Should funcom revert momentum and roll changes while they sort out a more permanent solution? Yay or Nay and why in the comments

First of all, FUNCOM GUYS READING, this isn’t a rant, nor a duplicity of already made discussions I truly think the opinion of the players regarding inmediate action to be taken should also be heard as a different thread, regardless of future permanent actions to be taken, so I beg you don’t close this thread regarding it as redundant because this is about a different subject altogether. Or if you decide to close it, you should open up a thread treating this subject specifically.

Having said that, I think a lot of people don’t want to spend the next couple of weeks playing like this while Funcom sort out a good solution to the current problems, which would probably take a while to be designed and truly grasp the players’ response to it. Regarding people who think the changes should be permanently reverted or people who think either the actual or previous system should be worked on and tweaked, I think both groups would be most comfortable to have the changes reverted asap and then have Funcom figure out what to do, so they can keep enjoying the game and keep their bases and thralls taken care of, while doing the tests in the Test Live version, instead of leaving us with the current system. For me it’s almost unplayable in the state it is, but if they are to fix it, I don’t want to lose my crafting thralls and my base in the server I played, so most likely I’d be reluctantly logging in to keep them and hate every second of it. This could be devastating to the conan community, and to this game which I love and care about very much.

Please feel free to express your opinion on the subject.

I denno. Maybe make it less drastic. Some people can break into a sprint from a standstill. I’d expect that someone so physically fit as to be able to survive in the Exiled Lands wouldn’t have such a severe handicap as portrayed in the game. Or maybe link it to your Agility stat how severe the effect is…

I hear you but to be honest, it doesn’t feel so bad. Its only a matter of getting use to it ! I dont see of the changes as bad at all … well maybe 1 hour crafting time for trebuchet little excessive! But apart from that everything is good enough!

Have you tried fighting someone ? There is no running, if you choose to engage you must fight , I think that’s a good thing !


I’m personally a PVE player, so having these changes while mobs don’t feels awful, also traversing my own base whilst crafting or building etc feels really tiresome too… I non the less respect your opinion, that’s why I made this thread.

I can play with the “updated”(broken) harvesting/swim animations atm but not buying anything until that’s fixed. They just prioritize combat/pvp and put too much in one update.

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Revert. Then come up with better version of the new ideas.

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IMO you shouldn’t release something until all of the animations are finished. Horses can’t even side step without looking like boats trying to come to a complete stop. It’s like everything they do is on some kind of really tight schedule and if it’s not up to scratch it gets added half finished and then MAYBE fixed a couple years later.


I dont believe funcom is putting a gun to your head to buy anything!!!

You know that’s a bad statement to make "I’m not buying anything until that’s fixed " remember is only broken in your opinion And they are not forcing you to buy anything !

I’ll go as far as saying they are very fair , cause you can get everything of the patch for free , I have seen other companies restrict content strictly so you buy dlcs! So your comments is that of a spoil brat in my opinion of course let’s not forget that all our opinions are important specially when dissatisfied!

Why would you say that? Would you buy something you don’t like? Are you someone that just keeps giving money hoping that one day something good will fall off the tree? I expressed an opinion of my own and I do not believe my message was directed at you. Unless you’re some kind of shill.

Totally a shill! Sure why not?
And I said it because is the true, funcom is not putting a gun to your head or my head or anyone head to buy the dlc ! So your comments has a blackmail note in it! I think if it’s an actual bug why dont you reported officially and they might fix it then!

Animations caters for pvp players ok, great !!! How many updates focus heavily on pve we have got?

Anyways I dont believe it’s broken

I would prefer it if they did, and that’s not a comment I offer lightly. As excited I was for the thrall and mount update, the movement and dodge sucked out all of that excitement. A character that was once fluid and able to scale cliffs and slide down them, now feels like a 1990s character with tank controls. And that movement was my favorite part of the game.

I’ve played games with more intricate and deep crafting systems. I’ve played games with grittier/realistic combat systems. I’ve played game with more hard core survival mechanics. I’ve like them all. CE, for me, found a sweet spot that a free and fantastical element predominately showcased in the movement and combat.

These changes make it feel like I’m playing a bad attempt at a realistic system against entirely unrealistic enemies (when I want this kind of setup, I’ll play Call of Cthulhu, because at least then it won’t be a bad attempt) all the while turning things like gathering and building into annoying chores. I stopped playing after an hour (very unusual for me) and I have a feeling that the people I normally play with are going to feel the same, leaving our server to collect dust until either a change is made or we just stop playing all together.


im already used to the movement…it was a bit off putting at first, but what it will mean for combat will be worth it, seriously its fine after you get used to it.
a lot of people are going to be upset that they cant roll around like sonic the hedgehog with the invincible powerup tbh.

simply play a bit, before flying off the handle


I have seen you in another topic implying that PC players “spend more time complaining than playing.” So I am going to assume that you ask this person that question because of that. This is inflammatory. Please stop.


yeah I saw your witty remarks and your deleted comments, you can move along now

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People are free to Express their opinion ,without others taking serious offence and labelling their comments as something they are not!

I can see the logic of the person saying that" PC players spend more time complaining than playing" not 100% accurate but it has some true in it ! And I dont think is Inflammatory at all


I agree they should revert the momentum change in a hot-fix ASAP. If they leave this game in the current state for the rest of 2019 then this will be a big FU to the majority of CE’s playerbase.


That’s abit exaggerated I think and I dont believe is a majority of player that are complaining!

Remember people that are ok and content dont usually complain hence people complaining seem like a majority when they are really not !


Yes please revert momentum and roll changes in a hot fix tomorrow.
Then change trebuchet from 1 hour to 30 minutes and boulders to 50 or 100 stones, not 250 …
You can keept the rest mounts and thralls :slight_smile:

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Definitely not, this has been a big step forward

I think that might be the case, yes. But if people who don’t complain are assumed to be the silent majority,how is one to determine if the complaints has merit or not? How many complaints should there be will it be considered as the voice of the majority?

From where I’m standing, if, after a few weeks, people stopped complaining, then it is a system people can get used to and it might not be as bad as it appears to be. But if the complaints persist, then I think it should be taken more seriously.

Even though I absolutely hate it at the moment, there is a possibility that this is really just a shock to the system because it is so different and people will actually embrace it in the long run. I cannot see that to be the case for myself, but I don’t know if that would stay true for the rest of us.

The best I can do is voice my opinion and read others’ opinion on it and see if they could make a good case and change my mind.

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