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Please use this thread to discuss the Age of War Chapter 1 update on PC.
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when will US official server come online, as of right now, 6/22/23 at 07:30, nothing is available to log in to

Can some one please confirm or deny the super soft civilized settings that were on the PVE beta server is NOT what is going live?

do the Coin Pile and Treasure Coffer server the same purpose?

Nvm, I figured it out.

Just some notes:

Armor display shows illusions correctly but NOT dyes

Like Tephra mentioned, any weapon that was thrall crafted or had either the durability, damage or armor pen modified before the update has retained those values (if you have a modified OP voidforge gladius, you still have an OP voidforge gladius)

Legendary weapons that were strength but now will be agility based does NOT carry over to weapons you had before the update. While the damage, armor pen and durability did carry over for unmodified weapons, in order to get a strength bow or agility 2h you will have to hunt (or buy) a new one.

On official PvE loot drop on death is turned off like it was on testlive, it seems like all server settings on testlive have been taken over to live except that nudity is at full.


I decided to not login. I do not like the changes and don´t want to ruin my free day.


2 failed attempts to even enter the game from the launcher after the update. Way to go Funcom. Currently verifying game files to see if 3rd time is a charm.


Are Bearers useless now? On the IoS I have one Bearer III lvl 6 - now she has 1637 HP. Entertainer III lvl 0 just from the box has 1846 HP! Bearers were weak from the very start but survived thanks to their huge amount of health. No HP, no attack. They will die in a couple of minutes outside a base leaving all your baggage behind. I’m just shocked.

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Enjoy your day off, it is summer, lots of things to do besides sitting in front of the computer getting frustrated over things you don’t like… I am considering doing the same, I will though do a quick check in singleplayer just to see what new items have been added, the new battlepass and have a laugh at the Bazaar :grin:

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well steam is currently showing me that the update (after downloading 20gb and verifying) will take more than a year… then it jumped to 11% … and now it’s showing more than a year again

I’m wondering whether (when it’s installed in a year) I should just have the integrity verified or enjoy the traditional crash of the game when it first starts after the update

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anyone else having random stuff lose stability after this patch?

so far, have had these things go poof. stuff that has been there for a very long time.
reinforced animal pen
arcane brazier

the foundations/ceilings below them remained but stuff just de-stabilized. very strange

I go to play the game in single player after the update and it crashes and gives me this message.
Fatal error:
[FileC\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine \Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObect\ScriptCore.cpp] [Line 1137]
Failed to find function UpdateMeshAndAnimInstanceBasedOnLayout in Character Assemble Library_C

Any help with understanding this and if I have to take any necessary steps to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

Lads no looting for pvp now? default pvp settings says only person can take loot from his body? Hmmm

New Game, Singleplayer, Exiled Lands.
→ I do some Journey Steps, try the new combat, stuff dies very fast, stamina regen is still ridiculous and overtuned, with regen delay being way too low.

↳ I go to The Dregs, at a very comfortable lvl13 and some concerns already…
• The Komodos in the first room are entirely missing.
• The Skeletons in the (closet) dungeon are much tankier than expected, unlike everything else thus far, they took time a fair amount of time to kill.
• Those skeletons also felt more unresponsive than usual; I could attack them, stand in front of them to regen stamina, and attack again before they even though about attacking me…
• They also did very low damage, so maybe those specific dungeon skeletons were overlooked in the patch of “more dmg, less HP” for shorter but deadlier fights?
• Then the Boss… Which took surprisingly long as well, but at least it does more damage than pre-patch (I think, because I just never get hit so I let it hit me on purpose out of curiosity for its damage :smile:)
→ I have no idea how much armor this boss has, but my first thought is that maybe the bleed effect (because I obviously used daggers for this) doesn’t ignore armor anymore? I’m not gonna download the devkit to check though, just sharing my experience thus far :rofl:

↳ On a more positive note, the stamina changes feel okay in the early game, and it is true that the higher cost + higher regen give a more dynamic experience.
→ If enemies had better movesets, it would probably be a very good experience!
→ My main concern is roll spam, so honestly dodging probably needs a dedicated cooldown, and sh*t is fixed :innocent:

Edit: The Skeletons in front of Klael’s Stronghold also hit like wet noodles while being fairly tanky.

Edit 2: The Komodos in The Dregs are back!

Dude, those sorcerers at skulker’s end are no joke. They can kill you very fast at lvl 13 because they have metal daggers.
Caution is required. Or a bow and plenty of arrows if you aren’t a skilled fighter.Take the sorcerers out and the rest is easy. Just don’t get hit by the brutes as they will take half of your hp in each hit.
What frustrates my is how npcs retreat so fast and regain all their health. It feels unnatural. I’m actually loving the stamina regen. And it’s bullshit saying we won’t run out of it. Get mobbed and that split second will cost your life. So, it’s a godsend with how hard Darfaris hit now. It allows you everything if you are careful.


Now doing Klael’s Stronghold at lvl 20 :rofl:
Killed the Gate Guardian with Forgelight, got his War-Axe which applies Sunder???
Free dungeon as long as I don’t get hit due to having no armor lmao

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:rofl: Go for it. Be careful because the big blue might sip your life fast if the archers cripple you. That guy has insane AoE.

treasures disappear after server restart but still show on treasurer list.

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Third shade got me because I had no healing before it and started the fight with 70HP, and yes the first attack of the 1H Sword is very fast!

I might do more dungeons with no armor, no vitality, and no healing items, it actually felt challenging :melting_face: