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  • Priests can no longer summon a “god bubble” (God Protection)

Does this mean no bubbles at all? Or that the Archpriests can’t summon a bubble?

** Legendary chests no longer spawn in the world next to so-called World Bosses. Instead, you may find legendary chests at the end of dungeons.*

** The Library of Esoteric Knowledge and the Voidforge no longer grants completely random recipes. Instead, the system is deterministic and will give you a recipe that you do not have.*

QoL bonus. Thank you.

** Avatars now last 10 times as long but do 10 times less damage with their attacks*

Oh Gawd. Server crashes in 3…2…1

** Decreased stats for Steel weapon Journeyrewards, Increased stats for “Perfected Hardened Steel Sword” journey reward*

{Insert outrage of folks yelling starmetal is worthless now}

So is there new items as loot or just better quality loot in NCP camps?


I’m thinking it gone because FC is pushing everyone to loose their bases and god bubbles can be exploited with certain ceiling designs to make a base unraidable.

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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

:smiley: :grin: :smiley: :grin:


Can we get expanded Hardened steel and perfected hardened steel weapons that have more selections for agility builds? Maybe by chptr 3?

If theres no god bubbles…it has to be the most dumbest decision ive read to date :joy:


It definitely will get asked repeatedly and hopefully Nicole fields it to Dennis so the PVP players can plan.

Hhaha lool the changes. I love it. :joy:

Will there be a cooldown timer after players choose to start a purge?

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I was able to start them back to back. You have to end the first purge (Kill the 2 skull boss) before starting the next one. This will despawn the first forward base. (the npcs you release are a little buggy and will hang around a bit though)

No godbubble anymore but you can now buy jars cheap via purge. Congrats!

Another nail in the coffin for pvp.


As if raiding wasn’t easy enough as it is. Taking out god bubbles is pretty awful for PVP.


If people have been trying to play legit with no skybase or mesh base then it out the window now. Why build a good base and defend against cheaters and glitchers if i can’t bubble it

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My biggest issue I see, is bubbles were the very last viable speed bump to offline raiding. So now it will be 100% required 2nd job to login as a solo/small clan on officials. Guess it is private or quit for me. i am leaning 70% quit. 30% is tied to social club of my clan mates because i hate privates bias of admins tbh.


Are they taken out completely? It just says priest can’t summon them, but is there not another way?

So they can at least look the offline raiders in the eye as they and thier dumb AI do nothing lol.

Based on the stream, they are like online raiding–gone from the game.

Tbj, just remove bombs and fire/explosive damage from game as well. Then at least it takes a god or the new battering ram to raid.

the purge will not spawn when i try to and their is a path they can take?