First no flawless Atlantean Sword.. then no Flawless Khitan. DLC - NEVER AGAIN

I would say that depends on what you want out of it. If you only care about the building blocks and decorations, is that worth $10 to you?? I was actually interested in the armors and weapons to boot, but with how badly they were nerfed and how there’s no NPC’s to even spawn in to craft them, that’s what set me off. I didn’t want them over-powered, but I didn’t want them to be as weak as they are.

The mats for the lvl 10 version of the heavy armor Khitan is glorious…

2 gold dust and wolf pelts. Cuz you know, Lvl 10s can travel up north to kill wolves with stone swords and skin the wolves with a skinning kni…oh wait… n/m… Hatchet the …wait… n/m… while earning some gold coins in the process. Well worth the money for sure.

Let’s not forget that every low level character has grinders.

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Kind of funny watching you turn to the dark side really, given how effervescent you were about labelling this game glorious, epic and whatever else you rained down on the player base. I was starting to think you were getting fringe benefits like the paid SC shills.


Well you know how it goes: The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.

I seriously wanted to believe Funcom could change.

When I heard on the dev stream when the Khitan DLC was first announced, that there were going to be flawless versions of the khitan weapon and armor with “appropriate stats for that level (star metal)” I was excited. I thought to myself: “They got this :slight_smile: They can balance cosmetics and stats. Make it useful while making it not overpowered. This will make everyone happy, both PvP and PvE folks! Conan’s safe.”

I crossed my fingers for Funcom, feeling like they’d get the 500 fixes out before the DLC, cuz these are professionals who know the industry quite well, with years of experience.

I wrote tons of warnings and fears on the forums on what would happen if they release the DLC ahead of the fix… but I thought it woudla been fine, cuz the DLC woulda been really fun. Really good. It’d tied people over the weekend for the 500 fix.

But… what really really hit me the hardest was believing they hit the mark when they said “There are flawless versions too!”

I believed them blindly, blue eyed, excited as a kid.

I couldn’t understand why people on the forums were so aggressive and nay-saying. Like as if the ENTIRE industry is a fraud.

Well… Now I understand why.

Today something inside of me died, and I tend to go supernova before that happens.

The sad thing is I KNOW why they had to lie! This Dev Team faces one hard choice after another. Compromise after compromise. I think the biggest issue facing Funcom is their inability to add or modify custom thralls without ■■■■■■■■ up existing thralls.

It’s almost as if their Programming Paradigm is Functions, over Object Oriented Programming (C++ supports both paradigms, but was written kinda in an era where Function paradigm was more well known?). Maybe they ARE using object oriented programming. I donnoh. But they give the impression that their code is extremely hard to handle.

And their shareholders… Holy Moly. Whatever is going on, they are desperate. It’s like someone put down a deadline on the table and said “Get this done by this date, AT ALL COSTS. Lie to players. Take shortcuts. Jury rig code. DO WHATEVER you have to. Fix it later. But this HAS to be done by this date. No excuses.”

I donnoh what’s goin on… but this is crazy!


I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say this…

Funcom, for the sake of future DLC’s, you need to implement a skin system.

Poeple can’t take much more of this not-really-cosmetic-but-not-useful-either crap…

I am not going to go out there dancing in front of poeple wearing paper-thin Khitai armor, pretending to be Khitan.

I want to go out there killing things with people SHOWING them what a badass Khitan is all about!

THAT is what cosmetics is all about.

Not wearing a garbage bag over oneself. This isn’t cosplay! This is BEING what you wear.


This is funcom trust me on this they always F%$#ck it up. This 500 patch thing is not going to go well at all. Will probably take like a month or two to correct as well after its released.:frowning:

I’ve said it in a few threads, and I’ll keep saying it. Funcom has a reputation that they don’t seem to want to change. I’ve heard many of this same thing when AoC was first coming out, and I hear it now. Hell, I’m even saying it.

In some ways I should thank them. I was actually wanting a new game to play, something that could take me away from CE for awhile. Unfortunately I haven’t found a game fun enough to make me jump ship, but this half-■■■ DLC, these nerfs to the armor, the lack of npc’s…it’s enough to make me uninstall. So in some ways, thanks Funcom! :smiley:

Fallout 76 do it.

I would recommend waiting at least until the bugs and stability issues are fixed. I don’t know Funcom’s financial situation but it feels like they’re trying to keep the money flowing. I appreciate the affordable price point but as a principle I try not to pay for things that don’t work. Afterall they’ve already gotten money out of us for the base game. I do enjoy the game a lot I just wish I could play for more than an hour at a time online. Also I play on Xbox and I think they need to optimize the client a lot because I get a tone of pop-in loading at my clan’s castle which is never fun. Often that’s when the crashes happen when things don’t finish loading.

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Is it drama time again?

It wouldn’t be if Funcom could finish things before they sell them.

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Is this for real? we asked over and over about Flawless versions and it was answered on livestream as well.

I still dont know what armorers/blacksmiths should allow you to craft flawless DLC. Making all T4 thralls allow you to craft DLC flawless would be unfair, and making a specific Kitan T4 Thrall for those items would be unfair for those who dont own the DLC.

My personal suggestion: limit and place 2~3 Flawless DLC recipes in all the T4 thralls. In this way, one T4 blacksmith might be able to craft 2~3 Flawless DLC weapons and you would have to find another blacksmith to craft the remaining flawless dlc weapons. Fair for everyone, right?

How it is unfair to have a T4 khitan that can craft flawless khitan gear?? If you don’t own the DLC, then you won’t need that thrall. You can’t craft the items with/without a thrall unless you know the recipe anyway, and you can’t know the recipe unless you buy the dlc.

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Well, the fact that you find that T4 Thrall means you are not finding another T4 thrall that might be usefull for non-dlc players.

I expect at least Hyrkanian Thralls to be able to make Khitan armor, such as Jehungir Horseshoes


Overall all the T4 armorers need a tweak/fix on their recipes and spawn locations, and I would expect an all-in-one solution for Flawless DLC armors and current armors as well.
There are other Flawless Armors that cant be crafted due to T4 Thralls not spawning, so I hope they fix this and bring the Flawless DLC armors with them.

The Khitan gear stats are trash across the board even with perfected, useless. Buildings are cool, that’s about it.

Wow…just wow, didn’t even think of flawless being a problem

Wow funcom best to add flawless asap or a just make the regular = to flawless in a hotfix or this is some horrible bull, best fix this NOW do not wait this will not look good in any way if you do not work overtime to fix before you go home today

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Talk about solutions here:

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It depends. Do you want the building material/placeables? Then yes, get it.

Do you want Iron/Star Metal gear with a new skin? Then don’t.