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This makes me happy! Great! :wink:

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Riptide is super strong now, with maximum Agility damage buffs, and master kits on other weapons, check this all out :open_mouth:





And now :eyes:


→ We need to keep in mind that Javelins do not have a heavy attack (and thus the Heavy Blows perk doesn’t help), but this is still huge!


Isle of Siptah - No decay time !

Its confirmed !!! More contents in the shop and battle pass yes !!! we are happy huh ?? :rofl::rofl:

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Snake pets? No mention of snake pets and they don’t appear in the release trailer.

Im pretty sure they are in the game, they just forgot to add it to patch notes.

Did funcom change the “high priest” journey since protection of the gods can no longer be summoned? Also, was that even mentioned change?


Can’t start any purge on any location i tried.

“There is no reachable location for the purge to setup their basecamp” - Yh, no idea how much space they need. Any1 knows?

So the time has come: need to switch to Agility build after all, hmm ?
I was hoping for strength to be still good at least in PVE … pity.

Any idea how quickly they will do a hot fix to correct the pyramid set not being able to be deleted when you misplace something?

:ok_hand: I can recommend you the official PvP server #1136 with a clear conscience, Boykamus. :face_with_monocle:

Cheers man, but its not a fresh server

I havent tested, but afaik there needs to be a big open area for the NPC camp, and there needs to be a walkable route from that camp to your coffer. (Doors can be ignored, not sure about drawbridges)

So I managed to make a purge spawn (had to remove all doors and have a “base” with open walls???)

I may have put too much gold in the coffer though?

The rate at which assailants spawn is extremely high :aaaaaa:
There were so many bombers, who throw demon-fire orbs at you without ever missing, and you cannot sidestep :thonk:

The attackers summoned are uh… I got some Kithan dudes first, and then when re-starting some naked prisoners, and then some Stygian raiders, all on maximum difficulty, sounds very clunky.

Also, maybe the hyper-armor change is (once again) unpolished, because it seems like enemies benefit from much more hyper-armor than players :thonk: This might just be an impression though.
→ The Hyper-Armor has been removed from the Katana’s dash (or at least the charging animation) altogether, which is a massive nerf to it :notlikethis:

All in all, this new purge seems terrible, first because it is loaded with artificial difficulty and unfairness (tune down the spawn-rate at the very least my dudes), but also because there is no finesse to it whatsoever.
It is just bruteforce from the Stygian, and you just need to click harder than them with massive numbers (Brimstone Golems are recommended)

The difficulty of the purge is determined by 4 things:
• How many assailants there are (including the respawn-rate)
• How much damage they deal
• How much damage they can take
• Which proportion of them have unavoidable homing AoE attacks (demon-fire orbs)
→ On this last point, they do damage themselves, but the respawn rate is so high that it doesn’t matter if they die.

I still managed to defeat a lvl 10 Purge after a few tries, and there was nothing worth the pain… And I say “pain” because it was long and boring, I can’t count how many “waves” there were, it took super long, it was uninteresting, it was repetitive, I couldn’t see the fun in it at all…

And, that’s if you even manage to make a purge spawn, and for it to not despawn because they suddenly decided your coffer is out of reach (my first attempt was like this)


So i did all purges up to T5. Build a treasure base next to my main base. Lost 3 of maxed level thralls, 3 purchased mercenary banners, half the damn gold just to make the purge despawn at the end boss coz of no available pass to the coffer - which wasnt even the case coz i placed the coffer on the ground on a freely accessible way without any stuff between. Just some slalom foundations to make the path to coffer longer.

Don’t want to be rude but thats no fun and just frustrating.
And on top the fob spawned 3 times half inside my main base.

And still not fixed that the owned golems and thralls fight themselves on pve …


i try purge-all working for me.And not so big area needed-npc camp spawn close.But need treasures in easy reachable place.If not-purge dont start

Funcom not host new servers when old is empty.Try private ones

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it seems to be all building pieces you cannot remove not just the pyramid set

There are no populated private servers with more than 5 clan size. We’re 8 people