An interesting video (Edit: Title changed, cuz poeple don't read beyond the first post)

ok, cool because I actually addressed every point you made after that, but I understand. Reading is hard. To reiterate though, I said Star Metal should be taken out of the point buy feats, and instead be made into found recipes similar to dragonbone and obsidian, while having superior stats to those. My justification for that being star metal is a rarer material, and lore wise it’s supposed to be the absolute best material for weapons.


Wholeheartedly agree with this… Star Metal tier as it is now is a joke (for a material that is arguably hardest/costliest/time-consuming to get).


Yes. This is very confusing. The DLC star metal tier being like hardened steel but costing star metal is pretty bad… but the fact that star metal is one of the most difficult resources to farm and the weapons you can make from it are not even the best weapons you can make points to a fundamental flaw in design.

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Of course he pointed that specifically out.
Heavy Armor with Cold Resistance is not in the base game, which is his point.

But now, why is that +4 Encumbrance missing?
Because they haven’t implemented a T4 Armorer who can craft the Flawless Variant, which is not what Polarbear Igloo has been saying at all.
He said: Balance that gear to already existing one and make it purely cosmetic.
That does not mean “don’t implement T4 Armorers and Smiths for Flawless Variants”.
For the Heavy Khitan it would have meant: Either introduce a Heavy Armor that boosts Encumbrance with Cold Protection to the base game, or change the Cold Protection from the Khitan to Heat to make it on-par with already existing gear.
Because as it stands now, we still have Armor with Cold Protection that boosts Encumbrance only via the DLC, which goes against the premise of his video, and should they implement the particulars Armorers and Smiths, we will also have the +9 Flawless Variant.

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This is a good point. I vote make Khitan heavy armor heat protect. I am tired of all the cold protection in the game.

I am starting to see the logic in the DLC now. I think they assumed that everyone buying the DLC would already be at end game and looking for extras. The materials costs were not thought clearly about because they were considered to be no problem for end game players. Khitan level 10 armor is not really level 10 armor. It is an ingredient for Khitan epic. Khitan epic weapons are not really star metal weapons they are just a pretty resource sink for end game players. At one post I mentioned that this was perfectly calibrated for players who just had resources to waste. It is only now occurring to me that this may be the whole point.

Ah I see. Aight consider that redacted.

I wrote in that other post that they need to implement a cold protection encumberance heavy armor into the base game, then base the Khitai off of that too.

If you have 20k star metal bars, an army of thralls, and nothing better to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

People expected P2W for an aesthetic DLC, now they’re mad.

Honestly, from my personal lvl60 PvE perspective, Cold Resistance is only needed to fight the Dragon up there. For everything else lvl30 Vitality Perk + standard Heavy Armor (+Encumbrance) is enough to farm and fight the creatures up there.

Though I’m not sure if I entirely agree with your viewpoint.
If I remember correctly, the initial stats of the Flawless Khitan were higher than the ones of Obsidian Weapons, which would have potentially been a worthwhile investment to boost your damage. Same was true for the medium Armor.
But with the current stats, it almost looks the way you descriped. The weapons are pretty much only useful for the Weapon Racks as deco and the Armor for “decorative Thralls”.
I mean, what do I need Star Metal for? Fridges and deco weapons.

That would have imho been the best way to go about it.

Decoration and Roleplay.
There are people who like that stuff.
It’s also the only reason why I even learned and crafted certain weapons. To put them on Weapon Racks as decorations or have a different kind of look from time to time. At least when building at my base or just visiting other people at their bases.
The Thralls I already positioned and the ones I still have to set up at my public Map Room + Bar certainly won’t run around in Silent Legion + Obsidian Gear like the ones I have set up for defensive duty.

The video directly called out the devs statement about it supposedly being purely cosmetic, what the initial stats actually meant and also stated what it instead should have looked like according to their own marketing.
Of course it was meant to be provocative, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be fair points presented in a rather fair manner.
I watch a lot of videos where I don’t like the pitch or something else about it, sometimes even the approach, because I know that there are often valid points within it. And with 6mins this is also a pretty short one.
I have read a lot of papers and listened to lectures and what not and I often thought to myself: “What an ■■■■■■■, but he has a point.”
One of my past co-workers was a real douchebag, I didn’t like him, but I couldn’t deny him his knowledge or the points he made about certain situations, etc.
I hope you get my point.

Obvious example of someone not having followed the conversation.
We were promised a purely cosmetic DLC.
What we saw ingame before the DLC launched, was a P2W DLC → people got mad
At launch they nerfed the stats below the promised tier which made them rather useless, instead of actually adjusting the stats to the advertised one, and “forgot” to implement T4 Armorers and Smiths for it → People are mad

To be fair though, the Star Metal Tier already is kind of pointless either way in its current implementation.
I mean, what do people use Star Metal for that has some kind of use? Fridges

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No… some people expected what was promised/advertised and actually in-game usable/viable for a level 60 weapon/armor (thats not even talking about level 10 armors with fun requirements).

I am not saying that it was a good idea or well thought out. Just that maybe they were looking to provide a resource sink for end game players. Honestly, there is no reason to use starmetal at all. So the only thing I can imagine was try to get something for people to spend their star metal on. The only weapons I ever spent starmetal on were tenderizer and snakebite.

you guys must be kidding, right?

how can you hold this guy responsible for a decision that was not his decision.
It was funcom’s decision and now they have to take their responsabilities for their decision as a professional compagny.

this guy is maybe ranting in some way, but what he is actually doing is giving feedback, opinion and suggestion as we all do in our own way…Funcom is taking the decision NOT HIM.

i don’t even know this “ploarbear igloo” guy but i can’t believe you’re blaming him for his video…
So what?, a guy tells his opinion and you’re like “let’s get to him” !!!

You must be kidding, right?
Repeating my own mistake by not reading the rest of this thread, or the solution, right?

a dlc for “cosmetis” should not need a nerv or a buff! so i think he is right when there is just something what is cheaper or just a little bit better than the normal stuff because then it is not is diffrent. and the video is from the 22.6… 2 days ago the same day when the dlc comes out. so i think they didnt nerv anything because of this video. and when you see the video he didnt speak about the weapons. its the cold resistance from the armor what is better than the normal one and the doors what have 20k more live. so i dont understand the title of this post. you just talk about the weapons not about the video. so when they nerf something they did it not because of his video. so dont blame him for that.

I see this as more of a hey this guy made a video voices an opinion of a small minority. Not a he is to blame for everything but he is just one of the minority groups that gets what they want over said majority who do voice their opinion but will get ignored over the loader voices, eg youtube.
His video made me lol. Ah sounds just like pvper.

for pvp players 20k more on a door is much, you sound like a pve player^^ in pve this all doesnt matter.
but its still not a “just cosmetic” dlc.

Like in RL, a door is only as good as the hinge it’s on.
Just blow up the frame.

The frame has also 70k…
the normal t3 doors have 50k

Oh snap! I see. I’d say “blow up the walls then” but… people are just gonna build an outer armor shell made of …doors and doorframes…

Ok, yeah. That sux -_-

^^ the door is a wall now thats the problem :slight_smile: