Public Beta Client- Age of War Chapter 1 Update Discussion Megathread

Firstly the game is not challenging and hasn’t been since they changed the attribute system, I can solo all content on both maps with no thrall no problem. Most of my deaths in this game have been from my ultimate enemy GRAVITY aka falling to my death. Lowering the HP and aggro range of enemy’s has made this game like some mindless Hack ‘n’ Slash arcade game, it feels unrewarding and ultimately boring.

New stamina change is going to hurt build diversity and is going to force most players down a grit build if they use weapons with heavy stamina use, there really is nothing for the player to think about there.

The buffs to legendary weapons seems kind of redundant when things are easier to kill and the fact they cant be repaired means they are most likely going to get thrown in a box, hung on a wall or given to a thrall. The endless grind for disposable legendary weapons is not going to make players stick around, only new content is going to keep players engaged

The durability…please Funcom DO NOT DO THIS, changes to weapons durability is the real kick in the nuts for me considering how quickly you wear a weapon durability down. I like having a weapon that sticks with me throughout my adventures and these new changes make all weapons like temporary items that you use and throw away and it feels like a really bad change.


When you put up the clan stash all the radius show when you are placing it holding the construction hammer becomes a claimed land? Anyone tested it, is it possible to put more than one by clan? Afraid of it being a new claim exploit meta.

Edit: it would be great if those radius was the limits you can build, only inside it, just one or two per clan. And everyting outside decays superfast and vulnerable to attacks. Also an upkeep charged on the stash.

I’ve searched the whole camp (Mek Kamose’s Spire) and haven’t found a way to trade the Sorcerer Skulls. So either they simply forgot to include a trade-in cauldron or the feature was removed without communicating it in the patch notes. :thinking:

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:fire: help! Can I get a test admin in here?
Who would I DM about an world sized oops on EU PVE?

my greatest concern about not repairable legendary is for the tools, having to fill chests of black blood tool seems not funny, also the love tap, not more funny rides knocking people on horseback rip


The Bazaar items do rotate so they will show up again.

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This has been identified as a bug and has been reported.

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Ok, breathing room.

The bows are OP now. I was one shooting antelope with a hunting bow and iron heads from distance, and I mean impressed myself distances.

The new bow tactic is pull shoot rest, pull shoot rest. You fire arrows all day and not wear yourself out.

Please feather the stamina transition while running. That zoom in and out is almost nauseating.

Same prices? I like build but :grimacing:

I am not sure about that. I know that they rotate because I have been able to get items that I missed.

I’ve got all the DLCs like to get the expansions. But I B poe.

Been wanting nice drawbridges for quite a while. HINT

Thanks for the feedback ; )

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started playing this morning and I have got to say already the stamina changes suck no bar after 3 whacks on an imp with a stone short sword? I also almost died to two kappa’s which I wouldn’t have normally with a short sword and shield. with blocking and dodging it is just too much.

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I’ve already posted about some of my issues with this update, namely enemy AI and the respacing of camps. I was really hoping to see some more intuitive AI from NPCs like line of sight but they function pretty much the same, just with less health. I took on a corrupted wolf, the Red Mother, and Rotbranch and had no issues with any of them. In fact, I had to stand still and not move at all for the wolf to even hit me. I avoid these things on live most of the time, now they feel like a bit of a joke.

Additionally, the accountant that comes with the coffer really needs some tweaks, in my opinion. Since it isn’t a thrall that is found in the world, at least give some basic settings such as male/female, and an array of factions that, when set, puts the pseudo-thrall in that gear. I’d rather more flexible options, but this would be an acceptable compromise. Unless we are supposed to believe that our accountant is, in fact, a Relic Hunter and it’s not totally suspicious when other Relic Hunters start chasing us down and appearing on our doorsteps in Chapter 2.

I’m sure a lot of work went into the backend of this update with stamina changes and weapon changes, but, for the player, as @DeaconElie said earlier, it doesn’t feel like too much of a difference is really noticeable. Having the purge changes come in Chapter 2 just ends up making Chapter 1 feel pretty watered down and a half-completed attempt (again, from the player perspective). Additionally, a lot of the new stuff we saw in the stream (like the build sets) appear to be hidden behind either BP or Bazaar. It makes for, unfortunately, a fairly underwhelming update.


What’s the point of crafting a star metal war axe if you can craft a hardened one for the same damage/durability? And how come now the Obsidian weapons are worst than hardened steel ones, even Telith’s Sorrow now is worst than hardened steel greatsword lol.


One theme I think they are aiming for is making steel weapons relevant. Putting in the time to use iron to make steel and steel to make hardened steel and unlocking perfected hardened steel is more in line with the beginning of one of the Conan movies. Star metal can be a short cut to this process, find star metal, blow it up, mine it and you can make bars pretty fast. Some of the best craftable weapons still need star metal though.

It’s not completely clear, but I don’t think the they know what they want to do with obsidian and black ice tier weapons. Their solution for now was just to reduce it instead of remove. Both obsidian and black ice require special forges and these tiers might end up keeping their lower damage but receive special effects later like obsidian = 10-20% higher armor pen and black ice might have 0 weight/reduced stamcost and coldsnap/bleeding effect. Who knows, star metal might have an effect added in the future. I am all for the aim of having unique metals have unique effects. But steel, steel should be trusted to do damage.

The big point of this rebalance was for a focus on legendaries, without a doubt legendary weapons are the top weapons. The intended playstyle is to carry around your best crafted weapon to handle the day to day chop chop and when things get difficult bring out the sword of crom and delete that pesky dragon. I get how some players will just not carry legendary weapons anymore because of this, but if you really think you will burn through 3600 durability on a 2H sword before finding another legendary then you need to rethink what you are killing. FYI - Sword of crom strength/agility build kills the skeleton bosses in 9 hits. That’s 400 chances to get another sword of crom before the first one wears out and that’s one of the more rare legendary weapons to get.

Crafted weapons with a bladesmith are still good enough for all content because of the HP reductions, but legendaries do give a feeling of progression. There are several endgame bosses that have had their HP increased and where you might want to bring a legendary just for them.

Not sure if this should go here. Playing on test live and noticed you can still get sorcerer skulls when killing them but have found no place to turn them in. Is there a place if not they need to be removed.


It is a shame because it looks like a ton of things were done on the backend based on patch notes. Speaking of, @Cattibria how are the devs holding up? I suspect that the feedback has been a little disheartening, please remind them that the fact that the complaints about stamina 1) mean that most of the patchwork was very successful, and 2) gives a roadmap for adjusting stamina (clearly the changes are visible, so once it is tuned, it will be a significant change).

As far as complaints about durability, I suspect that this is ground work for something else down the line. In the meantime, it might be profitable to add a ritual that duplicates items by expending blood crystals. I think that will force players to “go out and gather” (though admittedly I don’t like the farming (as in agriculture and husbandry) playstyle being explicitly excluded from being viable), while still allowing players a gameloop sufficiently close to repair kits to reduce complaints.

While I would love corrupted grit (I can see the corrupted perks already, for each corrupted point, when you cast a spell lacking components loss corruption minus points those points, the duration of spells increase, the damage of lightning storm and summon undead increase, occasionally, when summoning lightning storm a star metal meteor crashes into the ground) a properly tuned stamina should make it unnecessary (while still being appreciated). So, I think that can go on the back burner for now.

Technically, the AI patches are an update to golems. Most likely Age of War will contain a ton of bug fixing and a lot of backend work to set things up for the idea of golems to be fully implemented. Things are happening, but these things take time.

The goal is to give us things to look forward too, while doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Give them a little credit for that much. It ain’t easy, but they are trying (keep in mind that Tencent execs probably would have preferred more monetization, and the team convinced them otherwise (and continue to do so)). Perhaps things will change, but for the time being, the time is trying to ramp up production. We still give them some leeway to make mistakes on the beta.

black blood tools cold not get repair now?

Everything is locked in PVE. Chests, benches, animal pens, wheels, everything. No other player can take anything of yours from any containers even if you want them to. They actually should add the ability for PVE to unlock containers manually so other players can share via community chests etc.