An extra companion for solo players

Happy holidays.
I would like for the devs to take into consideration for role playing players on officials servers to please have an option to have another companion during their travels.
a few of us on the exiled official server do not ride mounts and the mechanics do require a learning curve therefore prefer to travel my foot or by using the way shrine obelisks to commune within the map.
it would be great to have besides your follower an additional person such as a dancer or bearer… even a pet alongside your character to explore and do solo dungeons if you are a single non clan character in the game.
there are mods in the Steam workshop that facilitate this however playing in an official server for over 2 years and 3500 hours of game play in my case I’m unable to play with such quality of life elements.

thank you.



I wasn’t talking to you Buschi.

Please next time elaborate a full sentence so the devs can respond properly.

Have an awesome day.

I wholeheartedly support Buschi’s position on this matter.

Ok guys single player pve more thralls followers and for official pve the thrall will be of no use to pvp as if able they could add a slider and have it set to 1 others they could experiment

No, thralls already do most of the heavy lifting on Conan. That a complete enough sentence.

Good job on a full sentence.:+1:
They’ll appreciate it.

Your are “fighting” against a invisible Wall Here, sadly. IF and i repeat IF, you even get a official response, as i love having good QoL, i would love to see us PvE/RP players being able to have a extra companion.

Back to the invisible Wall thingy, if you spend some time reading These forums you will notice that there are more topics about nerfing thralls then about making them gods again. Unfortunately you are in the minority here.

If you are at the 3.5k hours Mark, then i strongly advice you to play with some mods(the one fitting here would be BetterThralls, as an example). You really do not know what you are missing on, there are so many good Mods out there, especially RPing mods. Although hat Down for your dedication towards official Servers.

Happy Holydays to you too!

Edit: now that i dig a bit more deeper into my memory Cells, i Think we were able to carry one thrall and 1 pet in the early Access phase( or shortly After launch). If someone else can confirm this, please do so. Thank you

I want them nerfed and more of them to have fun and epic battles

But the god thralls is called for because people abuse mechanics to kill them so yeah

Nope, unless they were as strong as an Enemy NPC which they are not, there shouldn’t be more than 1 follower with a single player.

There is no reason to have more than 1 follower, they are already overpowered. Having a horse and a follower is beyond that, you would do better to learn how to horse… or try a private server.


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