, as it is, is good enough for a release. This doesn’t mean its bug free, it doesn’t mean its perfect. It means the issues that are there are not enough to detract from a good experience for the majority of players.


If we wait for a bug free state, IoS is never going to be released. Many PC players have been playing IoS for 6 months+, myself included. It is time for console players to join us and share their feedback. Will this be the final version of IoS, probably not but personally, I would be happy with a few dungeons + fast travel down the road. IoS is as ready as it would get.


I had hoped that when the Isle of Siptah was initially announced, that Funcom would take this as an opportunity to review the code currently in use for the core game, and maybe do some re-coding to address some of the long standing known issues and bugs present in the Exiled Lands.

From what I have gathered, Siptah has had a lot of attention in the graphics and visuals department, but the underlying code, and the issues associated with it have not been adequately addressed.

As a customer, I would have appreciated more attention to the issues currently present in the core game, before resources were spent on creating more content. This would have made me more comfortable about paying out money for more content moving forward.

-Disclaimer- this is my opinion, I realize others might disagree, I am not asking you to agree with me, I am responding to the question posed.

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I love this game and every time they announce some new release I get hyped, but then the realization hits in and you ask yourself have they fixed/made things better. So you boot up game start exploring servers and it’s still same old (fence foundation spam, vault spam) how have they not limited vaults yet or increased their cost by 20.

They have like 100+servers and most of them are completely dead, and they just keep them the way they are instead of experimenting with different server types 3years into games cycle and we still don’t have seasonal servers.I guess they are just fine with player base they have now instead of actually trying to grow.

So after the initial hype once you go though all that you realize it’s same old with exact same game cycles, it’s extremely boring as returning or new player to go on some old server where people have hoarded up stuff. Fresh starts where everyone starts from 0 is what makes these games appealing for a lot of people.

This is a take from how I view PvP servers.

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Like what? Cause they have been.


well, there have been things that have been reported numerous times, and have been acknowledged by the team, that continue to be present.

A few things I can think of that have been around for awhile; Red Mother issues, Thrall AI/mapping, Sandstorm, having to click the Display contextual controls checkbox every game session.

I am sure work is being done, I didn’t mean to imply there wasn’t, however, many known issues, bugs, etc. persist after several updates and patches. Add on to that many things often that had been addressed/fixed in one patch, become issues anew after something else is fixed.

And then there is the fact the PlayStation users have not been able to access 90% of the PVE-C servers for the past several weeks.

Sometimes coding things fresh from the start is a better solution to editing existing code.

To restate, I would rather have a more stable core game before considering new content a viable option for myself.

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They did. This is why mods broke so fantastically in 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3

The game released in 2018 had some rushed stuff to get the game out the door. Since they got greenlit to do pretty much what they want with Conan Exiles, they spent most of 2020 rehashing much of the stuff under the hood. This led to Siptah and other changes being possible.

There is still much more to be done, and I’d guess most of the newer issues is new code having to deal with older as well as the growing pains that comes with rehashing stuff to begin with.

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Like stomping Followers in the ground? That was fixed a patch or two ago.

Also this.

This is my last post, I do not want to become embroiled in a back and forth on this.

It wasn’t just mods that broke after those updates.

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I addressed that already.

Thank you
-console player.


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