NPC allies that aren't thralls

First off NPC allies are NOT thralls.

Second NPC allies are NOT in PVP. Don’t need huge ******** from PVP players.

I want NPC allies for 2 reasons. I want NPC allies for role playing. Example Bob and Jane has been bff since they were kids. That just a simple version of role play. I want NPC allies to help me in SINGLE PLAYER OFFLINE mode. Jane helps me by gathering wood. That a simple way of helping me.

NPC allies are created by a player. They are an extra toon you create. Or extra toons for single player OFFLINE mode. You have full control of stats and skills they learn. What you can do. NPC allies can do to. If you get tired of your main you can switch between your NPC ally. NPC allies can bet set to harvest mode. NPC ally can be set to self defense mode. That mode can be set on and off. Off if you’re farming for thralls. NPC allies respawn to the player that created them. NPC allies weapons and armor can break. NPC allies inventory can be drop if that what the game setting is. Meaning all loot drop on death would effect NPC allies losing loot on death as well. Like the player NPC allies need to eat and drink.

Max for online is 1 per tribemate. Each person online can create 1 NPC ally. That NPC ally is that player personal helper.

NPC allies max for OFFLINE single player is 25. Reason for so many. Unlike online I have ZERO players joining me. That ZERO helpers so far. That is ZERO to help carry the burden. NPC allies would be helpful to single player OFFLINE mode.


NPC allies would be cool, I know I have the hardest time drying my wood and creating resin for my insulated wood, I know use a skinning knife. Even then it is still a slow gathering and takes time from more entertaining parts of the game, Like building.

The trees in the highlands yield resin as byproduct of harvesting wood.
Crafting wood into shaped wood now yields bark as a side product.
The dry trees in the desert areas give dry wood as well as drying wood in the dryer.
I hope these help your production runs.

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Thanks, Im actually based near some dry wood trees just the other side of the northern trees your referring too, it is still the worst Resource for me to gather.

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Online PVE it’s max 1 NPC ally per player. So everyone has help.

Offline single player it’s 25 max. There is no other players in Offline single player mode.

I really need NPC allies.

Thralls are boring to look at.

NPC allies could brighten the mood.

Seems every gaming company holding up a middle finger to singles player offline mode.

I ask on every game of single player offline open world survival game to add NPC allies.

Deafs ears it goes through.

Yes Please! i want this

I believe there is a mod that makes thralls more lively, using emotes that you can assign them.

As for gathering, in single player, just change your server settings to speed up all of your gathering. You could get 100 wood from a single chop if you wanted.

I think Funcom will not use your idea, because adding this will cut in half the number of people they can have on a server. Every active player is a drain on the server. Thralls and pets are awesome, but I’ve had to start discarding many of mine, just on my own private server.

But your idea is a good one, if it weren’t for the resources needed.

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NPCs are NOT thralls.

NPC allies are not on PVP servers.

They would not need nerfing.

NPC allies are toons you create.

They are basically your toon.

NpC allies would be a wonderful help to an offline single player.

My roleplaying lacks other players.

It would also add reply value to this game.

It also helps make single player offline mode fun.

Sure NPC allies can not build bases. But they could harvest with me.

The fact that they have stats points and skill points offers uqique builds.

I’d like it if Funcom took that idea further and had thralls(not actively on defense) have AI behavior like NPCs in Skyrim, where they wander in an area and use furniture and play appropriate idle animations.

Why did you need to discard them? Lag?

every active object adds more load. I cleared out about 30 thralls/pets from my main base and you should see how fast my base loads up when I run into the area (compared to before).

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Wow. How much thralls do you have now? After clearing out the 30.

Ahem… well… something like 6-8 full chests of thralls and pets, plus another 110 pets in pens, plus about 10-15 guard pets/thralls at each of my 6 main bases.

I go thralling every day and grab about 10 each day. Almost have every named armorer. Just missing Hanar now and all the purge armorers. Have almost all the named or arch priests. Named in every craft station. Named running the wheels at each base.

I play way too much, but I’m retired now, so it keep me busy.

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Well, if that’s the case, having a couple hundred fighter thralls set up around my village as citizens might not work out. :neutral_face:

That’s some serious dedication. I have about 3 T4 blacksmiths so far, and I think 2 armorers and another one I found the other day while capturing exiles to use as villagers. I was a little disappointed when I found out the T4 named Cimmerian Exile armorer wouldn’t let me make Cimmerian hardened steel armor before level 60, so I keep him in the bonfire now and just use my Blackhand T4. Zavek knows what he did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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NPC allies is needed.

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Devs you realize this idea builds on settlement system.

Plus NPC allies for offline single player mode adds replay value.

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