Conan Exiles is about to die

Man, a lot of work for a difference of opinions. Is this really all necessary? All that happened on this post was bickering and informing. We all have our own beliefs, it seems some of us believe that the Khitan is on par whilst you believe not. Difference of opinion, it is okay. I’m sure we never meant disrespect to your beliefs and you not to ours. Let’s just shake hands and be done, we aren’t even on the original topic half the time.


End of what?

No, I gave a viewpoint.

You know boys, I look forward to seeing twitch chat next time they make a dev stream introducing a DLC, and saying the phrase “The stats will be comparable to…”


Ok ok i get it… you must have the last say! Let’s agree to disagree.

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You don’t get to end an exchange on an ad hominem.

I get you are upset that your expectations on what the DLC items should be was let down. That said, your not entitled to frame things however you want, and not have it challenged.

Also, why didn’t you look at the DLC’s finalized release notes or the dev stream before purchasing if stats were this important to you? I do not think your ‘I was lied to’ point has a leg to stand on to be honest as the aesthetic of Khitan, a largely cosmetic set of content, was what the DLC was, and was what was delivered. I can’t think of a game where between what is previewed, and what is delivered, is exact in DLCs and content updates. For that matter, I can’t imagine that these items are not done being stat modified by Funcom. I can say though that a lot of participants in the forum seemed to have had much higher expectations for the DLC, and set themselves up for disappointment on many things.

Do you know that DLC was available for purchase (at least on UK PSN store) before the update… so in my case I would even argue not only false advertisement but also fraud via bait and switch… I bought the DLC around 1PM BST started looking at stuff in DLC (no prior advertisements… dev streams and such I only knew what i saw in-game before release and when DLC was purchased)… then around 5PM BST hit the update… and only after that update when i compared numbers I started to look up what was advertised and promised!?


Health Damage: 53
Armor Penetration: 10%
Durability: 1237.5


Heatlh Damage: 53
Armor Penetration: 13%
Durability: 1710

Is not on par… frame it however you like!

Aslo Flawless variants are NOT available in-game (only via admin panel) so available items are even worse than in this example.
DLC is not complete (there are no Thralls to craft Exceptional and Flawless variants)… numbers were changed without prior announcement on day of release and in some cases after DLC purchase… this DLC release is a ****show… and probably last purchase for this game on my part!

Items were visible in-game long before release… they had multiple opportunities to change them before the DLC release (many people made purchasing decisions based on those numbers)!!!

p.s. @DethosThePict you conveniently ignored this part…

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So, you bought DLC, even though the unspoken (and pretty sure Funcom to cover their bases actually says this to) caveat of ‘everything is subject to change up until release’ would suggest not to if such specifics matter to you.

Buying things prepay like DLC is not buying what you see exactly in the previews. Thats almost like buying a sports car based on the commercial, and then claiming false advertising because it did not make you cool like the actor in the commercial appears to be.

You set yourself up for this disappointment from everything I have heard.

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Yeah yeah… and ****ty business practices are a great way to loose paying customers.
What are you even talking about… what prepay… there was no prepay… DLC went live it was available for purchase and in-game (i was able to craft those items) and changed after update!?
And no… your sports car example doesn’t work in my case… it would be more like “I went to a car dealer… was shown a great sports car… I made a purchase and then someone switched out the great sports car in my garage with something else”.

Also why are you ignoring this part all the time!?

why are you comparing flawless versions when that isn’t in the game ( unless using admin panel )

Because these are ceiling numbers (not speaking about the fact that there are no thralls to craft them)… so there would not be argument about the opposite “but what about exceptional/flawless those are better etc.”.

yeah but point is you can make the other 2 flawless versions in game… when your playing… the game… but you can only make the standard version for the DLC… so what you should be comparing is … what you an craft… and in the end game… well your getting only Normal Khitan items very Flawless of everything else…

I know and I agree with you… I just wanted to argue numbers only… not the whole another problem that the DLC is not complete and as you could see if you read the topic even that was not so easy.

its pretty obvious that the game was only meant to last a few months at the most. No cross server raids in this type of game? lmao, of course its going to die off quick. Most servers on PS4 now have less than 10 people playing and the map is too big for only 40 people and no game text chat? RIP game. Plus the PVP is absolutely terrible and raiding is stupid, one person can easily defend against 20.

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You go with the wrong mindset into this: You think that you buy a dlc for 10 euro and are entitled to the best armor, the best weapon, the best and easiest things that will make you a nonstop killing machine that no one can oppose.

No, just no. This is why funcom is doing this RIGHT with the DLC. What you get is a total new feeling to the game, with new armor and new buildings and items. Funcom is trying to broaden the game and make it more enjoyable, to get more gameplay so that you can enjoy the world that they created more and in different ways and not to give you the best killing weapons and armor for 10 euro. We should all appreciate more that funcom wants us to enjoy this game more instead of just making it pay2win.

What’s driving me away, from online, at least. Is funcom failing to act over cheaters, there’s a bunch of Russian exploiters on my server who built in a temple you cannot raid, they glitch their way inside and build inside it, while I’m aware fixes are coming soon to stop this, the fact they did this in the first place knowingly and suffer no repercussions for it, isn’t fair.

In addition to this they’ve abused duplicate bugs, endless stamina bugs and build foundations way underground to prevent people from building, they even managed to build in claimed land in order to raid a base last week. There’s even one russian who seems to found a way to lag people when they enter his proximity, it might sound crazy, but I’ve seen this before in World of Warcraft.

Will this guy suffer a ban for his exploiting? No, he will not. There’s no justice in this game and no repercussions for cheaters who then continue to abuse bugs knowingly in order to profit over legit players.

I used to mock Blizzard Entertainments ability to deal with cheaters but at the end of the day, funcom can’t even hold a candle to these guys, Blizzard ban their cheaters, funcom, do not.

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They really need to implement some sort of transmute system or an extra slot for display armor. The DLC and future DLC should have been no stats at all, just able to apply the look to yourself through one of these systems.

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Can you please give a link to that advertisement?

Every promotional material (information mentioned by games community representatives, stats in-game prior to patch) can be considered advertisement (they are intended to inform potential buyers).
And before you go “test live stats are not final” route… there is no test live on PS4!

Have you even read any of the actual posts people have said regarding this issue?? If you have, do you even understand what they’re saying?? Nobody ever once said they wanted to pay for the best armor/weapons, what they said is they wanted to pay for armor/weapons they can actually use. Where it stands right now, they’re being sold something that’s not even worth crafting…unless you’re role-playing.

If you feel nerfing the paid dlc gear to worthlessness is the “RIGHT” decision, then I would honestly hate to see what else you feel is “RIGHT”.

I’m starting to wonder if you even understand the words coming out of your mouth. One of the best ways they could have made this game/DLC more enjoyable and get actual gameplay out of them would have been to make their stats equivalent to pre-existing gear, so people could actually enjoy the armor/weapons they paid for at lvl 60. They also could have, y’know, finished their product and put in the proper NPC’s as well. It’s not like other NPC’s that are only attainable via the admin menu, nope, they don’t even exist in the game yet.

I’m curious, please explain to me how nerfing the armor/weapons to the point where they’re not worth crafting, let alone even using, how does this broaden the game and make it more enjoyable?? By the time I’m done building my base I’m usually around lvl 30, how does lvl 10 gear help me with that?? Once I’m 60, why would I craft those inferior weapons when I can go get dragonbone?? How does this make the game more enjoyable??

If you actually read and comprehend what most people are saying, nobody is asking for the best. They’re wanting something on par with star metal, which is what’s required to craft said items, and is definitely NOT the best in the game.

I really don’t think you actually read what people say.


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