Durability change is kinda trash

Title. Please don’t do this devs. Durability is fine on live right now…this change is taking 5 steps back and falling down. Not forward.


Agree. Hate the direction they’re going in with the durability and stamina changes.


Though the initial impression of some of the changes, Stamina and Durability included, seems Aaargh - if they had been in the game from the very start, they would be a norm. This is NOT saying they will be big to adjust to though.

Players should go have a look at wak4863’s deep-dive into the stats for a more detailed breakdown: Age of War Hightlights Conan Exiles 2023 - YouTube

We need to remember that with the start of the 3.0 cycles, FC have been effectively gradually adjusting the overal core, playability, game-engine and interest areas of the game. Instead of trying to do a Massive once-off release, e.g. a Conan v2.0, they have built very interesting and in many cases challenging scenarios and storylines. They are not only trying to keep the PvP players happy, but also PvE and Roleplay groups.

I don’t know how many other players, on reaching level 60, also start getting a little ‘bored’ with interactions. Once having reaped through the Bosses and dungeons then what’s left? The new changes will make players think more with their builds. They will have more breadth of choice and directions. The challenges will be more difficult and the Purge and Siege changes will start addressing mega-bases.

I think it may be a little soon to start pulling apart some of the changes until more time has been spent levelling through - also in light of how very many changes have happened over the years since go-live that are now the norm.


I couldn’t care less if RMB does increased damage If I’m forced into a grit build to actually beable to do a full combo without running out of stamina, you’ve seen kiahonfire’s recent video? It’s a joke, I can’t believe they actually implemented this and thought it was a good idea.

Please revert the stamina changes Funcom, I know it’s early days on the public best test but do not let these stamina changes go live.


I don’t have too many issues with the combat changes, except the huge health drop to enemies.
But this inability to repair legendaries is a concern.
If I’m gonna do a run around the un named city and destroy a legendary in the process, I’m gonna wanna come back with something more than some candles and a tea pot.

For unrepairable legendaries to be worth it, the drop rates need to be increased.
In recent times I have done several sessions of 5 -10 laps of the city and brought home nothing of value.

I don’t think that many will want to do that with the slim chances we have of getting something worthwhile out of it currently.


Yeah its really bad this with the stam changes, feels like they dont want people to have fun in the game


the change is simply annoying, there is nothing worse than having a legendary weapon and never feel like actually using it to make content.
Like, is not like it matters too much in PVE when npcs die from 2 or 3 hits you can just use a craftable weapon. but why if i wanna use a legendary weapon that i earned the uses are limited? kinda weird design. specially considering that these weapons are RNG, like, who knows if i will get the same weapon again xD.

the buff to legendary weapons is nice but that is the only good thing this patch has. (and the goomba nerf)
the combat changes while i see the intention i feel like is just going to be worse for both pve and pvp.
im kinda surprised how they keep making 2 good things but 3 worse patch by patch.


That’s the point. If you get a legendary that never expires, you will be playing with it all the time. Like this dude in another thread, that was playing with the same sword for 1500 hours. This new change however pushes you to try various weapons. There are a lot of cool legendaries to try and have fun with.

99% of legendary weapons have identical stats within their class and only slightly differ in appearance

only a few were truly unique, offering “something different” and allowing for a specific play style…like the Predatory blade…
in the clan armory we probably have all the legendary weapons (and I’ve tried them) , most are useless because they are for example 10 maces that alternate between 3 skins but are otherwise the same…


Agreed. I find this whole thing an unnecessary bother that doesn’t improve the game in any way. (Im talking about regular weapons, not legendaries. Even so, I was never using legendaries before, I certainly won’t use them now. )


Have you tried Test Server yet?

Conon v2.0 was Siptah. Conan v3.0 came with the Age of Sorcery.

not yet, I’ll wait for the version without placeholder stats, I saw here on the forum that currently hardened steel has better dmg than black ice which is nonsense

Sounds like a pve question. On pvp, you know raids, duels, and end-game content continue to happen.


my greatest convern about not repairable legendary is for the tools, having to fill chests of black blood tool seems not funny, also the love tap, not more funny rides knocking people on horseback


Not being to repair Legendary weapons takes us right back to the beginning. We used to have to manage the usage of these weapons, and rely on stuff we could build ourselves. I’m not opposed to that.

The stamina regen is pretty fast, rendering the Gloves of Jhil unnecessary. I can outfit other gloves with stamina adders. It’s important to note that Kiah’s video is no armor, no points in Grit, and no potions, so it only shows the base line.

I’ll give it some time.

Siptah is effectively a DLC. If we look at the core engine that is the foundation layer of the Exiled Lands. Whatever the version, 2.0 or 3.0, n.0

I’ll be quite truthful, I’m on the side of being able to repair legendaries.

Now if the want them to slowly decay, make it that they lose some (small) percentage of durability from repairing them.

Changing your favorite weapon maybe should happen, but it shouldn’t be ‘well today I’ve worn out my sword, my axe and my mace. What do I have left and which dungeon do I need to crawl crawl crawl to get more weapons?’


I’ve tested it myself with armour and grit, I have 260 stamina i’m using what is essentially meta armour for strength light but with spiderclimb boots to up the stamina and elixir of freedom. I’m able to do two combos with a spear before running out stop defending this crap, it forces people into grit builds if you want to do combos, if i go without 20 grit but still with elixir of freedom I’m at 178 I’m able to do one combo and one hit after with a spear before it’s depleted.

This isn’t fun, you want to defend this crap knock yourself out but testing it myself? It doesn’t feel fun.


So you’re giving feedback on the old system, that they changed already and adresses your exact issue? Aight, thanks for coming out