Public Beta Client- Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

Isn’t that the difference between pve and pvp? Pve locks, and pvp doesn’t by default.

thats what I tought, It was quite a surprise tbh… everything should be locked if its pve

My impression is quite different. I think the team is trying to fix bugs and push content simultaneously. A quick look at the patch notes shows a very large number of bug fixes. I think the stamina thing was their attempt and something new, and I strongly suspect that they are going to attempt to balance the changes, so it is a little rough still.

Are they going to keep the events from sorcery in game? They should make the old purge into randomly world events like how destiny has it and rewards should be legendary weapons + armour like sobek or unnamed ones like a bunch of random loot

Actually, if you leave stations out, I don’t think they lock in PVE. Which is why mods added locking and suck. You have to put your stuff inside a walled (and covered) area or you can get robbed, even in PVE.

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they do man, even on pve-c, thats where I play on officials, thats why I left them in the open :frowning:


Well, need to step away from that :poop: . I fight an NPC, role back, fight, role back, they follow, I wear them down and… nope, back to spawn point insta heal.


why to mess up with what was fine, welcome to the age of repair, fight an eneny repair, fight another repair, repair, repair


Don’t nerf daggers or Agility weapons or Staimina because it’s too much. It’s not making combat more challenging, it’s just making it worse and garbage.

Just some examples of the nerfs to Agility Weapons.

Agility Builds are already Glass canons. We lack survivability due to mostly having to stick to light armor or armor with agility bonuses which are mostly Light. We can’t use any weapons on horseback outside of bows and javelins. Our weapon selection is poorer compared to strength weapons. Which have more versatility. Daggers are all we have going for us and Bows, With Katana’s being okay. Claws? uselss. Cant even buff them. Javlins have the worst moveset. Can’t use katanas on horseback. Like it’s not good. We’re light and nimble. We need the damage to kill folk. Don’t Nerf Agility weapons! If anything Just buff Strength weapons.

Meanwhile all Strength weapons are getting huge buffs. Which is going to shoehorn folks in Strength builds.


Did that happen on the public test server or live servers?

I know that on live servers these tar trap things which you can snap on the fences (forgot the name lol) show as locked but can still be looted by others on pve.

what about the new thrall life nerf?

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Was the master weapon fitting nerf…err balanced? Did not noticed it in patch notes

When applied it not reduces max durability but when you perform a first hit with the weapon the max durability drops by half, if it was crafted by a low tier blacksmith and about 35% when made by a t4

Is it not suposed to be rolled when repairing? Or when using grindstone?

on test servers

Rockslie king on purge still a thing, worse now with a new nerf on thralls health.

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My thoughts so far (SP, offline, Sorcery build max Vitality and Auth w/full corruption, 10 Agility [backstab and deadshot], 10 Grit [Tenacity and Endurance], Elixir of Freedom, using abyssal armor and bow, summoned demon from the circle as follower).

Journeyed to UC to take on some bosses. The new aggro settings for mobs is just broken. I can cheese them with arrows all day and they don’t approach. Whats worse is my demon-monkey won’t engage at all. Even on attack all. Not at least until they get relatively close, which by then it’s a little too close for comfort. Seems like our thralls are also suffering from the new aggro radius settings or something. I sat on the stairs pelting red mother with arrows and neither she nor my hellmonkey engaged in combat (I actually got a pathing error message when I told him to go next to her while we stood on the stairs). Very disappointing.

I seemed to proc more from Demon Lord, but the summoned demons had major pathing issues finding my enemies. In addition, once all hostiles were down, the demons just stood there. I’m not complaining about that particular part, what concerns me is that my regular demon attacked them and ignored the additional mobs who had joined the fray. I dunno, it seems like little to no improvement has been made with regards to enemy and thrall AI.

The change to wisp is amazing and needs to stay, but it needs to generate more light. Walking into Klael’s place was bad even with the wisp out in shadowed areas.

Will switch to a dagger build tomorrow for more testing. Not looking forward to the Stamina nerf. And being a Demon Lord still feels like an underpowered choice compared to War Party or Well-Trained. Again, I ask that Demon Lord gets some form of Buff to compensate for the drop in efficacy.

Piggybacking on Dennis’ comments on how Sorcerers who want to fight a certain way should go full grit with +Stam armor, I would ask you to revisit corrupted attributes and offer a corrupted version of Grit as an alternative to the need for +Stam armor with perks thematically suited for the playstyle.


Hmmmm (in Singleplayer)

So what’s stamina recovery like with gloves of jhil on?
Kinda curious about this

Is there a person who already can change directions during start up animation of an attack? Because I tried and it is the same as always, direction of attack locked immediately after I press button. there are many weapons that have so long start up period before actual strike, that it looks hilarious sometime, katana first strong attack and etc, it is just beyond understanding that we cant aim during period before active phase of attack comes. And I think that changes of stamina recovery added because of this new feature, because when we pve most of time, we are saving stamina while walking around poor npc who cant hit us, if they will have better aim possibilities, dodge would be necessary to avoid there strikes


is it possible to get another sale of the stormglas pieces going on in the bazar? Doesn´t have to be up long, just long enough so my other half can buy it.

Don´t want to make a seperate thread for this.

Compared to the age of sorcery this is pretty weak.

So far, aside from really messing with combat and removing the headhunter wagons, I’ve seen little appreciable difference.

Of coarse to me removing those wagons was like removing an exploit, glad their gone.

So the word for a simply an inclined plane around a cylinder is a bad word :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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