Why NPC allies is important to me!

Most don’t understand my ideas or thier purpose. My NPC allies is one of those ideas. You see I wanted to change toon/CAC at will. That only 1% of why I wanted NPC allies. 5% was for settlement testing grounds. 94% is because of loneliness. Offline single player is boring and lonely. I wanted the devs to allow offline players to have these Toons/CaC talk to each other. I really do hate thralls. Thralls don’t talk,can sit or use emotes. The world feels dead. These Toons/CAC are players. You are your own Toons/CACs. You are players.

I don’t talk to people when I play Conan Exiles.

Have readed my last topic of NPC allies? NPC allies are just Toons/CACs you create. They are basically very weak. One T4 special race faction thrall would equal 30 NPC allies. NPC allies respawn. Only because players respawn.

Thralls can’t be given task or orders to use emotes. If the settlement system was in the game I might have a different opinion about thralls. As of now, thralls are very boring.

Install Pippi mod and you can put more life into your villages.

Ps4 doesn’t have mods.

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