Public Beta Client- Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

As others have noted, something is wrong here.

These look interesting.

Suggestion: That opening page is pretty bloodstained, I’m sure on purpose, but it’s a bit much and there are people that have issues with blood splatters.


While the coin piles don’t look as bad at first as I thought, they aren’t very smartly 3D? (And this is a pure gold coin pile with silver added.)
There should be all silver and all gold piles, unless the distinction is really worthless?

But there really should be bump-mapping that would have 1/2 of some coin edges bump-mapped so they fake having more depth, ie. look raised a bit.


Do the piles get bigger as you add more coin?

No, they are very static looking at this point.

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They really just re-skinned the small haystack for this piss-poor effort of a coin pile? Sad.

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So I’ve spent a good amount of time today playing with the new combat system. I’m a big believer too in having fun > meta. So I was pretty open minded about this change. I noticed several streamers seemed to be interested in late game weapons and armor for testing. Which I suspect this system was mostly aimed at. So I decided to start the game normally. I have to say using two handed stone weapons feels downright painful to use. I genuinely don’t see any reason to use any of them. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in since it didn’t feel “Fun” to me. I don’t hate the idea of stamina management but I think it could be toned down a little bit.
I’m also not terribly thrilled with the idea of having to farm Legendary weapons. I’m happy they got a buff since previously all I did with them was give them to Thralls. However since they can’t be repaired if I use them it feels like I just have a different reason to only give them to thralls now. I think it wouldn’t hurt approach this from a different angle. I wish I had a better suggestion but I personally don’t see anything wrong with Legendary weapon repair kits.


Re work the stam if daggers are the only reason why you changing it than maybe you should just increase the stam cost on daggers not everything, makes so many weapons useless. And builds especially magic. Why don’t you put your time in focusing how to fix glitches like people going through bases, the delving bench mace that still one shots , flying bases, hacks, exploits. Things the ruin the game not change something that really isn’t broken, dagger spammers are east to kill axes, great axe and black ice broad destroy them, this is what you call lack of knowledge from devs no offence, y’all doing a good job changing but this was unnecessary


Ah okay, I thought maybe they were meshes that could change as more coin was added. As is they’re pretty ugly.


The whole age of war nonsense is just another half baked feature. Like the golems. Introduced them, said they are first stage and worked on and now 3 months later not even one single word about what they have done to improve them. As far as it seems they are not even part of the war updates.

We already have seen several new versions of combat overhauls over the years. Every time they where praised like gods but turned out to be unbalanced and not well thought through. The last big change we got with 3.0. Isn´t that enough? Why do we already need another change?

I don´t get it. AI behavior is so messed up but somehow you guys think it is a good idea to make it even worse with nonesense changes.

I soon will end up only building bases in this game if this kind of updates doesn´t stop. I barelly can take my thralls to a fight or having a purge without dc 10 times in a row. You now want me to go to the big camps to see npc´s not even responding to my presence while I stand 10cm away from them. Is this a joke or something?

Stop it, really just stop it. Throw out your bazar and bp items and call it a day. This aint the age of war its the age of desaster.


You take gifts for NPCs?


where to sell sorceror skulls?


Been playing for few bit and I find the combat is just way to easy now, when something is just too easy it often feels unrewarding and that’s about how the combat feels to me.

The durability changes just outright feel bad, I could quite often wipe the durability off a legendary weapon multiple times in a single play session. The RNG to get some of those weapons means it’s not viable to be wasting your time grinding for them. The predatory blade is a great example, you are most likely going to spend more time grinding for it than the time its going to last before it breaks. Weapons I have had for a long time have sentimental value and now they will be like disposable razors you just throw away once its done.

I remember when the ability for making legendary repair kits was opened up to all thralls to craft them and not just the purge thralls and now I feel that nice change that I really enjoyed is about to be undone.


As far as I know, you should probably just dismantle them. The head of Kurak still gets you coin at the spire.

So what bumps do legendary weapons get?

My first impressions of combat changes:
I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed by enemy engagement. They disengaged way too close to their starting points. I agree with others that line of sight is really lacking in terms of enemy engagement. If an enemy can see me, they should attack. If I go too far in a camp, that’s on me.

Additionally, I felt that some changes to camps to be less populated (New Asagarth and Mounds of the Dead particularly) felt more dead than the original populations and, since these are supposed to be settlements with bustling activity, it feels a bit too empty for me. Especially considering the above feedback that fights are actually easier now, despite enemies hitting harder; players are too quick and regenerate too quickly to feel the pressure especially with less overall enemies to fight at a time.


So when can we expect tweaks on test?

ETA: They have got to tweak fighting a lot. Most NPCs have had too many edibles. You got to get your grit up to actually finish a heavy attack. And stamina recovery has been NOSed.

Can we please stop pretending that ridable camels and elephants were never a thing.

Camels are evil :dromedary_camel:

Greater Sabretooths are about the same size as a horse…

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After testing the changes for a few hours and also taking a look at nearly every legendary weapon from the admin menu, I’m really disappointed with this update.

The stamina changes are ridiculously bad and do not achieve the goal of making PvE content any better, in fact it makes it more annoying and the changes to enemy health make every enemy all the way up to the hardest of bosses so easy its a joke (I solo’d red mother in about 5 minutes with a greatsword and only 10 strength, using non upgraded epic gear).

The extremely high cost of attacks make nearly half of the weapons useless unless you put 20 points into Grit, and even then 20 points in Grit you still cannot even complete a hammer heavy attack chain, you will run out of stamina before you can do the final slam. Nearly all weapons you can basically do one combo and dodge and then repeat. The only thing offsetting how annoying it is for the vast majority of builds to not even be able to complete a heavy combo is that stamina regens faster, but this is not a good thing, because now enemies are so easy you basically will never get hit unless you’re swarmed. The AI in this game is much too slow and clunky that with the super fast regen you dance around them.

Then on to the legendaries: the vast majority of which are simply just number changes and that’s it. Some of the weapons ended up getting already existing perks added to them but that’s the farthest it goes, which is very disappointing. Not to mention a lot of weapons took a massive hit in durability that some of them may only last a few fights before breaking. I spotted even some legendaries with like 450 max durability, and most crafted daggers and short swords are 800 or less base.

I was pretty disappointed in the Age of Sorcery because of the monetization changes and Funcom set the expectation we’d get new content every 3 months, but to be completely honest, there’s almost no new content in the game. Encounters were all but removed, and the only new thing we have that’s stayed was Kurak’s dungeon. Golems are simply just another form of followers we already have, but worse. The building hammer is just a QOL update and didn’t add anything to the gameplay, the attributes again just a rework and don’t add any content.

I was withholding judgement until the next Age hoping for something big, and here we are with the first chapter adding absolutely no content and making some very poor decisions. Chapter 2 is simply just another rework of an already existing system, and will likely be just as scuffed if not more buggy than now, and chapter 3 will hopefully have a fun mechanic but based on the track record I doubt it.

Oh but the battle pass and the Bazaar are pushing constant updates, while the actual content being introduced is bare bones and not any better than the release schedule prior to the shift in development.


Played a bunch earlier today on the official pve server and left my crafting stations work while i got to work irl, a bunch of ore smelting, a bunch of bars converting into reinforcements, hides taning, all that early game stuff, just to come back to this

Again Official P V E
and there is no way to lock any of your containers
thanks for wasting my time trying to test thingh out, btw the stamina change SUCK so bad if you are starting from scratch

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