The New Purge is not Interesting or Hard

I have done over 100 tier X purges on official servers (6442, and yes… they hate me for all the lag i created) since the update. On average they take around 10 minutes… so that’s a lot of time invested observing this system and how it behaves. Several people have witnessed me do them, and even stolen my rewards! (Why is this even possible funcom rofl). I have lost a grand total of one thrall, and only because it got aggro pulled into a camp and surrounded by like 20 enemies while I was AFK.

I’m sure this might seem like a bit of a hot take, especially considering all the forum and reddit posts you see about how brutal it is. It’s not, you’re just doing it incorrectly. Not that I blame you… the way you’re doing it is logically how you’re supposed to and likely how Funcom designed it but the AI in this game has always been terrible. So building mazes and bases in general for the new purge system is doing nothing but wasting your time and materials. You want them to have a direct B line to your chest so they can just conga line straight into their deaths. Demolishers will attack nothing… and just stand there.

The reality is all you need is a small platform, ideally somewhere extremely open and flat (such as around the sinkhole or various “lakes” of siptah) with 6-8 BIS geared Dalinsia thralls or better. 6 if you want to help, 8 if you don’t want to bother. You can spam as many Tier X purges as you want with this setup as long as you keep food in their inventory… but why would you? Tier 8s give the same chest/cage rewards and send vastly less enemies at you.

Another pro tip, if you’re doing this just for the purge exclusive thralls. Start the purge, wait for the first wave (if you’re lucky it will be prisoners), run into the camp and check the cages (the good T4s such as Dalinsia, Lian, Berserkers are all easy to identify from their visual appearance in the cage). If the cages aren’t what you want remove all your treasure from the coffer to force the purge to despawn and restart it until you get the rewards you want.

A final pro tip, if you stand far enough out to get the aggro of the congo line before it reaches your thralls, you can then run through your thralls and give them first strike advantage + kite any archers directly into the center of your thralls so they don’t have to chase them.

Here are some improvements that need to be made:

  1. Thrall pots need to be fixed, I understand its been years but we kinda need them now?

  2. The conga line needs to end, come up with a better method. The old purges came in gaggles from almost every direction, sometimes even two directions at once!

  3. NPCs need way better pathing and they need to stop getting stuck in walls/foundations which makes them unkillable (and you cant deconstruct the building piece)

  4. I understand why the rewards are low in the chests but why isn’t shaped wood a reward when all the other building materials are? I’m sure you can dismantle some of the furniture for a piece or two but Its not like you’d be able to replace that many pieces with the grand total of like 10-30 hardened brick you get in a chest but you should at least be able to fully replace at least one piece with purge rewards.


I think it’s fun and challenging. Sure, if you just want to cheese it for a quick and easy victory, that can take the fun out of it. But what would you want to play in a way that isn’t fun? If you instead approach it as a new activity that you can involve your friends and clan mates in, it’s great.

I try to approach all my games in a way that maximizes fun.


Got about 15 well geared lower end t4 thralls- Ciri, Ana, etc- they havent lost yet. I actual help them if they get into trouble and dont auto pilot it. Their health pool were nerfed from 4k to about 1-2k but they still smoke everything - haha!

When you attack , the enemy cant get your stuff.

And since it takes about one hour to get a lower end thrall to 20 , x2 if running warparty , ill handicap myself to those tiers to test on one server.

According to your advice I never do anything higher than level 8 purge. Why do you still bother with level 10 then?

The only advantage would be more cages with thralls in the end, but since their tier is old known rng as well, it’s not even worth it to spawn level 10 purge and rather do several level 8 ones.

Me myself don’t get how you prevent your thralls get cornered and staggered to death, since sometimes I tell them to follow and they can’t even get to follow or move to place I ordered them to, because 5+ enemies are still attacking and staggering them, so they are crippled and not able to follow my orders.

Usually I lose one or two thralls, sometimes none. But their HP won’t make much difference, since they are not able to move from the spot anyway, it only takes more time for the group of enemies to take them down.

For me the only thing that helped was to keep all my approx 15 thralls inside my small base gate space with walls and keeping them at lowest chase and attack distance. Because when anyone wanders too far, it’s usually death sentence no matter how hard I try to “pull them out of the battle”.

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From what I understand about the rewards being ‘meh’ its in due part to not exactly knowing what they should give. And there’s a very good reason for this, you can ask 12 people what they want, and get like 20 different answers. The rewards in future patches will be getting adjusted, to what, is anyone’s guess. What we have is a placeholder.

My suggestion was that the rewards system should be redesigned somewhat. The idea I had was when you complete the purge or invasion, is you get a few keys from the champion. Those keys can be used to unlock a number of chests, containers, and cages. The tricky part is that you cannot unlock everything. You have to pick what you want.

The major change would be that you get several options. Some chests will have basic materials, some will have treasures, others will have crafting components, and so forth. The amount and quality will be determined by the level of the purge/invasion.

When I login to the game. My goals are usually different each time. Sometimes I login to gather basic materials, sometimes I login to get sorcery stuff, sometimes I go farm alchemical base, sometimes I go thralling, and sometimes I go dungeoning for legendary weapons or other equipment.

The invasion system gives an option of a bite sized short adventure where most of the effort comes in the form of preparation. Once that prep work is done, it serves as a neat little system of being able to login, do a couple of rounds and get some stuff before logging out for that session.

It would be great if the rewards matched what my goals were for that session. If I only wish to spend a short amount of time getting whatever my goal is. The invasion system would fill that niche. It wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t replace more dedicated runs for those goals, hour for hour. But if I don’t have an hour or two or more, it can serve in a pinch. For example the invasion coming to me, cuts out the travel time and makes short stints more efficient.

Assuming the rewards mesh up. This is of course where balancing the levels will become very important. And pretty much require several passes of course.


Mostly just to confirm that the drops and thralls are indeed the exact same, i probably won’t be doing 10s ever again at this point. As for the thrall thing, you can pick them up and place them down if they get super surrounded. This will instantly teleport them to the new location, and the range on it is pretty far. This doesn’t really tend to happen for me that often, but it probably has to do a lot with where I built my platform at.

With how easy it is to farm these back to back I can understand why they need to limit it to say ~50 hardened brick in a clear as opposed to 1000. Perhaps each tier needs it own special reward that can only be received in that tier. I have no idea exactly how that would look but say maybe at tier 8 you get a lot of hardened brick specifically, tier 9 maybe the focus is on hardened leather, tier 10 gives double legendaries (which you can already get two in one drop from tier 8-10).

My biggest complaint is ultimatey how easy it is to “cheese” as wolffspider put it and how trying to do it the intended way often results in a buggy mess where the rewards don’t even remotely match what you risk.

The amount of Hardened Leather/silk/fur you can… potentially get from these chests is actually nuts but in my experience its quite rare. I’ve gotten over 60 from one chest though and thats over half what you need for 5 paddings.


This was the idea for sure. For example in the boxes for basic materials, level 1 would give stone and wood. Level 2 would give more. Level 4 would give bricks, shaped/insulated wood, and iron reinforcements, level 5 would give more and so forth. Maybe not those levels specifically but just giving basic examples.

Thinking about it, this would be actually be a pretty cool way of getting some materials like Hardened Brick in a number you need to build say a T3 crafting station or similar without having to run out gather mats, cook mats, and such but can get it done with only 10-15 minutes of effort.

Of course this wouldn’t replace going out and gathering said mats for larger building projects that require 15,000 hardened bricks.

And of course if stone, wood, bricks, etc isn’t what one wants, they could use those keys for alchemical stuff with lower rewards being yellow lotus and such, where mid tier could be blood and demon blood and higher stuff being completed dragon powder and alchemical base, or even completed elixirs and such. All adjusted for the effort of course.

Thralls in cages are pretty easy, higher level means higher tiers. With more variety available the higher the tiers. Same with treasures. Higher levels means higher quantities and qualities.

But giving the player choices of what they want is the big thing, this way everyone gets what they want and everyone feels rewarded.

As long as the intended way results in good risk vs reward. If people want to ‘cheese’ it after that. Well somethings can be tweaked to mitigate that and should. But I don’t put too much importance. I think the issue will solve itself. If the purge system is a short and sweet way of getting varieties of rewards but it doesn’t match the efficiency of long term farming and only is more efficient in the short term, then those cheesing it for results will quickly find its not exactly worth doing on the macro scale. They’ll just default to more default methods of farming for that.

People mostly avoided the purge in the past anyway unless they were farming for bench thralls. Will ultimately end up as just something people do a few times for the unique rewards and move on probably.


I don’t know whats the problem with Thralls. I have the same 6 Lians in dragonbone armors with two-handed legendary weapons for the past 3 years and nothing beats them. When I read the post to me it sounds like the community not only does not know how to play PvE in this easiest “survival” game (you guys just generally suck at gaming hence why you are hating ARK and Rust on this forum) but does not even know how to use Thrall settings menu. Just don’t get them scattered (attack distance, chase distance) all around the place. My 6 Lians all use 2-handed weapons so they do AOE damage to several enemies around them, and as I have 6 thralls close to each other - they work like a meat grinder. I go and get the archers myself while the meat grinder stands in front of the door.

From what I understand about the rewards being ‘meh’ its in due part to not exactly knowing what they should give. And there’s a very good reason for this, you can ask 12 people what they want, and get like 20 different answers.

This is the problem with the purge I mentioned in the other thread. It has stopped being the legitimate and immersive part of the game and it had turned into a mini-game inside Conan.
The Purge should be some furious hungry warriors attacking your base to rob you and eat your thralls and yourself. Yet now Purge is some Christmas event and it’s supposed to bring gifts, and gifts are not good enough so everyone wants Stygian Santa to do better next time.

So to sum things up, people want purge to be even easier and bring better gifts with itself…

Ah it’s time to look for another game…


Exactly. Two-handed swords are very good in situations where attackers are outnumbered.
The only weapon that seems to be as good as them now is the Momentum Mace. It has a smaller radius of destruction, but the damage is greater, and there are almost no delays in the actions of fighters.

Holding the waves alone, without thralls :hugs:. Building maze is my suggestion and i did it only for this purpose. The Aoe of war axe, the poke of spear make you invincible on narrow paths.

Send a photo please :pray:t6:. I have to finish this…

In this case narrow path works but the demolishers are giving me distraction and the absence of stamina is making it even harder.
Thank you for your feedback :+1:t6:

The conga line is fine. When enemy units reach their destination, the purge does it’s job very well, which is to steal your treasure.

If you want to hold waves solo, without a thrall, you can easily do so the same way you cheesed the old purge system: 1 foundation + noxious gas orbs/arrows. You’re probably thinking you stand on the foundation… nope you use it to constantly LOS them and force them to clump for the gas It will take awhile, but it has always worked.

I just want to verify, you want me to take a screen shot of demolishers standing next to your chest doing nothing because they aren’t programmed to attack it?

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Maces have always been and will forever remain the best thrall weapon in the game. There are many reasons for this, but especially if you are using Lian. Lian has been bugged for several years to always, 100% of the time, do full combos with a 1h mace. This makes up for his pretty weak (1.77) melee modifier. The hyper armor on maces are pretty insane (not sure they even changed it TBH), the heavy combo is filled with AoE attacks, and the finisher has an AOE knockdown that hits people behind you.

I think most people are either using subpar thralls or subpar gear as I too am quite perplexed how people lose these things in the first place. I remember everyone saying how hard they nerfed thralls in 3.0… meanwhile I’m staring at an RHTS like “you sure about that man?”. I was never a big thrall person anyway, I don’t use them outside of purges and 3.0 made combat way easier. The vast majority of enemies in the game can be permanently avoided by holding the D or A key.

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In this case, everything is clear with demolishers, but why do other Stygians stand next to the coffer and don’t rob him? They are programmed specifically for plunder.
And the second question: why do you use demonic armor for single combat, since it cuts your characteristics in half?

This was from my initial purge testing, I skipped age of war chapter 1 and abyssal was pretty busted in 3.0. I had a specific corrupted build I was using and it floored everything in the game (I have a few videos if you’d like to see), now I imagine I use the same 20 Str/Agi/Vit build everyone else does because why wouldn’t you? Rolling thrust is broken. As for why they dont loot? Thats a good question even though my chest is out in the open i’ve never actually seem them take any loot since ive started using the platform method.

Best guess is, they only want to loot if no enemies are around.

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So i have to build nothing to get a purge easy win? That’s broken man and you know it wasn’t intented. I thought that you actually did one hundred valid purges not broken ones!
Anyway, thanks for sharing, it’s not your fault and no players fault actually that they delivered something in this shape :confused:. No i won’t use this method to defeat a purge lvl X with the sword of Crom alone.

I’m sorry you think all the purges I’ve done are invalid because I figured out building bases for them is a complete waste of time. Also if you can solo a lvl x purge in a reasonable amount of time by yourself with just a sword of crom, then yeah just do that. Seems like what you’re doing to accomplish that… is probably just as “broken” as what I’m doing.

This community here is something else. In every other game players make some theorycrafting about superior builds, how to push maximum damage, they brag about defeating X with their eyes closed.
Most dudes here have no clue about what they’re doing. Hence the hate towards other survival games where you have to display some skills or RL reflex.
In other games you die all the time, here every time a dude dies he comes to the feedback section of the forum “I DIED! I LOST 3 days of gameplay! IT SHOULDN’T BE HAPPENING!” :rofl:

I am really starting to think that Funcom is targeting this game towards players who were kicked out of other games because they sucked and nobody wanted to play with them :joy: Truly Exiled Lands it is :wink:

Yeah I use Lian for the past 3 years because he is awesome, he respawns every 15 minutes at the same spot. I leveled and geared few of them, I placed 6 in front of my base and nothing in 3 years time was able to kill them. Hence I don’t get all this crying “I lost a very rare thrall”… Lian is hardly very rare and he can solo Arena Champion and all the rest but Thag (but only because of adds, without the adds Lian would solo Thag as well).

Here one of the mentioned six front gate guards, I could have gave him a better armor but this is not my main thrall just one of the guards at the base. It was close but he soloed it… Meanwhile people here run around with the really rare thralls and complain that the game is too hard :rofl:

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