Public Beta Client- Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

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Waiting on this to update. Be nice if funcom would keep these operational. Sort of feel like I’m beta testing the game most of the time :grin:

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I’ve played a bit already this morning to test out the stamina and combat tweaks. I have major concerns that the changes made to stamina regen and removing the ability to be “stammed” is actually doing the opposite of your goal to improve AI - at least as of now with the way AI behaves.

The problem is the recovery time of the player is so fast now and the AI is very slow - we can now just dance around NPCs. When an NPC attacks a player, the NPC always has a slight pause when they finish their attack, and it is always a longer pause than what a player would experience.

So, either NPC recovery and response time should be tweaked to come in line with the player, or the player needs some sort of penalty for running out of stamina.

My suggestion is meet somewhere half way. Once running out of stamina completely, the player should have some sort of recovery time, like movement speed reduced slightly.


-Balanced weapon fitting could probably use a slight buff. It seems to be nearly useless now.


Since we are doing an Age of War and numerous weapon reworks, I would humbly request: could we PLEASE also rework Crossbows and add them back into the game? Or if not add the old unbalanced versions into the Admin Panel so that Private Servers and Singleplayers may still enjoy them?


I am now very curious about the weapon changes.

Rebalancing legendaries means, now they will have special effects (new, or the old bonuses brought back in the new format), or just plain stat increases?

And what does deadlier bosses mean? I hope both new attacks and bigger damage!

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Couple of more things to look into

  • Stamina regen food
  • Endurance perk in Grit
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lol u still dont fix abyssal bow… add abyssal arrows summoning or fix dmg of bow. cuz on this moment there is no arrow dmg calculating when there is no abyssal arrow in inventory! PLZ receive bug report! I reported this monthes ago!

Warpaints are still broken there all the same color how is this not fixed, in your stream yesterday you showed a warpaint in the battle pass the icon was purple well guess what they all display as the same color ingame


In the era of war there will be no hand-to-hand combat.

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If they fix it, they need to bring the damage of these arrows in line. Because they have 33 18%. Best craftable arrow now has 18 16%…

I saw a mention of the disconnect issue being fixed. I saw nothing about the Bounty Hunter Pot fatal error that a lot of people are experiencing. Is there a fix coming for it? It also makes the game unplayable for me and many others.

Some changes seem interesting, but on the other hand the survival component seems weaker it is no longer hard and raw, please DO NOT put a minimal light on the character, torches are enough to have light. Don’t spoil the survival experience. and arrange the war paints for the body pls


I really like the minimal light on the character. Thank you, Funcom!

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Not liken the new NPC agro. I’ve got to run up to an NPC and smack it to get it’s attention, then the guy on the other side of the fire wont react while we’re fighting. I stood there and put half a dozen arrows in to an NPC. They got up, took about 3 steps in my direction, turned around and sat back down; then insta healed.


To be honest, I am looking forward to the Clan emlems.

Agreed. The enemy NPCs seem “dull” and “despondent” now (way, way too easy) in their aggro reactions.

I do like that the combat is faster (damage increases and lesser health pools make for more “penalties” if you make a mistake in combat = more punishing/less forgiving).

I just wish the enemy NPCs weren’t so “blind.”


Lower player damage, buff enemy damage and health.

Combat is RIDICULOUSLY easy, much more so than it is on the retail build.

Barely even need stamina, two hits kills anything short of bosses.


Oh now that is just all wrong, I can run through the entire skulkers end village and not start up the hill with most of it on my back side, and none by the time I pass the obelisk. :rolling_eyes: I expect that to get readjusted before the “second age” goes live.

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