An idea to have a more alive world

No they follow you to an area and harvest the resources. Unless it meat or water which they hunt on their own. They hunt on their own. Make thier own arrows. Repair gear. Repair buildings.

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I’m more interested in the customizing thier looks,feats and stats. All stats effect them. They have a carry weight. I want to see them using emotes.

Did he bring his staff with him? I’m worried in his absence it ran out of power and his realm decayed


What you just did is restate the same thing in different words. It’s like saying “I didn’t kick you in the balls, I simply moved in a way that intersected the trajectory of my toes with the location of your testicles” :stuck_out_tongue:

It could, but it won’t. Like I keep saying, it’s not Funcom’s vision for this game. You don’t have to trust me – just watch their recordings of their live streams and read their own forum posts. And, there’s that Reddit AMA that Dennis did once, that’s also useful reading material.


He wouldn’t mind for this kick, apparently he has BallsofSteel :rofl::rofl::rofl:.



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Problem is that even after 5 years the AI is still very janky, and is only working in combat 70% of the time. They need to take babysteps with AI, one at the time, like making worker thralls be able to stand up from their bench and walk around, then maybe assign a patrol route like in age of empire where via the radial menu on a thrall you can place out two flags where x thrall will patrol BACK and forth, and maybe you can eventually tell him to walk or run, between these points, then later down the road maybe you can use this marking system to apply it to a iron formation or a tree and then the thrall will mine that area until he has mined x amount of resources then return home

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So you want Conan exiles followers to act like Ark Dino.
Now I get it.
About this, no I am good, I like this AI as it is. I play this way years now, it never bothered me.
Just to know, in this particular game you have the option to have all the materials you need and more without using tools, I could easily do in both maps a challenge to fix every single thing a player needs without using tools at all, it is a bit rng based but it is possible, so possible that I would beg @Barnes to do a video series about it and if he’ll do it on Playstation I volunteer to help starting from scratch.

About the “he”, I beg you to accept my apologies my lady, thank you very much :pensive:.

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You can make thralls hunt for you if you send them to attack targets. You can also do it without needing to specify targets if they turn hostile on proximity. For instance, I take Brutus (that amazing dog you get on Siptah) to hunt. He is very efficient against big game. Then all I need to do is farm resources.
I wouldn’t oppose to the idea of bearers having the ability to farm resources, as long as we kept within a certain range. For instance, you would go to an area rich on coal and you would set them to farm coal while you were farming stone, for instance. Or vice versa. They could detect nodes and mine them. Or they could chop trees. I don’t see a problem with that. If you take a friend with you, that’s basically what will happen and some people don’t have friends with whom to play the game. It would make farming a little less grindy and perhaps a bit funnier. The thrall shouldn’t become a super farmer. He would perform fairly well.
I would also like to have more interaction with thralls, like them greeting you on arrival, having other dialogue lines beyond fighting ones, etc., but I don’t know how much of this is possible or what consequences might it have performance wise.
I would like to have a bartender, patrols, etc. But FUNCOM might either see the game differently or not having the resources to implement these ideas.

However, do you know what solved this for me? Playing with other people. It goes beyond anything a thrall can offer you, obviously.

Let me give you an example. I’m building a small mound near the mounds of the dead, in front of the King’s Niche and I have a previous backup shack near by. It was left there before both me and @stelagel transfered to Siptah, after getting everything we wanted from the Exiled Lands. Playing with @stelagel is amazing as I’ve said many times, so I don’t need to repeat it. Sometimes we take our kids to play with us too. It’s fantastic. My son loves him and basically improved his English skills 200% just by playing with @stelagel . I love playing with his son too, but he is a young man already. Super cool dude, clearly raised by @stelagel. We did a vault together yesterday for him to test the voidforged gladius with a master kit on it and we had a lot of fun. No thrall can give these experiences. A little while ago, @stelagel was 'a nice guy from the forum". Now he is a friend with whom I let my son play.

Yesterday, while I was building that base, a complete stranger came to check it. The character was a male. The player I don’t know. He was there, in the mounds, only with coarse clothing, so I though “this guy is the right kind of crazy”. Waved at him, called him and gave him a set of epic armor, a legendary shield and two legendary weapons that I farmed while catching thralls. Sent him a msg “drop by if you ever need help”. They guy gave some happy jumps and replied " thank you very much!". I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again, but I think our interaction helped him seeing that the world is not as rotten as some people say. I felt great for helping another player. I’m sure he appreciated the help.
No thrall can give you this.
So, why not trying to play again with other people? Clan up, explaining how you like to play, if you like to always be in a voice chat or prefer only when necessary, how you envision the game, style of play, etc…
That will give you much of what you are asking for, I think.

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Considering how fish traps were changed from free resource gathering into something that needed fuel, it seems to me there is a design philosophy behind the change that we shouldn’t be able to have stuff passively gathered for us.

And I dont think having NPCs who are basically slot machines where you insert food and get back stone or wood or whatever would be interesting either. Self-sustaining that could not be, for the aforementioned speculated design philosophy.


Unless they needed high end food to work effectively. “You’d rather cook or clean?” kind of situation! :smile:
I don’t know. It could be fun. If you build a t3 base alone it can be a bit too grindy, even with a full encumbrance build, 3rd perk on survival and top notch upgraded tools. But then again I like having them ready in two or three days to move on to other stuff. I don’t mind building alone, even when help is offered. Sometimes I prefer mates to go farm thralls or something and get done with it as fast as I can. Even so, I always try to build beautiful and functional. I realy dislike ugly bases…

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Let’s face it: people will figure out which way is more efficient and they’ll use that one exclusively. Either it’s more efficient to farm for food to give your farmer thralls, or it’s more efficient to farm yourself. There’s no way to balance this properly to make it a meaningful choice.

Look at fish traps: as far as I can tell, people are only relying on them for buff fish now. Sure, you can still get ichor and oil from fish, but it’s much less of a hassle to gather ichor from critters and craft oil with a T3+ alchemist.

It sounds counterintuitive at first. I mean, what’s easier than letting a bunch of compost heaps produce grubs, using those grubs to bait your fish traps, harvesting the fish from the traps, and then cooking or pressing them? No work involved beyond moving some stuff from one crafting station to another, right?

But you have to remember to get the fish before it rots (even though decay time is supposed to be slower now), and the yield is not exactly spectacular, and the crafting stations we’re talking about have to be on a suitable body of water (can’t place fish traps in a large well anymore).

Contrast that with what you can get with a good pick. You can get an abundance of ichor by paying a little visit to the spiders near the Sinkhole. As for bark, just using a pickaxe to farm wood for shaped wood will get you tons, but if you don’t want to spend time on that and just need some bark quickly, find a spot with several dead trees (e.g. the one outside the Unnamed City on the Shattered Springs side) and use your pick on them. With an T2+ alchemist’s bench and a T3+ alchemist in it, you’ll get 5 oil for 1 ichor and 1 bark. Soon you’ll have enough oil to get invaded by a large powerful country :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the long rant, but the point of it was to illustrate that “would you rather cook or clean” doesn’t really work well with gameplay mechanics like this. It applies more to how people divide work among themselves, not so much to how solo people choose between different gameplay mechanics.


Uh, no. If that were the case you would never see people using fish farms for oil production. Yet, it’s incredibly common - and by far the least efficient method. Just saying.


I was wondering if we were going to go down that particular rabbit hole, but I decided against tackling it in a post that was already starting to feel long. I guess I was wrong :smiley:

For full disclosure: I don’t play on PVP servers, so if the situation is different there, someone will have to chime in.

That being said, yeah, there’s still plenty of fish farms for oil production. And every single one I’ve seen belongs to old, established players who already have plenty of oil. Likewise, every time a new player – or a player returning from a long hiatus – asks about the best way to get oil, they always get told “craft it with a T3+ alchemist”. I’ve yet to see one of those bothering to set up a fish farm. :man_shrugging:

TL;DR: When there are no wipes, people who have plenty of something will tend to keep their old means of producing that something.


@CodeMage some people do stuff for the fun of doing it, not just for efficiency sake.
You pick a lot of prepared food along the way. That alone could keep your bearer properly fed, maybe not to an optimal level, but still effective. Some days you want to do outdoor stuff in the game. Others you want to stay close to your base. Moods. Anyway, I doubt they’ll ever implement something of the sort, but I wouldn’t oppose. Sometimes you have food sitting in the box forever. This would be a way to deal with that too.


Yup, that’s right.

There are more than a few new builds less than a month old with fields of fish-traps for example. One guy was able to capture and break 50 or 60 named thralls in that time so I assume he knows what he’s doing. People act on whatever grabs their fancy… occasionally that is efficiency but I’m not sure that is even the most common criteria.


The way you recruit these AI is taking them off the cross. You custom thier looks and religion then.

Baby steps would be needed. That why there 50 max in offline mode. To give the devs a controlled testing ground.

These aren’t thralls they are player version AI.

Having 50 AI that use emotes,sit and talk would be so fun.