I'm already disappointed with the new age!

And it’s not even out yet!
So, i finally had some time to watch the Monday’s livestream and here’s what i have to say:

By the design mostly humans are the subject of stunlock and they are (with some exception) are not damage sponges already. If you want to give them a chance to attack then why reduce their health?
So the whole “let’s increase weapon stamina cost but reduce enemy health” thing is pointless.

Not sure what overall enemy damage increase is gonna do. Do you want NPCs to be able to kill players in two-three strikes or even one-shot players? Human enemies with star metal or obsidian weapons are already deadly and you wouldn’t really want to get hit by them already, especially while wearing light armor. I’m not talking about some wildlife like Sabretooth cats or Yakiths - give them a buff and pounce gonna be one hit KO on light armor straight away.

Increased stamina cost for weapons - thanks a lot for that (not really).
Stamina consumption of two-handed hammers and axes is already so high right now i’m not using those two classes at all, and yeah, i do have 10 points in Grit, that’s not enough. With what i’ve seen in the livestream - not being able to pull off at least one full combo, i’m not even gonna touch those… maybe some of them gonna be wall-hangers or something.
Balanced weapon fitting is already my best friend but looks like it won’t help me in the future.

I really wish you’d drop that whole “nothing is forever” rule. As if demons and zombies wasn’t enough, now you set you sight at legendary items. After farming for Dragonhide Helmet for a week and spending three days doing nothing but killing bosses and opening chests just to get a single copy of Mistmourn shield the last thing i want to do is to spend two more weeks farming for those and other items again.
Is it really your goal to drown your players in chores so they don’t have time to ask for new content?

New purges sound like fun, except high level enemies are already effective in tearing down defenses with just structure damage multipliers and buffed Demon Fire Orbs, the last thing i would want is to have siege weapons and explosive jars to top it off. I guess i’ll have to have no treasure room then?

Whenever there was a talk somewhere about night time in games i would always bring up Conan Exiles for the pitch black nights! Really makes challenging and scary even! From what i’ve seen in the livestream now you won’t need torches anymore because it’s too bright, period. Really sad!

No proper battlepass overview but again, new outfits look like more of the same: some weathered raggy, baggy, shapeless full body wrap. Can we have something fitted, stylish and fresh for a change?

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the new age but not this, not this at all!


When you’re so desperate to be upset about something you have to get pre-mad before even trying it out.


I would definitely say to try it on Open Beta and see for yourselves. Playing for about 5 minutes I tried the Stone Maul and ended up fighting a camp of exiles with spears. Yeah its a little stressful only able to get in 2 heavy attacks and 3 light attacks. But because of the stagger/stun immunity removal, it wasn’t that bad. A well timed attack chain took them down relatively quickly.

But definitely see it for yourselves. Don’t wait for a youtuber to tell you what ‘they’ think. Think for yourselves.


Took you 8 months to come up with that one huh

No it just took 8 months for something major enough to happen in the game again that warranted me to actually check this thing.

Definitely should check out the PTR, the big weapons weren’t really used that much anyway at least on the servers I play on. Sword and board still seems pretty fine to me and the combat is definitely something you can get used to.

The damage values are all over the place for the weapons.




Why bother farming the underwater dungeon or black keep now?


About the night: Currently it’s like the moon and the moonlight doesn’t exist. It makes 0 sense for everything to be pitch black at night. The change to it is good, and we’ll be finally playing on Planet Earth with proper moonlight, and not on moonless planet.


You’ll work through it. Find your safe space.

I already said whar I had to say about it.
I don’t like body censorship. If you do, don’t use revealing outfits and disable nudity. Just don’t impose to others your personal taste. And we can all get along. My safe space is the world, for better or for worse.


I think you missed the point… It figures…

Sure I did… :roll_eyes:.
Let’s go back to topic, shall we?

Not to derail this thread, but all he did was give his opinion. If you didn’t like his opinion, you can choose to ignore it, rather than assume that his opinion isn’t shared by others.

It might not be the place for it, however, insulting others over their opinions isn’t right either.

Just my thoughts. :+1:t2: :tumbler_glass:


Don’t make me pull this thread over, I will.

Now to the OP. Least you can do before passing judgement is

I never said i didn’t agree with him. What i said was please keep it off the forums. This is for Conan… I don’t drink Bud Light either. This isnt the platform for that.


There’s a flag system for a reason. Perhaps that would’ve been a better option than to use insults, such as calling someone uneducated.



I have a thick skin, @everybodyvsME , but thanks for your lucidity.
No harm done.


Are all these examples made by a bladesmith? To me it looks like only your low-tier ones are and their respective high-tier counterparts are not.

You wish! No, i wanna be happy with the game! I really do! But the things i enjoy get erased one after another, slow but steady.
I already have a number of games in my library that i just had to ditch because they were changed so much i couldn’t enjoy them anyone, don’t want Conan Exiles become one of them.


I have to concur with SirDaveWolf on this. It seems fairly inconsistent in terms of difficulty to obtain and make. All the values below come from the crafted weapon with a bladesmith, no fittings, except for the black ice items and non-craftable legendaries. (Live values taken from wiki)

Weapon AoW Damage Live Damage AoW Pen Live Pen
Hardened Steel Greatsword 60 53 22 21.5
Black Ice Greatsword 42 60 18 24.75
Star Metal Greatsword 63 69 21 20.3
Obsidian Greatsword 55 70 22 27.4
Dragonbone Two-Handed Sword 52 70 17 23.9
Venom-Infused Two-Handed Sword 52 59 17 11.9
Legendary Craftable Blackheart Blade 91 75 26 26.2
Legendary Jedias Greatsaber 71 60 23 23.63
Hardened Steel Mace 51 44 27 25.8
Star Metal Mace 51 55 25 24.3
Obsidian Mace 44 57 27 32.9
Legendary Nortis 67 56 27 27
Hardened Steel Hammer 57 49 45 42.9
Black Ice Maul 38 54 36 49.5
Star Metal Hammer 57 62 42 40.5
Obsidian Hammer 51 63 45 54.9
Dragonbone Maul 47 63 35 47.7
Legendary Craftable Blackheart Hammer 92 74 47 47.7
Legendary Hammer of Thag 65 65 45 45
Hardened Steel War Axe 53 49 0 0
Black Ice War Axe 36 51 0 0
Star Metal War Axe 53 59 0 0
Dragonbone War Axe 44 60 0 0
Venom-Infused War Axe 44 51 0 0
Legendary Glimmermoon 71 57 0 0
Hardened Steel Daggers 37 38 18 17.2
Black Ice Daggers 25 42 14 19.8
Star Metal Daggers 37 48 17 16.2
Obsidian Daggers 33 49 18 21.9
Dragonbone Daggers 31 49 14 19.1
Daggers of Dagon 42 60 18 20
Venom Infused Daggers 31 41 14 9.5
Legendary Daggers of Nameless Days 46 45 18 18.9

Why would someone even bother with obsidian weapons now? You have to complete Well of Skelos to even get them which is still true in AoW; the tablet hasn’t moved. At least on live they have a tiny increase to damage and penetration that’s not so high that you NEED to farm it, but enough to feel like you did get a boost if you choose to remake your weapons. Black Ice is just as bad; you have to fight through giants, to even get to the forge to make it. For what? Nothing. Ditto with Dragonbone.

I also threw in a couple legendaries as comparison. They might not be the best; they were just the ones I could think of off-hand.