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Not actually a point towards discussion… but when logging in after that big update right now, I get the message of having been banned for some invalid transaction (coins). Then again on 25th of november I had purchased coins… seems like those have been abducted from my funcom id… :eyes:
I wonder who else got hit by that. Details via dm/pm/whatever you want to call it, if needed, as the ingame way to contact says “not working”.

And it’s Chapter 3, not 2. (In the discussion introduction post.) Copy & paste can be aweful! :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

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updated the game and …


Do you happen to remember if you had those 7087 coins as a positive value before?
I am not too sure on my side, if that value “simply” got altered from an positive amount to a negative one.

What’s that?

Who is topping -16k coins? :joy:

It’s clear - FC offered CC at a discount, but AoW3 is not ready for this, so it automatically robs players of CC or even bans them. Great news… My 3840 CC is irretrievable…

Same thing happened to me, I am now 20k crom coin in arrears due to invalid purchases. I admit every time one uses USD it is an act of fraud, but hey, I didn’t even get my funny money refunded. They took over 20k (over the last year) and now announce I am over 20k in debt. Is this one of those pleasure/pain things? I was getting ready to savor chapter III, but am slapped hard with 21st century angst instead. Will I then be soothed by the game and appreciate it all the more because they threatened to take it away? Kinda kinky but hey.

Why can i look outside with the nemidian walls now?


no it was around 2900 two hours ago…

I got the same message just not the banned part

End i am missing those 1200 coins from my vault.

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The reactions cleary need a laughting face!
I was paying from steam credit in EUR, not that this changes anything.

I guess we will have to sit tight and wait. Oh. And dont forget to spam them using https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us, submitting a (single) report there.

Is there any chance to get the possibility to trade bazaar items to players who haven’t bought them themselves in exchange for having to wait until it’s fixed? Pretty please? :innocent: (I know. The answer will be no. What a shame.)

Discuss the update? How hilarious. I will never buy crom coins again after this BS


I really hope someone on your PR Team is working on a huge letter of apology right now.

You stole from your clients! If you can’t get it fixed this might have legal consequences.

I’m dumbfounded, laughing in disbelieve.

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Well since Funcom is not updating it here ill do it from their own twitter!


I can’t find the other thread now, but it had at least half a dozen pasted images of ban notices, lol. A Funcom moderator did mention in that thread that Funcom was aware of the issue and looking into it. They really screwed themselves with this one, because if anyone attempted to buy back the credits that got stolen by the Funcom bug, then Funcom could be responsible for financial fraud, a kind of sleight of hand. They will have to refund all purchases made after the update went live, or face the music. That’s a massive loss. I’m so sorry to see this didn’t go smoother.


Well if we do file a claim against this, it would be with the ‘FTC’.

Oh right!
One thing to please note down!

Please add the players individual funcom id to that screen.

Ja danke für das Update, ich bin ein 100% ehrlicher Spieler und werde nach dem Update so begrüßt … danke !

Yes thanks for the update, I am a 100% honest player and will be welcomed like this after the update… Thank you!

Ich habe vor 3 wochen den Battlepass gekauft und bis stufe 60 erspielt und das ist der danke dafür?

I bought the Battlepass 3 weeks ago and earned it up to level 60 and this is the thank you for that?

Wie wird der Fehler nun behoben?

So, how do I fix it?

für einen Moment war ich der Meinung das dass eine Phishing Attacke ist um mir Geld zu stehlen.

For a moment I thought this was a phishing attack to steal money from me.

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