I don't like this way

I am seeing the path of this wonderful game and you are taking it to a game for children of 5 years old. The drop in difficulty level that you are causing is unfortunate and it is not only with this patch but with all the previous ones. It is no longer necessary to look for T4 slaves, you just have to kill or drag sorcerers to the camps and buy them with the coins. The best tools are bought, they no longer need to be obtained from the harpies. now the golems collect the materials? Do you really want to direct this game to that? Why the change? to the crybabies who think that the game is difficult? The logical thing is that funcom places servers with a higher level of difficulty, oh no, you justify that quickly with whoever wants to set up a private one. It is true that the route it takes is to be a game only for lazy people or lovers of direct and hard pvp. If you like to put the official servers in x5 in collection and experience so much and so it will be ideal for these players and for those of us who like a challenging game and a slow game, you send us to set up private servers or simply like many to abandon the game.
I sincerely believe that funcom sees us as walking purses because the prices in the bazaar are shameful. If we understand that €10 is 1,000 in-game coins, an armor set that costs around 2,000 is robbery, especially when a dlc previously cost around €30 and was a complete set of armor, structures, etc. Funcom this for me is treating us stupid.


You new? This game has support tantrum style outrages from the player base for as long as I remember.
How is post after post of “you ruined this game with X” or “you nerfed this to useless” or “This is OP and META” not lumped into …

FC is proactively changing the game based on the feedback loops it is getting across all social media and the forums and so yes…the game’s difficulty has diminished…because they player base has continuously asked for it year upon year.

Also Officials are the gateway to the game and should cater to the noob and casual player to make it so they enjoy the game and keep coming back playing. You want a professional competitive experience, find a private server that offers this.

IMHO, FC is moving in the right direction here because player numbers matter more than ensuring the professional gamers are happy. Too many games die catering to the pros and then wondering why the revenue shrivels up when the pros move to the next big game. Longevity is based on the casual gamer, not the professional ones.


I will agree with that.

Maybe if they had better servers. The public servers are pretty well vanilla. Even though Conan does have 3 levels of play, I don’t see funcom setting up servers at the civilized or barbaric settings.

Or the core, long term player as well.

No actually it’s based on large ocean going mammals.
Gimmicks that put butts in seats.
Mods on the forums that are pros at deescalation :wink:

Ya, the most is made from casual transient players. They drop in, play for a while, get a chapter pass, buy some cool stuff in the bazaar, get bored, move on. The key is to keep them in game, engaged, and spending money as long as they can.

But a game lives and dies by it’s core players. The ones that will play through the bugs, and wait for the fixes.


Perhaps better server variety could help.
Servers that wipe every month or 2, enhanced harvesting or 1x harvesting, etc.
Theres a lot of low pop / borderline dead servers that could probably be consolodated, at least on xbox.
Personally id love a server that wipes every season, with maybe a leader board with top clan and cosmetic rewards for some incentive to be top dog.
Also as a PvPer, id love official Arena modes just for brawling. FFA,2v2, 5v5, 10v10 . Sure theres private servers for that but id love a quickplay matchmaking.
IMO Conan has always been easier than , say, Ark, ad in Ark you have not only knock out youre tames but also babysit them, protecting them from being killed by other animals/ players. Im glad FC is adding content and stuff but yea, bazaar is overpriced P2W fomo, and FC needs to prioritize game optimization and eliminating bugs FIRST before adding.

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A leaderboards would be nice, but it would probably get gamed so hard it would be meaningless.

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True, juzt want to trash talk the other xbox sweats :grin:

When people say “wipe” in context of official servers, just remember they could transfer to an official “empty” server. (when transfers work)

touche and agree.

I don’t know, but when they were doing exactly this, and in updates stated numbers of bugs and mistakes which should be solved with the new version of the game, many players were complaining about the game not having any new content and being boring, because there is nothing new to do (and in meantime knowing the game is still buggy in many ways, they still wanted new content anyways).

So I would say for many globally: What would you want, a bread buttered on both sides? :smiley: Each and every complaining person will complain about different things.

I think server management management and settings need to be tailored by the expectations of the play style. For instance,…

PVE servers are different in that they are a build focus approach and therefore the wiping of a server or even transfer and leaving their virtual homes and should be taken into a serious level. While PVP servers is about the engagement and interaction and not so much the virtual home aspect but about besting others in some version of competition. Wiping SHOULD be viewed much differently and actually encouraged because standard PVP servers shouldn’t be viewed the same was as PVE servers.

But then you got other aspects of each. In PVP, you can have a RP PVP where the wiping would be discouraged and building contests PVE servers that should be wiped monthly as CE architects build in servers we can all visit and appreciate (like an art gallery).

The potential to use Officials in a variety of ways to encourage countless types of play is well within reach and IMHO limiting the potential to just 3 (PVP,PVE-C, PVE) is just neglect.

In my mind’s eye, I would see
PVE-RP-full immersions
PVE-prebuilts-yea yea yea, show me the monsters.
PVE-builder corners-
PVE-Standard -What we have now
PVE-C arena focus on no risk combat.
PVE-C rp
PVE-c Standard
PVP-Hunger games (quarterly wipes set on a schedule) You have 24 hours to log in and establish a character and after than the server is locked. All players get 1 life and no resurrection. Can gain one resurrection from completing EL main game or collect all sigils in IS.
PVP- Destroyer (Building and character damage 24/7)
PVP-Presets (limits to building and placeables)

If you want the challenge. You don’t have to buy the black blood tools, you don’t have to buy the t4 thralls and you don’t have to make the golems.


All these years i remember dlcs costing 10 Euro!
Yet i completely agree, the prices are awfully high! I buy every month 10 euro crom coins but i stopped buying things from bazzar, i feel both stupid and robed with these prices!

But to the rest topic my friend @Anunbs i disagree to the hyperbole you use to make your point and how narrow you look things if you allow me, with all do respect!

We know the game, so no matter what they’ll do, it will always seem easy to us.
That’s why they had to create a new journey step system, for a new player the content is huge, so making it “easier” was a logical move :man_shrugging:.

Trust me, 5 year old children are smarter than us, but hopefully they have no patience. This game demands patience and devotion, so count them out :wink:

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I would be okay with that if I played in PvE but in PvP it is not possible it would be a disadvantage

if for you 4500 hours of play is to be new then if I am new

Most people that were here before 3.0 and bought DLCs feel the same way. I can only assume Funcom is hoping we’ll forget or move along. I have yet to spend dime one in the bazaar but have all the DLC packages, that should tell Funcom something. But I’m afraid my voice is being down out by that sweat ocean song.


I just keep my promise, i said that i 'll do what i can to keep the lights on and i do it. But i decided not to buy from bazzar with these prices, i like the items but i don’t like the prices, that’s all.


I guess it would depend on how long the bug fixes took in these cases. Bug fixing should not be an ongoing excuse to never meaningfully update, improve, or add to the game. By all means fix the bugs first, but within reason and get back to adding to the game.


Amen to that. Create a culture of accountability and you will have less and less bugs to fix and can focus on new content.

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i remember seeing dev posts saying that they were not going to update the existing themed dlc’s and yet…

we have Aquilonian secret passages and previously a stormglass building piece set that “slightly expands” the existing stormglass set for a price equal to that of the other DLC’s (~£7.99) but with less content.

i hope the rough timber set makes a comeback at some point.

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