An idea to have a more alive world

I been looking at an old idea. It pains me to agree with this person. I think we should added in NPC allies by Bryan Skull for offline play,Co-op,PVP and PVE. These are exiles like the one you are using in game. Meaning they eat,drink, needs proper equipment for temperature. For offline mode 50 for data testing and for funcom dev team to test settlement system on. A beta control settlement system for testing. That if the dev team would want to use it. For PVE and PVP max per clan would be 5. For co-op max would be 15.

These exiles has player stats, inventory and feat points. Since their health is low starting out they can respawn. They don’t drop gear due to two facts. Unlike the player the AI wouldn’t be that smart. Like thralls they would run into lava. In PVP these exiles can’t follow the player. Like thralls these exiles weapons and armor don’t lose durability. These exiles can farm for resources in PVE,co-op and offline mode. However it takes all 5 in PVE. The requirement for resource harvesting in offline mode and co-op is 10. These exiles would hunt and cook on their own. These exiles also gather thier own water. These exiles also fixes armor and weapons. These exiles also make their own arrows. These exiles can’t build. Building requires the player/s. These exiles can’t capture thralls. Capturing thralls requires the player/s.

These exiles are fully custom made by the player in offline mode. Clan leader in PVP,PVE and co-op.

Basically they are AI versions of the player.

WOW! Say the game sucks and you get 15 responses. Try to improve the game and you get zero responses.

Sorry I’m still genuinely confused what this post is supposed to be for. You want thralls that get hungry and can mine?

As many of us pointed out last time, if you’re trying to force simulated human interaction in sp; maybe the solution would be to just play with other people. Everything the game offers in multiplayer is available to everyone in singleplayer. The only difference is other people being around.


Yeah I’m not sure what youre advocating.

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I haven’t seen this level of incoherence since ol’ Bryan_Skull himself.

Makes me some what nostalgic.


Could it be the return? Quick, someone tag @Zeb


It really depends on the suggestion. I’ve seen suggestions discussed with enthusiasm, and I’ve seen them ignored. Sometimes people just don’t have anything to say.

For example, I saw your suggestion here, I remembered your thread about how you don’t like the game, and realized that this is just more of the same: a proposal to add bots that will play the game for you.

That’s why I initially didn’t reply, because I don’t think anything I can say to you will lead to constructive discussion. I personally don’t understand why anyone would insist on trying to change a game that they largely don’t like into something to suit them. If there’s something to be improved, sure, but the things you want these AIs to do for you represent more than half of PVE game mechanics.

It looks just like the old thread: “please drastically change this game into a game I want”.


Can the thralls wear party hats?




I prefer my AI bots to real people. This idea offers a beta testing of settlement system.

I want a new AI that aren’t thralls. They have player stats and are fully custom in their stats. Basically it an AI base on the player. With the ability to have weapons and armor not lose durability. The AI exiles for these ones are fully custom made like your own exile. These AI are more advanced than thralls.

You fail to see the beauty of the AI base on the player. It is a testing ground for settlement system. A controlled experiment in a testing area that is fully under the dev team hands. Random factors can be limited in offline mode.

Or maybe I have the ballsofsteel to talk about these things. Your prince is in another castle.

I think you are on to something, Dr Watson.


incoherent : lacking normal clarity or intelligibility in speech or thought
incoherence : the quality or state of being incoherent

No one said anything about the vulgar colloquialism for “strong of will” or implied you are lacking.
Only that your post was difficult to understand.

Welcome back Bryan :slight_smile:
I think magic and or necromancy will be in the 3.0 update. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry you feel that way, but I don’t see them doing a total overhaul on AI and using technology they don’t even have to satisfy you. People will have to make do.

Who’s gonna program them? Do you have any qualifications in the field of AI development?


No, I don’t. I already have AI in my base. And I want to add more life and activity to my bases, too.

None of that has anything to do with your desire to replace other players with AI and have them play the game for you.

The so-called “settlement system” has never even been defined, so everyone envisions it as something different. However, I have a hard time imagining that the devs would want the settlement system to completely disrupt the game balance.

Like I already said in your other thread, one of the big differences between Conan Exiles and Minecraft is that Conan Exiles tries to avoid passive resource farming as much as possible. As far as I know, there are currently only 2 resources you can generate without any work at all: honey and grubs. Even the fish traps require baiting now.

What you’re proposing goes directly against the vision of the game designers behind Conan Exiles. They don’t need any testing ground for that, because they don’t want to do that.

I imagine that if they ever decide to add a settlement system, it won’t be AI bots that play the game for you, it’ll be things that add new gameplay instead of making half of the existing gameplay optional.


If you say to a farmer, go bring stones, and to another, go bring meat, or go bring khari steel, or whatever, what exactly are you going to do in the game? Bossing? I don’t say that football manager was not a good game but I liked better to play my own soccer games than play the manager, so I was playing pro Evo become a legend :man_shrugging:.
The reason that people replied is because you asked for it, so It wouldn’t be gentle not to do so.
The game however has devs and all you can do is suggest what you wish. Believing that “your idea”, will take the game to another level is a bit… a lot bad things not just one. Being humble, is always a good choise in matters like that. This is what I suggest to you with all the respect.
If you are Bryan _skull, @Zeb will be happy and if you try to copy him, she will be disappointed.

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Mr. Droch-aon, Bryan doesn’t use his cell phone for the Conan Exiles forums. He too busy with another open world survival game.

I don’t even know what this means, but welcome back Bryan


Mr. Codemage it isn’t about replacing players with AI. It about making AI that is social with the players. My original plan was to suggest 10 per clan in PVP and PVE. One per clan member. So no one is truly alone. The whole point of this is for an advanced AI that can use emotes, harvest in none PVP and just be a support team for the player in offline mode. This idea could easily be a beta of settlement system. In beta things get tested before final versions of something.