Just to recap some forum posts that have been showing up

This is irrelevant. We all agreed to the terms of the forums.

We’re all different, but we agreed to be the same. So if you need to rage because you’re frustrated at the devs, do it into a pillow. Otherwise it will get reported, delisted, and deleted.

So let the Mods worry about that, not you, that’s the point. But this seems to have just been created to complain about the complainers.

Savage truth spoken by this KorgFoehammer. What a beast.

Oh hell yes! This guy gets it. Funcom should stick to their guns with these recent balance changes and NOT listen to most, if not all, of the criticisms. These balance changes are taking the game in the right direction.

Sometimes medicine tastes bad, but you gotta take it.

More savage truth… Taemien the Bold is on a roll lately.

Holy hell the nads on this guy. Mad props. Heads are gonna s’plode with that comment.

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Taking into consideration the number of people who do post in forums and getting the ones who actively complain about the things in the game, and comparing to the number of people that actually play the game by the average number of people online in Conan Exiles (Steam API), you see that even if you discount the fact that people in forums might not be people who often play the game, it still a fraction of the number of people who play the game.

If not even half of the forum posters step on this issues to support them, it is safe to assume this issues are not a point of contention that make people come here to contend about them.

If there is one assumption that can be logically made of absence is not that people do not complain because they dont want to or dont think it works, like many imply, it means they are happy with what they have enough to not go through the process of coming here and manifesting their supposed malcontent.

One thing is a person saying out of frustration in a server they wish something were different, another a person who truly thinks something should be different. I might wish sometimes that I had a money tree in my yard, that does not mean I would be behind the idea of creating a tree that fruits money.

Like a I was criticized for saying before, reverse feed is one thing, saying what you want the game to be is another. reverse feeding is understanding why something is made as it is, and under that manifesting your opinion on how good or bad that something is performing, and how it impacts in the overall game. A good example is stack sizes: Stack sizes are not made to “facilitate transport”, and one of the things they are designed for is to make it more difficult to transport things and expose you to attack, to time consuming activity, to limits of storage, and etc. It is obvious that it will frustrate many people in the process, so does dying, so does being struck, and those take part on the game. While mods change stacksizes, this should be mod territory only, because for the sake of multiple gameplay strategies and possibilities, having stacksizes of 1000 for some seemingly “irrelevant” items can create a chain of events that eliminate chunks of gameplay. That does not stop many people to complain about the stacksizes for the sole reason they are “annoyed by having to carry them as they are”.

A lot of “economics” in the game are subject to the same kind of “reverse feeding” that is non reverse feeding about issues that are non issues.

And here a good example is the fact that the real word I am referring to when I use reverse feed is a forbidden word. Why on Earth that would be needed if not to prevent posts talking about it ?

I’m just thinking you’re a troll… you see FUNCOM as perfect. FUNCOM is a disaster when it come to update, hotfixes and DLC’s. No other game is this bad and they ruin modded servers constantly without a care in the world. I even renamed them SLOWfixes when it comes to FUNCOM, if they fix it at all. They just let us clean up their horrible mess… 10 pages of code errors because they chose to change their item codes. They need to take responsibility for their terrible actions and you need to stop defending them and back off of people expressing true frustration and abuse. I’m representing an entire community not just myself… I’m mad for them being mad that they can’t play on their beloved server, because of FUNCOM.

Stop reading at this point.

I have my criticism of them manifest, and I dont think they are perfect.
What I think is that all the sluge of non sense that follows these kind of statements are an unjust and unfounded chain of accusations that I myself could not stand behind.

If any legitimate criticism is to be made, it is straight forward, reasonable and made in a civil manner. Once you start calling out for the mindless debate 7 stack, you lose your reason.

For an “in depth analysis” on what the mindless debate 7 stack is, or why I dont care, vide https://esav.zohosites.com/sarcastic-faq .

Yeah, completely agree that offensive titles are useless. And seems like the more rude the title is, the less sensical the actual post will be.
I just don’t want every negative complaint to be put on the same bag as these people, you know? Yes, some morons will make these posts. But then you might read the actual replies in it, and then there you may find some useful feedback.
Its not like every single person will write a new post to give their two cents, and sometimes, even these rude whining posts get the conversation going. Take the "This is Getting old and Tedious Funcom”
Aside from your average “funcom bad!” There are a lot of people voicing their concerns in a good way. If devs simply ignore of flag these posts, these comments would never be there. And i don’t think that most of the people involved would make a more fitting post just to talk about it.


Very doubtful, but its your fantasy, tell it any way you like it.


At least Blackthorn said they represent “an entire community”, and not “the entire community”. It’s possible that their local community of two or three or even ten people have one voice.

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Is this even a insult? Its more a general statement about updates and patches… and one I agree with. (for topic title anyway)
On one hand… its Early access, and stuff is gonna be broken… and needs adjusting.

On other, I’ve gotten enough broken updates to ps4 that have broken characters who need be deleted or outright destroyed my hard work. That ya… its getting old. Funcom has proven several times there quality insurance team is not doing its job in slightest.

Consoles anyway… Early Access is just that… I expect stuff to be broken and needs adjusting.


As Dev Stream noted, Constructive criticism works better then “this sucks” At certain point… maybe get updates right 1st time? I can see why people are so angry and just
“can’t even right now” flicks hair

There not pointless, there just not helpful. I get sick of reading thru them to… but at same time, its clear sign Funcom needs to step up its game. (and internet needs to **** the **** off)

I play FO76 as well, there forums are pretty much same… alot of stuff that needs fixing after year. I’m pretty sure 76 is worse off right now. (Console versions anyway)

CE is running pretty good most of time… long wait for next years patch thou…

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It is hard for some people to understand the difference between “it does not work” from “it is not good for me”.

Like I said before, when you complain a limitation limits you, all you are saying is “it works as intended”.

I can understand why things are put in the game to limit me. I can understand that a game is not meant to be made so everyone has the same things, the same powers. It is made for people have the possibility of reaching the same things, the same powers.

When a change is made to facilitate people in performing the same things others took a while to learn, instantly, it is a “dumb down”, it is “making it easy”.

There are many legitimate PvP requests that influence the PvE game, but many changes were made in response to forum posts that make the game worse for PvE and make PvP much easier, so what is there is just people bashing each other’s heads using anything the same way, no strategy, no tactics. That is not good for the game at all, and that is not why someone comes to play Conan Exiles instead of any of the free to play garbage that already gives non sense PvP to everyone.

And the same way people complain they want “Smashbro game” (you just go around “rotating” mash buttons), mindlessly, I want the game to keep its aspects, like you having to control you character while fighting, and not just landing blows because you select an enemy to receive it. I want the game to not feature guided “spell slinging” that finds people around corners or just from the press of a button and TAB to choose who to hit. I dont want the game to change the crafting process so people can put things to be crafted and just wait around. I dont want the game to feature thralls that simply “drop unconscious” for you to take them to the Wheel of Pain. I dont want to just mash truncheon until the thrall goes down, without care to just rough it up a bit, or have to strategize to get into a position I can do it without having to fight a mob.

It is very strange that people claim they want balance and engaging, when what they ask to “remove obstacles” to their objectives.


What is the current opinion of the game overall? I know everything that happened at first, the bag/nuka cola/bugs/hacks and such, but now no one even talks about the game anymore. Is it worth its price now?

Cept I don’t think they are perfect:

There’s one of my more recent criticisms of Funcom’s balance concerning the complexity and difficulty of PVE content. No anger, no abuse, no insults.

Two years ago when we left Early Access, I was downright brutal concerning their changes to Archery. I laid it on them. But again I never insulted them, and I wasn’t abusive. I just picked apart everything they said in live streams, backed up my complaints with numbers, facts, and even built a mod to fix the issues they broke (at least in my opinion).

The end result? They fixed it. Was it because of what I did? Maybe not, but I like to think I made a case that many agreed with. I know several thousand people downloaded my mod (2001 still have it subscribed… don’t do that, its deprecated, Funcom made fixes people! I haven’t taken it down for posterity reasons). Including two top Conan Servers at the time boasting 70/70 at primetime.

So let me ask this question.

Do you want your issues fixed? Or do you simply want to vent?

If you want the first, do as I do and have done. It yields results. The latter just leads to frustration as they will ignore you, and you will simply get locked, deleted, and actioned. If all you want to do is vent, use a pillow.

Like I said, this should not be as controversial as it is.


So honest answer.

The Wastelanders update brought NPCs to world. So right out of vault you meet people now!

Some locations got npc… which for most part is 1 random npc at location who does little to long time player. To new player? there sort of guiding hand to some of revamped quests.

2 main faction towns… are 1 npc for daliy. (raiders have 2) alot of npc filler who have banter but nothing. Its not ES/FO game were if you spent time exploring town you’d walk away with abunch of quests.

Alot of fixes have made it better overall. But things like Bloodly builds are still meta. Map still loads abit weird in some locations. Theres abunch of minor bugs and broken things. Better overall.
Inventory is still 800… and requires pay wall if you want proper storage.
PVP has Battle royal mode (not bad) PVP in adventure mode is still pretty one sided.
RNG is still hell hole.

One Wasteland(everything scale to your level)(lv5 player sees lv5 deathclaw, you see a lv100 if at lv 300)… is a dumpster fire. (personal opinion) Every fight is now a fight for your life… no more using random weapons in low level zone to pass time.
As someone who has never won RNG game for good weapon. Most stuff is damage sponge to me.

Over-all… its so much better now, then it was before…but still has a ways to go. They just had a free weekend up.

To get it or not…
Are you bored of Fallout 4? And need more fallout? 76 is more Fallout.

I describe fallout 76 same way I describe Metal Gear Solid V… its Best and Worst game of series. XD

I’m enjoying it, Thou I’m abit burnt out on RNG issues. Much like Destiny… I spent years grinding and have nothing good to show for it.
Its 15-20$ game?

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Thank you for the detailed response! I really appreciate it.

So overall it seems that it got much better than the dumpster fire it was during launch, but still not “amazing”? At least thats what i got from reading.

Looks like a fun game to joke around with friends and level up together, but if you try to take it too seriously the flaws start to show up and eat away the enjoyment.

Thats the way i’m currently seeing Genshin impact, that new gacha game that launched recently. Its fun when you start since you get a ton of new things to do, but once you go past that the things that tie the game together start to fall apart due to being too simple or flawed. But playing it casually for fun, its still good :smiley:

You dont really see happy people lurking around the forums.

(i am speaking from my own experience now)

I Made this Account when the forums were made( give or take a few days ) and have not been checking them out up until the 2.0 release.

You may ask why…answer is simple…i took all changes Funcom Made as they were(i hardly doubt that the changes they make to the game are only player feedback) and played the game with the goods and the bad. I have quitted playing official Servers and went to private Servers in Order to avoid griefing/cheating/offline raiding. By moving away from official Servers my game breaking Problems were gone…

You might add here also the hours someone invests in the game and because of a bad patch, or the Server admin messed up his database, they lost all their Progress…we are all aware of what could happen as long Mods are involved, sowntime


First and foremost, if you cant make a better game, you at least need to respect those who do make the product you are criticizing before doing it.

Second, you need to understand why it is done the way it is done, what are the steps involved in doing so. It is easy to ask a car maker why they cant make a self driving flying car that wont crash. It is very easy to demand someone to do what you have no idea how can be done, and criticize someone for not being able to do as you desire, something you cant do yourself. It is a sign of respect to acknowledge the work someone do before criticizing it. You dont need to “white knight it”, but you damn sure need to respect it.

Third, if this was a solo game made for one player to play alone, EVEN SO, it would not be a reason to demand it to be what YOU think it should be.

One recent post was made talking about the darkness/bright of Siptah. Some people like it dark, some people like it bright, and it will never fully satisfy these people because each want conflicting things. It is not the obligation of the devs to meet both demands all the time, but it is civil to understand all players want to take part in a game they will enjoy. So demanding something because you think it is just has no bearing. Just is a concept that varies from people to people. Technical issues might be object of radical criticism, as something not working is absolutely not working, and that not working is universal, even so, it is still part of a whole work that works, and should be treated that way: With respect.


This is why I quit playing SWTOR, and then why I quit playing Fo76.

and customers ar just an illusion. If you took their money they develop to butterflies and fly away in circles to the moon. Also a way to see customers. Usually not the view of companies which exist for long.
Up to now only Fatshark turning down “war of the roses” server leaving the community with no chance playing the game anymore was under my list of betrayal compaynies, never buy. Fool me once, never fool me twice. If this is the official opinion of Funcom (which also begins with F, like many words that are now in my mind) I think I have a second candidate. As the Communication of Funcom is atm like that of a dead fish laying on a chinese slaughter table, the company has a good chance.

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