Thrall vs Red Mother Better But Still Buggy

I posted my findings in my Red Mother after the 2.4 Patch post but didn’t get any replies. It seems if I do not tag a post as “bug” I almost never get a response. So I thought I would note this in it’s own post.

When having a thrall engage the Red Mother the thrall will often just run or walk up against the dragon without attacking. I feel this is a glitch and should be addressed.

Overall the battle is much better than it used to be though. Thank you for the hard work! However, please do not stop working on this encounter. It can still be better.

I play SP, Exiled Lands with no mods.

Testing on the dragons in the area between Dusk and Dawn isles is the same and that one does knock thralls into the ground too. A lot of the combat they run up against the body of the dragon and sink into the ground while trying to position to attack, though the slam attack also does it.

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