Public Beta Client- Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

Agreed… I like the fact Funcom was attempting to fix the amount of aggro generated. However rather than reducing the range they should have require the NPCs to have line of sight instead. That way you have the same range but only pull the ones that can “see” your character. Frankly I’m sick of clairvoyant enemies.

Some sort of indicator that we are detected would be nice as well.


BUG: I noticed that in running/swimming that your POV stutters if you just keep trying to sprint run/swim. Very annoying.

For item facing outward, it was good to know. Mainly when placing design in a certain pattern. Was it replace with something else or is it now random or locked selection?

How can I participate in the beta, the instructions given are not available!?

I’ve been waiting all day, now I see you’re already testing…

It’s a separate option to download on Steam. I’m not sure for Epic or the Microsoft store.

agree with the repair options. this clearly SUCKS. increased their durability at the least!


an adivce, get yourself a server (or solo) and tweek the battle stats to reflect what you’d like. I did that, it is not perfect and we are thinking about do some more tweeking but definitely better than ANY official servers.

Thank you, I found it, I also use Steam. But yesterday’s instructions said: “All you have to do is change your Beta branch by right clicking Conan Exiles in your Steam Library>Preferences>Betas>select the Beta branch.”

Ohh noooo some craftable weapons have been nerfed (siptah weapon too) . and the legendary weapons of the map have been buffed but we cant repair

Edit: the best bow from the uc has ben nerfed

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Overall, the beta looks a lot more promising than it was explained. Assuming that they don’t overadjust and prevent my sorc from PVEing, I think that that the stamina issue was much ado about nothing (I am referring to myself here, I was a little panicked and kept spamming corrupted grit in the vain hopes that it would be considered as a way for me to keep full corruption and still be viable (BTW Funcom team sorry about that, I am very attached to sorc gameplay)).

I would like something to use the hoard for (nothing big, just some practical reason to build it). Otherwise I am very impressed with where the age can go.

Also, the team worked way to hard patching bugs. I think a lot of us spamming “fix bugz plz” in the chat might feel a bit bad about that. The patch notes are ridiculous. I feel like a kid who was expecting a gift or two on Christmas and finds the live ring room packed with presents. That isn’t to say that all the bugs are gone, or that they are all good patches, but it is clear that the team are giving their all. I, for one, appreciate the effort heartedly.

If possible, please consider adding some kind of tag system in the search bar of the admin panel for the test client to quickly look at “new things to test”. It would help us provide that bitter, but hearty feedback much quicker. Thank you dev team and again, my apologies for spamming the chat.


Man, just can’t quite put my finger on it, somethings :fish:

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Now that is a bug, I keep getting stuck in emotes.

Ok, there is something that is worken my ti… nerves.

There is no way an enemy can change direction of attack that way, it’s against the laws of physics. If an enemy is lunging at me, and I dodge toward and to one side of them, they are not going to be able to twist that lunge and still hit me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

As much as I think that is a little unfair, that is still a funny meme.

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This thing can remove all the things added in a armor or a weapon but he broke the durability

This thing can stun the ennemies

hi i just installed and started testing
but i have a BIG concern that stamina regen while running is EXTREMELY FAST
so chasing people becomes imposible.

and you are starting your regen even while you are in the middle of a roll.
so now people are going to spam a roll and rolling thrust.

And while i like that players are far more strong now npcs don’t really stand a chance.
i do not agree that when you reach 0 you don’t enter “grey state” so you are not really punished for mismanaging your stamina.

the 2 hand war axe is extremely OP with now applying cripple.
npcs die from a few hits xD.

The legendary weapon buff are great.
but the not being able to repair it is only annoying if i have a legendary weapon i want to keep having it until someone stoles it from me.

clan banners should have way more symbols to chose from.

and i think that this stamina will make heavy armor even more inviable than before simply because you have much less rolls.

in general while i see positive changes, i think the stamina regen is making it extremely easy and you are not punished for reaching 0 stamina, that is usually when you are vulnerable to being killed in both pve and pvp.


Ya things are going to need some adjusting.

I have issues with the new “personal glow”.

I actually have issues with hyenas doing little more then barking at me on the way by.

And that is just running to the river to get water.

Does anyone know how we can earn ancient oboli in this age?

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Yes, the head of Kurak still yields you the coin.

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Both merchants that will accept Kuraks Head and the other heads are still on Mekamosis Spire.