Did the dlc announcement anger more people then it made happy?

Just curious about this and how you all feel at this point with how broken Conan is…….

for myself I’m just super disappointed in funcom at this point, like my siptah dlc has barely been functional on console since day one, yet here’s new dlc with no ACTUAL patch deadline……….

Soon as i saw dlc i facepalmed…………

I love Conan but honestly, to hell with dlc if you can’t make previous dlc work as intended……why would i buy the dlc?

It’s probably broken as well….no not kidding you guys most likely screwed up the dlc as well and we’ll be waiting 6 months for big fixes just for you guys to announce ANOTHER dlc with our fixing the rest….

This is one hell of an annoying pattern you do funcom, patches should take priority over every single other thing when you guys break the game for paying customers………siptah for most console folks has never run the way it’s supposed to, but hey here’s new dlc (so that’s why these patches take so long eh?)

Patches should be priority


They can only dumb down the game so much, eventually you will need to stop using that PS4 potato and upgrade.
Honestly, not trying to be rude, but before consoles, you rarely heard these complaints.
The PC users LOVE DLCs and have been looking forward to another one.
Conan is not broken, you are just using inferior hardware…


Did you just assume my system? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: jks lol

For myself I’m on the Xbox series x, can’t stand Sonys stupid certification crap that takes way longer then others.

The broken stuff i mean is the white back ground which is also happening on pc, the thralls dying randomly on water crossing, also a pc issue.

The issues I’m mad about are pc and console wide, totally not ask for any dumbing down anywhere, just fix broken stuff that didn’t exist before an update

And potato’s can make poutine so potato’s are better then ps4, there i said it :joy:


I never lost a thrall that way, and the white screen was fixed (on PC at least) months ago.

Honestly, there are a ton of things that console users complain about, that PC users do not.
It boils down to hardware.
I know Funcom has been working long and hard to help console users, but they can also create DLCs, unless you think there are two people developing the whole game.


I haven’t had a thrall randomly die since I stopped playing single player, it could be I’ve just been lucky.

They white background is really annoying, but it’s so easy to work around that it just doesn’t bother me much. I even keep stashes of night eye potions for anyone who wants them.

I’m also on a series X, but I don’t really have any interest in Siptah so haven’t played there

Most importantly though, the people who create new models for weapons, armor and building types and the people who code patches are almost never the same people on any game

Holding back a cosmetic dlc that is made possible by artists won’t get code problems and bugs fixed any faster. There are no new game mechanics being introduced with this dlc

I understand some people have definitely had a worse experience than I have and don’t blame anyone who is frustrated, but I personally am not the slightest bit mad about the dlc, and look forward to new building pieces


Multi-People work on game… I don’t expect Art guy to know 1’s and 0’s of game making…

DLC is just that, DLC… its Small, not very impactful on rest of game.

So, Its hard to be mad in any from.

IF they had announce 2.7 would be 20gb… add magic, custom horses and thralls, I would be pretty frustrated if it didnt fix alot of issues.

More DLC is welcome. I know it has little to no impact on team working on bugs and fixes.


I’m looking forward to the DLC, but my game isn’t broken, so.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure the DLC announcement angered a lot of people. Happens every time. And it’s always the same old fallacy: “Why are they working on DLCs when they should be fixing bugs?”


The only thing that angers me about the dlc is that I’ll have to download update 2.6 first :man_facepalming:

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For what it’s worth, I’m liking 2.6 much better than 2.5. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it feels like an improvement to me


This just isn’t really possible with bug fixes. They don’t know when a certain issue will be fixed because they don’t know when they will figure out why it’s broken in the first place.

I don’t blame people for being frustrated, I just don’t think this is as simple as it might first seem.


DLC is downloadable content i think, it can be anything- like siptah also is DLC, in my idea there should be 3 type of DLC - Cosmetics ( building pieces, weapons reskinned etc) then other may be Addon - like new themed weapons with new style animation ( visuals etc) and third maybe is siptah level like whole new thing :smiley: map, weapons, enemies, animations. magic

I completely don’t understand this viewpoint. Funcom has a 3 year track record of consistently improving pretty much every aspect of the CE experience. As has also been pointed out, the guys trouble shooting the bugs are not the guys designing cosmetic DLC. Should they just just have their art department sitting there twiddling their thumbs. And finally, do you have any idea how long its been since they put out cosmetic DLC? May of 2020. Yeah, those greedy so and so’s…

This just isn’t how it work for most things in life. I understand some people cannot handle uncertainty on any level, but the truth is most things in life are largely uncertain. This extends to whether or not something can be fixed and how long it will take. Anything distinct would simply be a guess and then you’d just be upset the guess was wrong.


This is a literal contradiction. Clearly they aren’t silent.

Maybe you should work your way onto the development team if you feel the need to be that deep “in the loop”.

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They angry alot when they only talked about the art and what will come and nothing about the build limitations and wipes on the servers.

I will state this again as it bears repeating…

Not every player, even on the same gaming system, has the same problem.

Bugs, by and large, pop up randomly and inconsistently. As such, trying to narrow down the exact problem becomes difficult since it does not effect everyone.

As an added mention, the company likely has multiple departments, each with its’ own assignments. The team responsible for putting together DLC content is more than likely not involved with the bug fixing aspect. This means that work can be completed in one department but not another.


If bugs in video games get your blood hot - you’ll never enjoy a video game. All games have their quirks, sometimes they are annoying, sometimes they are hilarious.

Buy the DLC, don’t buy the DLC.

I’m on PC and am at over 6k hours of play time for what, around $200? (I buy all the DLC, how else will they make an income?) Been having fun since 2017. Super inexpensive form of entertainment/hobby.

One year of Xbox live is $144 itself. If I played on Xbox, I’d have spent nearly $1,000 playing this game! Holly Falluch! I’d be irritated too!


I’m not a complete !#@%, I understand the frustration. I’ve been through it myself with this game…and only this game lol. I’ve never had so many headaches as Conan has given me but I keep coming back because I enjoy the game. I wait patiently, do my research and keep up with the available information and, lo and behold, things work out.