Isle of Siptah - Release Time

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anyone know the time when the server’s go online tomorrow?

best wishes

check on steam:

This game plans to unlock in approximately 23 hours => 02.00 pm CEST


02:00 pm or 14:00 CEST :stuck_out_tongue:

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oops :wink:


i think it just got pushed back???

wait just left it open for too long lol

It’s late!

The new update is being installed on Siptah and Exiled lands servers, and some testing is being run to see if everything is up and running.

Once we can confirm, and we get some coffee, Scott (aka Gamedaddy) will press the button.

– Ignasis

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I totally understand the coffee part. Nothing works without coffee.

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Yep, map shows as an option on GTX servers already so active there - but I canna buy it yet and am therefore instagrat-vexed :slight_smile:

It is not 14:00 CEST yet:


drink some beer or wine, it help to wait, 4mn to go :slight_smile:


Isle of Siptah. Game Update 2.0 is out!

Woo 61 GB! Thats a hyyuugeee update.


Lets Do this!!

Whats best in life?
To install a large update crush the steam server, see the download take forever, and read the lamentations in the forum. :crazy_face:


And now wait for the huge update to download, hope it is worth it.


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A 2.5 hour download if you want it or not.

20 hours for me :frowning: