Funcom needs more moderation in implementing changes

I observed that in general, the devs are pretty extreme at responding to feedback or implementing changes in the game. Instead of tweaking something, they dial it to the opposite extreme. That causes that instead of fixing a problem, you create a new one, and it’s like a cat chasing its tail. Here are some examples:

People were farming elephants too much/it was too easy to gain exp. Instead of dialing down the exp a bit, or making them a bit harder, let’s make them like world bosses. Now elephant hides are a PITA to get (thank goodness for the vendor). Same thing with the Maelstrom: it went from being too hard to nerfed into nothingness. Healing arrows went from somewhat overpowered to completely useless…etc.

Please consider making more moderate changes in the future. It will make your jobs a lot easier. Thanks :slight_smile:


Totaly agree too :slight_smile:

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I could’nt agree more, In Norway we have a saying, - “Det er forskjell på å barbere seg og å skjære av seg hodet”. (Translated: Instead of doing a normal shave, they cut of the head). I think they do the latter too much, goes for all items and stuff.


Eh there’s still a way to farm the storm. I doubted a guy on the forums when he said he solo farms 1k chaos per storm, but low and behold we found how to do it too, without exploits or lagging the server. It’s a legit way of fighting the mobs.

For the sake of those wishing to not be spoiled anyone can dm me and I’ll explain how.

Yeah. The elephants really aren’t worth farming now considering that you can just go to the camp of the castaways and buy them.

If you’re playing on siptah, anyway. I have no idea if you can buy elephant hide on the old map.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they would rebalance these Changes retroactively. Whenever they nerf something into ashes they should slowly bring the power back up until it is too strong then just dial it back down the the last point where it wasn’t a problem.

Yeah the balancing is all over the place. It seems more like they get embarassed by some thing gaining notoriety and decide to overcompensate by deleting it. Ah we made a mistake with our elephants, let’s compensate by adding four 0’s to their health bars. Now, even with endgame weapons and a good combat thrall, killing elephants takes four and a half decades, and each elephant mysteriously only gives a handful of elephant hide.

Gives me MMO flashbacks of quests where I need to go gather wolf pelts, only to kill a wolf and get no wolf pelt. Not entirely sure what those wolves are made of (or the elephants in this game) but is has me suspicious.


Welcome to the Isle of Grind, coming soon to an Exiled Lands near you!


Just echoing my agreement, things are overnerfed then not ‘seemingly’ revisited.

This is because they balance the game around Twitch and YouTube streams. Someone like Wak or Firespark posts a video, and like the sun rising in the east…

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Your Viking legacy seems to be showing in your sayings. Although you gotta admit, cutting off the head does solve the issue of needing to shave. Also, chopping off heads is much more Conan-style.

That said, I do agree that it’s not always the best approach to game design. Funcom seems to be following what has become a trend in online games. Carefully tweaking a “broken” feature is not an option because people (usually a small, vocal minority) demand immediate action, and minor tweaking doesn’t look like the game developers have done anything.

It’s almost a passive-aggressive response to player demands. “Well isn’t this what you asked for?” And sometimes I think the game devs do that on purpose. They’re people too, with feelings, and sometimes may let their personal feelings show in their reactions to feedback.

So yes, I agree that Funcom needs more moderation when making “rebalancing” changes. But I would also request that we, the players, use some moderation in how we give our feedback.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who found farming elephants to be a giant pita. Doable, but sssslllloooowwww.

Buying the hides might be viable but for the moment I need all the gold for alchy bases. Maybe I should’ve built my base near a gold deposit!

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I’m finding that the bottleneck on alchemical base right now is silver and then ichor. I always have excess gold. I’m not sure why though. Gold nodes behave differently than silver nodes and that might be why.

I have more silver than gold but not by much. Probably depends heavily where you’re based - I have neither anywhere close, but silver seems to give 2 strikes per node vs gold’s one

Once you spotted them, there are so many silver and gold nodes on this map!
We set up a trading post for RP purpose in the first week of the game, then realised our main currency was worthless:)

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Heh heh. The new currency is obviously eldarium or maybe ???.

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Yeah, i’m so glad I went to the trouble of getting all the black blood tools just to have them nerfed to half of what they harvested before. Same goes with all hide. It’s been nerfed beyond half. Healing arrows are useless now. Just ridiculous. They should at least do polls on here to see what the community wants before they make this game so grindy you just find another game to play.

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For me ichor’s the main issue (clearly I need to put out more fish traps or spend more time at the spider vaults…). I seem to do alright on silver (partly because everytime I go from my base to the Refuge of Gremlins I seem to pass a reasonable size silver deposit - to the point I’ve started ignoring it as no longer worth the carrying space…), gold I have to make a specific trip out for, but seem to end up with enough pretty easily.

I can let you know where that deposit is, if that helps. Or there’s an increasingly accurate interactive map being put together (unless you prefer to avoid those) - I’ll grab the link and add it to this post in an edit for those that want it.

Edit: found the thread -

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Unfortunately I must agree with you here. I am a man who has openly professed his respect and admiration for Funcom, and his love of Conan Exiles. And neither will likely change. However, I do agree that some of the nerfs are just way too heavy-handed. Weapons such as the Lifeblood Spear, Sword of Crom and Act of Violence go from being highly sought after weapons which provide unique and interesting gameplay mechanics, to sitting in chests because the nerfs on them were just too strong. Furthermore, many players then begin to feel resentful and disenfranchised because they spent weeks, at times even months grinding to obtain the weapon, and then just like that they become pointless.

Look I am not trying to say that rebalancing does not need to be done at times. And poor Funcom has the rather unenviable task on their hands. However we are all too often we are going from one extreme to the other on the adjustment spectrum. And sadly thereafter when users say “whoa, this nerf was a little too heavy-handed, could we please dial it back toward a middle ground?”, these follow up requests usually fall on deaf ears. As a former user said, we use orbital laser cannons to shave a little off the top. I would urge moderation and measured restraint in rebalancing decisions. Remember the now seemingly defunct #BabySteps? What I wouldnt give for a return to that wisdom.