Will there be a flawless variant & armorer for the Khitai Armor?

Will there be a flawless variant & armorer for the Khitan Armor?

Considering the Atlantean Sword doesn’t have a flawless variant, i’m just wondering, cuz it makes these items trivial unless an armor rack is in store for these DLC armors.

I’d very much love to use these items for combat without feeling unoptimized.

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Who knows, it’s quite possible they will be adding it. As for the Atlantean Sword don’t have it… I got barbarian edition of the game when the game was in EA but I don’t think that comes with it. Kinda made me feel cheated since special edition isn’t able to be sold where I live and the pre-order for 1.0 release managed to snag that item.

Don’t worry tho. Your not missing out on much.
The Star Metal Atlantean sword is basically useless because it’s inferior to the obsidian Greatsword or the flawless variant of the Star Metal Greatsword.

The same will happen with the Khitan armor as it is star metal as well, without Khitan armorers.
Hell… there aren’t even normal Flawless variants of Vanir armor obtainable on official servers.

Hopefully with the coming update and DLC they’ll fix a lot of issues plaguing the game right now. I’m surprised myself by how long I managed to have stayed playing the game. I came from playing some other games I grew bored of or lost interest in playing or got distracted (damn autism).

Same. I am quite satisfied with Conan Exiles. If purges are fixed on official servers, i’d be perfectly happy. Everything else would be gravey.

Right now I’m playing in the hopes that armorers and purges get fixed. It’s why I’m still out collecting named armorers here and there.

Nice! Roughly 30 minutes into the Friday Dev Stream, they did confirm there will be flawless variants of the khitai stuff :3 Including the epic tier.

Was just coming here to confirm that. So yeah :slight_smile:

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Aside from being pleasant to behold, you are rocking your job, yo :3
Thx for the confirm!

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