A better version of NPC allies for OFFLINE mode

I want NPC allies that you can create. They are exiles like you. The NPC allies respawn next to you when they die. Admit it. AI is mostly dumb in alot of games. Max NPC allies is 9. I pick 9, because max clan size is 10. That right in OFFLINE mode you have to create a tribe. They don’t lose gear on death. As long as inventory doesn’t drop on death is active.

NPC allies ARE NOT in any online mode, because online is made to play with friends.

NPC allies are like the player. They need food and water. They have stats and skills which can be level up or unlock skills. Any emote and special recipes you know so does the NPC ally. Special recipes are boss armors,weapons and etc. Like the emote you have to find first before you learn them.

They can be set to certain task. Harvesting,Fighting,thrall dragging and etc. You can switch from your exile to an NPC ally. NPC allies are other Exiles you can take control of. Let say you create 2 characters. Most games forces you to play as 1 of the 2 you created. My idea turns which ever character you are not in control of as a NPC ally.

I would love to be able to create/edit thralls using the character creation ui through the admin panel.

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1 is the loneliness number you will ever be. That why I need npc allies.

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I’ve lost multiple thralls by them falling through the floor and it comes up incorrect thrall placement or something similar in log. The ones that don’t end up on lower floors or outside. I’ve also noticed that the craft thralls don’t. I know that loadinh sequence can be a pain when it comes to this sort of thing and is a ton of code to correct. Why don’t you make fighting thrall stations? They could be invisible and only visable when clicked on like they are regularly moved and would be easier for us to move because they could be picked up and put in our pockets like the crafting. Placing fighters would be limited to about the same areas seeing you can have the " too close to another players structure" limitations.

play on a server instead :smiley:

Can’t. I don’t buy plus.

oh you play on console. sorry for you.

You do realize they plan to allow thralls to walk around and etc. I see no harm allowing OFFLINE single PLAYER mode to have NPC you create as loyal allies.

“Plan”… And Yes I do really “waiting” for it. If you speak about the city life thingy.
But plans and progression are usually not the same with Funcom.

And tbh I’d rather see all the bugs gone before anything new implemented.

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They should hire a small team dedicated to polish Single Player and balancing some stuffs so the game setting is more suitable for single player without using mod, also for making Single Player only features like in this thread or adding friendly npcs for trading or quests.

But games like this really promote server rental, and I bet the game companies who bring many customers for renting server have their shares, so it’s very unlikely Single Player will ever have special treatment.

I like that idea

These games are flipping off single PLAYERS with there 1 vs everything games. That forces cheats to be used.

I rather have a team. Bosses and creatures are op now. Give single PLAYER OFFLINE mode a DAMN chance to fight back.

This game is easy in single player.

Or at least you have a huge pool of options.
Like settings… make them bosses hit less, buff yourself a bit. If you still think they are too OP.
But with enough practice you will see the patterns and everything will be easier.
Just learn their movements and dodge sidestep and hit them while they vulnerable.

Also most of them bosses can be trapped inside spikes.

And I still think if you still want to be in a group. consider at least an official server…
This is a multiplayer game after all.

If you have like 500+ hours ingame you will see how easy it is. I played both single player and on official server. the later is waaay more enjoyable.

I know for single player a BETTER AI, and some option for better companions would be great. But still think it would be better for the masses if Funcom would finally squash all bugs first.

NPC allies are OFFLINE Single player only. I bet online is fun. I can’t afford plus.

This is an OPEN WORLD SURVIVAL GAME. Not an MMO. So FOCUS should have been on single player AND mutiplayer. I don’t need the game getting harder because a clan of 10 takes down bosses in 5 mins or less.

We don’t need another destiny or ark effect.

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Multiplayer is meant for what it is NPC allies would defeat the reason to join player run clans.

Step out of your solo mindset and look around at joining clans. There is a section on the forums for joining clans if jumping on a server and teaming up right off the start is a bit hard for some.

Step out of your online mind and creature buffs. Every Time a creature is buff it is increase difficult for offline players.

NPC allies Wouldn’t decrease Online playing or defeat online mode.

If you had common knowledge NPC allies FOR OFFLINE mode . It would increase game sells.

NPC allies would also increase ONLINE PLAYER BASE.

Nah as it is right now NPC allies would be as janky as the thralls. Easy to fight and kill over a player.

NPC allies are players. Each 1 you create joins your clan. Unlike thralls they need food,water,temperature gear and etc. They only exist in OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER mode. Reason is because online you can have players join you. OFFLINE you can’t.

THE NPC allies are Exiles you create. It like having a co-op mode offline with 10 players.

They follow the same mechanic as thralls they would be easy to bait into combat, kill, and lewt the gear off of.

I’ll look more into NPC allies as I have only played multiplayer. Only log in to single player offline in order to prevent the game from crashing on me when I jump on to multiplayer.

You can’t read or are just trolling now. NPC Allies are OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER mode only. They DO NOT exist ONLINE.