Shadiversity's Open Letter To Funcom Video

So Shadiversity, a channel I’m sure many of my fellow exiles here enjoy as well as I do, recently recorded an “open letter” video to the Funcom developers, not sure if anyone at Funcom has seen it, but his sugestions are PHENOMINAL in my opinion. I recommend that the Funcom team, and any other exiles here, watch the video in the following link, it’s about a half hour long, but has many great suggestions for improvements and is well worth a watch.


Well done. I was going to post a link too, but you beat me to it.

We’ve already brought this up in another thread about raiding.

Haha dont feel bad, someone else beat me too, found it after i posted this and saaid the same thing. I went into more detail though.

Yeah it sparked alot of conversations apparently. Im not the only one whos posted a thread about it.

This is like the 4th or 5th time somebody has posted this (just on here alone, that’s not including the posts on Steam and Reddit). No need to keep posting about it. Funcom and the dev team is aware of the feedback and already responded several days ago.

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Well mine was posted like, the day of, or after it happened i believe.

He makes several great points! Some of his ideas would be easy to implement without having to recode anything.

One thing that peaked my interest was his suggestion of halfing the stability loss on triangles. It would inSPIRE a ton of new builds! :wink:


Indeed. Idk how many times I ran into the stability wall trying to make something look cool. Ive given up on triangles almost entirely because of it.

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Not sure how I missed the other 4 or 5 postings of this, but finally managed to watch it. I’d love to read Funcom’s response if anyone knows where it is.

FWIW, PvP changes like what he suggests might actually embolden some of us PvEers to give it a shot because losing our entire bases is a HUGE part of the reason we stick to PvE servers. The main problem I see is that if only doors are destructible, then someone would need to figure out a work around against people simply replacing doors with walls every time they leave home, and there would need to be a new solution for combating land-claim spam and resource blocking.

As for the building and organizational suggestions he makes, just yes to ALL of them. Ever since the fence foundation glitch was fixed, I find myself frequently frustrated by no longer being able to offset foundations by half (save by the stair trick) and also not being able to make large windows anymore (door frame + fence foundation). Being able to snap pillars to corners would also match how I’d prefer to use them better as well.

The triangle stability issue is particularly bad where roof pieces are concerned since they only gain stability from the horizontal edge and not the sides. This is particularly problematic when trying to enclose a circular maproom, since it leave diamond-shaped cutouts in the roof even though the same area can be covered using ceiling pieces. And of course, having to pre-plan walls on the sides of foundations instead of being able to add them afterwards results in huge amounts of wasted time and materials.

Also, my heart goes out to console players on the crafting menu situation. I thought it was ungainly on PC, but my God… I don’t understand how you guys can deal with having to scroll thru the whole list every time like that, it’s insane! :open_mouth:


Scooper’s reply HERE.


It takes… ALOT of patience…

Good looking out!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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