Just helping spread the word [Shadiversity Suggestions video]


Jen’s commented on Reddit, Tascha on Twitter.


There are a lot of good ideas presented.
But also areas to exploit or hard to execute.

  1. Doors being the only destructible part.
    Issue–just replace doors with walls when i am not online, and flip back when necessary.
    Issue–Spamming foundations that cannot be removed. See PVE/PVE-C servers for trolls that do this.

  2. Offline raiding blocked by no damage to any clan offline, with offline defined as 1 hour after you log off. Thus, cannot log off during a raid to stop it.
    Issue–don’t really see a big issue with this, other than people just waiting for you to log off to start a raid. But 1 hour, if you build correctly, could be just the right amount of time to have your base not completely wiped. And add in, when they return, that Gods do no damage 15 minutes after the clan logs off. Thus, most offline raiding if done in the hour would have to be explosives only.

Indeed. I especially agree with the comments about crafting menu bloat, especially for those of us who buy most, if not all, or the cosmetic DLCs.

The point regarding the triangle piece stability is also valid. The rest, such as snapping pillars into foundation corners or walls to foundation sides, are neat but less important.

On the whole, the only thing I really disagree with is Shad’s way of saying “it’d be easy to add this into the game in my opinion”. Everything always looks so simple from the outside.

I’m not really qualified to comment on the raiding/PvP aspects of the video, since I only play Solo, but like Shad I love building houses and making them defensible, even if no-one ever actually attacks my houses. WhatMightHaveBeen pretty much raises the points I would have thought without actual experience in PvP.

Glad I’m not the only one.

Here’s Scoopers response



Madness. He says that they actually listen to player feedback. Who would’ve thunk?

(For those without a functional sarcasm sensor: I did.)

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I also listen to customer feedback everyday. And we still procede to make things which are on the roadmap and not what a customer wants (except bugs of course or If its a really good Idea, which in 99.9999% is not).

I see similarities between Funcom and the company I work for… :wink:

Also what the dev said… in most cases the dev doesnt decide what will be done next, but the management…

Oh heck, I just did the same thing!

I started with CE after watching Shad, cause i like castles, and armor, swords even, and machicolations.

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I didn’t really agree with many of his balancing ideas, but I also don’t care much about them since I don’t play PvP.

Concerning his construction ideas though, I think I agreed with all of them.

I also got Conan after I saw Shad’s first video on it.

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