Npc allies and offline Co-op

NPC Allies are NOT Thralls. NPC Allies Can Not harm players. Players Can Not harm NPC Allies. However NPC allies can be harm by NPC and creatures.

NPC Ally Per Online Player. 30 Max for offline single player.

NPC Allies are Toons like the Player. They cancraft and harvest.

NPC Allies have stats and skill points like the player.

In offline single player mode you can switch between which Toon you play as.

In games like this Created Characters are called Toons.

You design create your NPC allies at anytime. Or don’t. The choice is yours.

NPC allies will hunt creatures when hunger levels are low. They also drink water.

NPC allies are not immune to sandstorms or any other weather temps. So dress or level up thier stats properly. NPC allies can level up. Max level like the player.

NPC allies are bond to player that created them. Each player Online can have 1 NPC Ally at a time.

NPC weapons and armors lose durability.

NPC allies will respawn upon death. NPC allies respawn to thier player.

Now onto offline co-op mode.

Able to have 1-4 controllers on a single system.

Offline Co-op would be great addition to this game.


NPCs allies and offline co-op adds replay value to Conan Exiles. Plus if Ark can do it. Then Funcom should do it better.

This idea could make Funcom more money.

You don’t need to keep bumping topics, the initial suggestion has been noted.