NPC allies for Single player

Being able to create 9 more Characters to battle next to me as allies. These NPC allies gain levels. You can set them to cook and do whatever the player can. These allies don’t lose gear on death. Hell I would settle for 2 NPC allies. On death they respawn next to the player. Would rather have 9 or more for single player rp.


That seems like overkill.
I just take a dancer everywhere and most enemies present little to no challenge at all.

With 9 NPCs… Geeze. You wouldn’t need to fight at all.

I plan to use 2 NPC as bodyguards. The 7 other are RP as warriors. Or my loya bodyguardsl. Princess Faye travels the wilds of Conan Exiles with her loyal friends.

Sounds fun, at least. There will likely be mods to allow this in the future. Seems like it would be simple enough to increase the follower limit.

I say no to modding. Look you can be OP with 5 player clan. My Idea for NPC allies evens the field against bosses that most open world survival ignore the problem with boss fights. Bosses normally are made for Multiplayer mode to beat.

How can you say no to a mod for such an idea? This is not player vs AI army or pet wars. If you are getting wrecked in pvp then move to pve and improve your skills or ask for advice and do some build experiements/research. If you want npc army to follow you in single player a mod would be great. No reason to use dev time adding a feature they are against.

There is a reason for the follower cap in terms of how they want players to experience content, otherwise everything would be way to easy.


Single player = offline mode. Offline mode = no PVP mode. PVP is player vs player. Bosses are not players.

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You mentioned 5 player clan being Op so I really dont know where you want such an idea but the only reasonable place for it would be from a mod. In pvp itd make it dull and unbalanced and for single player itd make content easier but a mod isn’t meant to always be balanced or make sense.

Ninja did you even read the full topic. 1+0= 1
You are 1 player to have PVP you need min of 2 players. 1+1 can never happen in Conan Exiles offline mode. You can never PVP in offline mode. This Idea only exist in offline mode.

Not gana argue… seems like everything going right over your head. Best of luck


PVP and PVE are two different things. Online you can beat the game easy in PVE with 5 players.

What part of Single player don’t you understand. Single player is you vs the world on your own. Have you sole a boss in Single player? That means have you 1 on 1 a boss by yourself. Bosses are tough.

I seen videos were a clan of 7 is having trouble with boss fights. Cough a certain boss snake lady is hard to kill with a mid grade weapons.

I’m fine with multiple followers, HOWEVER! for them to respawn after death is immersion breaking and this game is all about immersion. If you don’t want them to die; I suggest having them well prepped for battle. :smiley:

Players respawn. As long as the offline server has keep gear after death. They keep there gear. This can’t break the game. In offline mode it just you. NPC allies are like having other players for offline mode.

This idea could increase sells.

To play in the single player mode I would settle for one or two named NPC companions ,add some random banter and that would make the single player campaign a lot more interesting,but in multiplayer mode those NPC’s should not be available.

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Or just do my idea. Create Multi characters that can follow you around and do every thing you can. 9 other characters. What with ark forums and this forum don’t understand I want a party that I create. I want full control of there stats. I don’t want Jane Doe with 50 points in survival and zero in everything else.

And that’s where mods come in. I’m fairly certain most fans of this genre would be against this idea.

This idea is an option in single player. You clearly don’t understand. Single player is OFFLINE. It won’t mess up PVP or online PVE. I bet you are an online player. Thrall can’t sit in chairs. I can’t rename my thralls. I can’t design my thralls.