Terrible update

I was very excited for this update only to be let down by funcom once again . I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to get rid of the precision stack and split option. On top of that they absolutely ruined the ui and inventory accessibility. Im not even gunna go into details with all the bugs , nerfs and resource gathering limitations .I don’t understand why they would make such unnecessary changes to something that worked perfectly fine before. I honestly think they are trying to Purposefully destroy this game so people stop playing it because i see no other reason. Ive played this game for 6 years and this might be the nail in the coffin for me.


History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes:


Absolutely agreed.

Nail in the coffin. I’m done. This company doesn’t give two shaleback craps about its community and it’s OBVIOUS.

Blizzard 2.0


I’m very upset with the UI changes… not cool.


Join the club




Although I agree with your opinion on some of the updated features, let’s be realistic. If Funcom wanted to destroy their game, they could simply pull the plug. That’s it. Game over.

Why would they waste time and money on a team of developers to produce crappy updates? It would not “destroy” the game, and it would simply annoy their players. If a company wants to stop making a product, they stop making the product. They won’t continue to make the product while telling people not to buy it.

It would be a different matter if they wanted to bankrupt the company. But, considering their investments into Dune, I doubt that’s the case. Unless there’s a major fraud going on behind the scenes, but that’s something I’d rather not speculate about.


Gives them a billing / job code that they can jack around with and put their time to if they don’t pull the plug. :man_shrugging:

If for the purposes of discussion we ignore the Dragon in the room, and look at UI changes being directed toward a more international audience, then I can understand where the devs might be coming from.

Is it possible there’s a 400-pound T100 at work here? Are they potentially streamlining their hooks so that code review can more easily be handled by a robot? Or are they taking predictive game design modeling tips from a robot.


the worst of all this is that there is a community representative called Andy who simply doesn’t know how to play Conan Exiles, haha, he did a totally chaotic live streaming and showed that he is just a funcom puppet, the man doesn’t criticize, no he makes arguments about mechanics or what could affect the quality of the game, for him everything is always wonderful with a smile on his face, Andy does not represent the Conan community but represents the Tencent/Funcom community, and wait for us to have another one on Dune representative of the fake community doing live streaming to convey the image that the game is wonderful.


406 pound. You cannot easily split to 400, remember?

We find that most of the time when we are splitting stuff we are not trying to pull one or 400 out of the stack. Get with the program, Barnes. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

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I don’t think I can even play the game anymore, with this change. My entire interaction and workflow with my inventory has been disabled and I can’t even figure out how to do basic things like moving items in and out of chests.
Unless someone clever comes up with a inventory mod that restores this kind of function, I think they might have just killed the game for me. :sweat:


This is surprisingly accurate for the state of Conan Exiles atm

My guess is, all their capable devs are already working on Dune and only the low performers can practice on Conan :smiley:


Thing is watch dune be worse!

I dont really understand when people talk about International Audience in some aspects.

Sure, you have languages, and measures, but that has little to no importance to us, culturally distant foreigners.

What I mean by that is: Sure you get a US and a German to play this game, they will have a lot to look for in terms of changes. But those will be a small fraction of the “difference” someone like me, who lived most of my adult life in Asia and was born in South America. And much more to those who were born and live in Asia.

Still, to none the “UI” makes much of a difference. Or at least should not.

You can be born in a culture that the World mostly dont even know exist, like Somaliland, you still have certain instincts that all humans have. So you might not even know what A B C means, if someone shows you “dragging stuff” and “pressing buttons”, you might not know what those buttons are, or what the stuff is, but you understand that dragged stuff goes somewhere, and that pressing buttons change what happens when you do it.

That is the basis of “intuitive design”, which means tune up with the most basic stuff you can find. When you learn such discipline, you will learn among other things that no matter what language you speak, there is always a simple and obvious way to convey “I accept”, “I reject”, “I want”, “I dont want”, etc. Then you learn about conventions. The thing about what is in the left is more commonly this, what is in the right is more commonly that. Many of these things dont change if you are left handed like me or not. Then you go around learning how to organize stuff so it is assimilated as patterns of actions, like knowing “that button”, no matter if you know what shift means or not, does something always I use it. And so on.

There is no excuse to do some “rotten stuff” with UI, unless you dont know or dont care about basic development disciplines. No matter where in the World you are developing software to no matter what audience.


I played for around 2 hours now and I don’t get it.
Yes the inventory menus are different, for me it’s a minor QOL change, but it’s easier to sort things and craft things thanks to that new “highlighting”.

But being unable to put things in chests or take them out? Wow… For me nothing has changed.

Game is worse now because now it’s addressed to international community?
Because of the remade menus or something? :joy:
Can you tell me why the game is now more targeted towards “international community” and why it’s bad?

I’m worried because combat looks and feels the same as in Chapter 3.
And the battle pass is crap (items, I like the new grind).

I don’t fully agree that it’s a terrible update but there are some glaringly obvious poorly implemented QoL changes all relating to the inventory management changes and crafting bench changes. Hope this gets resolved soon it’s affecting alot of people’s enjoyment of the game right now and know alot of people who actually stopped playing because of how messed up the inventory management changes are :frowning:. I hope they take on all of the feedback from everyone regarding these changes.

We are living in the world of write downs now.
Depending exactly upon the finances and taxes, being able to record a nasty loss is very good for a business exploring other properties.

Me and my girl are not happy with the bearers nerf, we play pve and arent the best at maximizing so the bearers helped alot and we explored alot. It took a long time to level them and now afraid to lose them so we are leaving thralls behind. She doesnt want to play anymore and I feel I will do the same until they add the feature where thralls are down with a timer instead of dying once hp reach 0. It sucks because we were really excited to buy the battle pass and playing even more but its honestly been a downer update. Hp 20k to 2k its simply insane for thralls. Enemies should have just as much less health if so. Hoping they revert some changes or will wait till they add the revive down thrall feature.