Xbox - Age of War Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

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I’m sure you mean Chapter 3… :slight_smile:

Stygian base was a little disappointing. Don’t even need to use the battering ram or explosives to breach it in single player on Xbox series X. Can just stroll over to any building piece, interact with it and hit remove. There’s also a lone black ice foundation in the Stygian base.

You guys are crazy. That update just got silly. Incredible. It is clear the respect, professionalism, affection and care they are having. Magnificent work… The game is awesome!

Now tell me, how to put the minion in the cauldron of fire?

Thanks for this update, you guys are animals!

Hold off on running purges for now. Apparently they’ve changed Demolishers so they can do over 100K damage in a single hit. They will chew through your base in seconds, literally.

How i can make a camel to a mount ??

the patch notes says you can raise them in the stables, i ve tried, not possible. havent tried animel pen yet

In animal pen is only a carry camel come out

thats the joke of this patch, new function like barkeeper that asks you to run a purge, but they introduce the one hit demolishers that levels your base with the same patch.
ufffffffff intensifies

Yea fully crazy they destroy all stuff so quick

uff really ? hmm well seems we have to wait for a patch to ride a camel, sad

Odd. Just received an award of 1200 Crom Coins. Why?

Xbox series X in performance mode here.

Huge hit to framerate in all areas since chapter 3 patch, can see the console downscaling quality and draw distance to compensate as it chugs along.

Areas I was getting smooth 60fps gameplay in are now 30fps out of combat, and during a purge it now looks to go as low as 20fps.

Double checked and the game is still in performance mode.

Its making the game tediously slow for me… anyone in this the same situation or should I do fresh install?

As a single player admin spawnec barkeep who only gives diakoque options but can not be assigned etc. Is this tavern fuzz only for online pve play .

Just plop a coffer somewhere far from your base, then trigger a level 1-3 purge and kill all enemies yourself or with a thrall. Easy as pie, and shouldnt take many attempts to get barkeeper etc… The god-like demolishers will just stand there looking silly.

You dont NEED to have the coffer in the middle of your precious bases.

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nothin precious about my base. if cheese is the way, so be it

Let’s see where do i begin with issues.

Tried to raid the new stygian base…npcs after about 10 minutes were hitting me from like 20 feet away…then they werent even on my screen hitting me and killed me. I woulda fought back but my stamina refuses to regen at all in or out of combat. The whole change in movement is sluggish and makes gameplay feel awful. Npcs i killed outside the wall of the base would respawn within 5 seconds of killing them…literally 5 seconds…think i initially piled up about 30 dead stygians within the 1st 5 minutes in the same 4x4 spot…which caused massive lag. When i got killed by the invisible npc i couldnt select where to respawn. Then it went to the loading screen and froze there. I hit the xbox button and clicked home then clicked back on conan. The quick resume worked and i loaded back in the game in the starting desert area. At that point i removed my bracelet and was able to select my bed then…used sorecery to recover my body then went in my base and logged out. Ive read other issues with the purge demolishers which thankfully i didnt try yet. From what i understand its gonna be a month before anything gets fixed so guess the age of fubar just turned into a month long timer reset from the start. Good job guys!


Any news on the xbox series X crash concerning purges? The constant crashing.

Single player, lvl 5 purge and up.