Xbox - Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss the Age of War Chapter 1 update on Xbox.
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I was have today a teleporter in a base after i teleportet ther decaying the rest of the base was have 180 hourw left on a official pve conflict server on siptha and all my named dogs like brutus are invicebel the turan camel too

Whooo warpaints are finally fixed

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Also as of this update my rhino and elephant are now invisible, I’ve seen people talk about this from the chapter 3 update but for me age of war has made them invisible


i lost evry chest crafting stations thralls on offical pve conflict isle of siptha serverr 7020 lost stabilty in front of my eyes


A lot of my players hate that the warpaints are fixed.

Other than that and the benches doing a stability pop…

Issues we have seen while testing combat, is the animations. Some are slow, some have input lag, others dont happen, some hit from far away, and some deal no damage at all.

New clan shield seems glitchy. Creates most of input lag.

We set our stamina to official settings to test the new stuff out. We like the changes, but the animations have been a hassle to work around. Surely not intended.

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Sorry but we’re done with this game…… logged in and all our crafting stations are gone, along with all the high tier materials and items in them, and our best crafting thralls. We’ve lost hundreds of hours of work. It’s gut wrenching to log in and see it all gone. We’ve spent so much time and money on Conan (including spending hundreds on stuff in the ridiculously priced store) yet every update we get screwed over again. We’re not putting up with this rubbish anymore.


I feel the pain my friend i lost all stuff too :sob:


I noticed that the decay of the place ables is again a problem because of the némedien structure .
This time , i almost everything placed on the némedien foundations.

Ps; sorry for my English.


Greetings Exiles,

Please check the latest announcement on the stability issue:

I updated the game yesterday, looking forward to checking out the new battle pass items, and doing a few daily challenges to start that progression. BUT … when I logged in, every single pet and follower (except for crafting thralls) was simply gone. Nothing in the event log to indicate a cause. No names in the follower tab for the Clan. Dozens of fully-levelled thralls, equipped with epic gear, simply gone.

Needless to say, my heart was no longer in it – I wanted to work on the new chapter progression. But I just logged out instead. Very disappointing.

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Any new infos about the problem i lost evrything all t4 crafters all crafting mats so i even not can rebuild all the suff

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Will the developers instruct admins on official to give players with event log screenshots their lost time back?

I would love to join the discussion about the update, but I can’t. Server #2729 has been down every time I’ve tried to play since the update.

hello good afternoon as always I can’t play this game it always keeps closing as soon as I restart it and the server 7140 always disappears.

could help or fix this server

thank you very much I will be waiting for the answer.

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We don’t have stability issues, but our epic treasures (Lemurian Statue and the cat statue) that we carried all the way home yesterday are now gone. Poof. Vanished. Nothing in the log either.

UPDATE: Found this: Treasures gone after restart - #25 by Apolek

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I can’t seem to find any craftable armors with 2 notches of heat resistance after the Age of War update. The Turanian Phalanx armor was used for my 2 notches of heat resistance, and it was stricken down to one. The next one I tried was the Ymir armor from the fully upgraded Ymir temple. The Ymir armor is not considered epic anymore, and it doesn’t have 2 notches for both heat and cold resistance. It shows up as regular armor, and it requires basic heavy padding along with the other required materials.
Has anyone been able to find any 2 notch heat resistant armor since this update? I’ve been searching everywhere online to no avail.


I’ve always slapped on a nice set of Redeemed Legion armor from Black Keep that is craftable by a t4 Armorsmith. Offers both heat and cold resist, and you can use the Sorc table to put the image of your choice onto it. Champion armor also adds two in both temps, and Godbreaker has Heat or Cold of your choice.

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